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BrutusReport BlogSpot Sports Carnival - July 16, 2009

Welcome to the July 16, 2009 edition of BrutusReport Blogspot Sports Carnival.With UFC 100 just finished up we have some good article on the event itself along with MMA fans being babies, Brock Lesnar, and Frank Mir. I still would have liked to see Mir submitt Lesnar again but it's not scripted so the best athlete wins.

geekgifts presents Windows 7 Feature Focus: Virtual Windows XP (AKA XP Mode) | Geek Global News Central - Latest Tech News Delivered posted at Geek Global News Central - Latest Tech News Delivered, saying, "Windows XP will be possible to access virtually. Now all mac and linux fans may use it any time they want."

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Dan Miller presents Robert Redford and Sibylle Szaggars: Married! posted at Celebs Free Pics, saying, "Robert Redford married Sibylle Szaggars in Hamburg, Germany last weekend.The 71-year-old acting and directing legend wed the 51-year-old Sibyelle after the two had been dating for a while. She"

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David Verjano & Anthony Hernandez presents What Do The Latest NBA Trades & Signings Mean? posted at Miami Sports Generation, saying, "Thank You"


Billy Preston presents Who is Reviewing the HGH Reviewers? posted at HGH Reviews Reviewed, saying, "Athletes have found a legal and safe way to enhance their performances."


Steve Patterson presents RB Carlos Hyde to Sit in 2009 posted at BrutusReport, saying, "Carlos Hyde might not play for the Ohio State Buckeyes as he struggles with his grades coming out of high school."

Steve Patterson presents Anthony Gonzales has Hall of Fame Sized Shoes to Fill posted at BrutusReport, saying, "Ohio State Buckeye Anthony Gonzalez gets his shot with the Colts as their receiver corps opens up."

Steve Patterson presents OT Brandon Linder Handles the Left Side posted at eFilmRoom, saying, "Brandon Linder is looking at only 4 school as all 4 would love to grab this outstanding offensive lineman from South Florida."

Steve Patterson presents Analysis: The UFL stakes everything on an NFL lockout. posted at FryingPan Sports, saying, "The UFL looks to fill the void that might be left by the NFL if the players and the owners cannot agree on a contract."

Steve Patterson presents Brandon Linder Visiting Top 4 in July posted at eScoutRoom, saying, "Brandon Linder is down to four and could make his college selection before the month of July has ended."


Colin Timberlake presents Training Log: The Riddle of Steel – Day 5 posted at, saying, "A day of intense training inspired by NHL legend Steve Yzerman"


Eric Gargiulo presents UFC Preview and Predictions Part 1 posted at, saying, "The UFC 100 co-main event features Georges St. Pierre defending the UFC welterweight title against Thiago Alves. Can Alves defeat arguably the best all-around fighter in MMA today?"

Eric Gargiulo presents UFC 100 Preview and Predictions Part 2 - Brock Lesnar vs. Frank Mir posted at, saying, "UFC 100 features two title matches, although one is stealing all of the headlines. The rematch between Frank Mir and Brock Lesnar will decide an undisputed UFC heavyweight champion and end a year long grudge."

Eric Gargiulo presents WWE superstar Chris Jericho on Z Rock - Video posted at, saying, "Check out this video of the UFC 100 Press Conference. UFC champion Brock Lesnar is a man of few words and says he is leaving the press conference early. UFC president Dana White isn’t happy about that and the two have words. Watch the video to see who wins this press conference tug of war."

Eric Gargiulo presents Brock Lesnar Rearranges Frank Mir?s Face at UFC 100 posted at, saying, "UFC 100 saw Brock Lesnar silence his doubters including myself. Lesnar destroyed Frank Mir via knockout. Not only did Lesnar hand Mir a loss, but he also rearranged his face by the end of the fight."

Eric Gargiulo presents Chris Griffin to Guest Host WWE RAW Tonight posted at, saying, "Tonight’s WWE RAW Guest Host will be actor Seth Green. Yep, the voice of Chris Griffin will be in charge of the biggest company in pro wrestling tonight on WWE RAW. "Oh my God! The government is here! Run E.T. run!""

Rod presents British Lions Rugby: John Smit's "Call of 99" posted at British Lions Rugby Tour to South Africa 2009, saying, "In the third test of the 2009 British Lions rugby series, the Springboks controversially demonstrated their support for suspended teamate Bakkies Botha by wearing white armbands with the words "Justice 4 All" on them - thus earning the wrath of the International Rugby Board."

Eric Gargiulo presents More WWE Guest Host Wish List Fun posted at, saying, "I couldn't help but put my own wish list of WWE RAW Guest Hosts together. All probably have a snowball's chance in Hell of happening, but would make for some interesting TV."

Rod presents Tri Nations Rugby - Historical Results posted at Tri Nations Rugby, saying, "As the 2009 Tri Nations Rugby tournament is about to get underway, let's review previous results to see if they can give us any clues as to this year's likely winner."

Eric Gargiulo presents Brock Lesnar Apologizes After UFC 100 posted at, saying, "UFC heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar continued talking after UFC 100. Instead of taking shots at one of UFC’s big advertisers, he was apologizing. Check out this video from the UFC 100 post-show press conference with Lesnar."

Ty Skinner presents Welcome Back David Duval - LinksLifeGolf posted at Jeff Skinner, saying, "Duval is a misunderstood character that has become a fan favorite during his recent resurgence."

Eric Gargiulo presents Frank Mir Still Talking Trash On Brock Lesnar posted at, saying, "How close was Frank Mir to catching Brock Lesnar at UFC 100? Well if you listen to Frank, you'd think he was seconds away from winning. I think Frank is looking back at that fight with swollen shut eyes."

Eric Gargiulo presents WWE Allied Powers - The World?s Greatest Tag Teams DVD Review posted at, saying, "WWE pays homage to tag team wrestling with its newest DVD release. WWE Allied Powers - The World's Greatest Tag Teams DVD hits the shelves today. The DVD set spotlights some of wrestling’s greatest teams with a collection of matches and vignettes."

Eric Gargiulo presents Wrestling Dream Matches That Never Happened - Part 1 posted at, saying, "Growing up as a pro wrestling fan, my friends and I always talked about the ultimate dream matches. Unfortunately in today's climate of WWE dominance, the era of the dream match is over. Today I look back at five of the ten greatest wrestling matches that never happened."

Eric Gargiulo presents MMA Fans Are Big Babies posted at, saying, "MMA and UFC fans have got to be the biggest bunch of babies I have ever seen. I haven't seen fans this sensitive in my life! The double standards that these fans have applied to Brock Lesnar are a joke. UFC and its fans should be grateful to have Brock Lesnar."

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of brutusreport blogspot sports carnival using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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