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Fantasy Football Magazines

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Fantasy Football Magazines

As fantasy football becomes more and more popular, fantasy football magazines have become more prevalent. Fantasy football magazines are a great way to learn about some under the radar players, and they're a great way to learn about players who may be overrated. While fantasy football magazines are great tools to have to prepare for the draft, they should not be the only resource you use.

The top fantasy football magazines are great resources that offer valuable information to use during the draft. The problem with fantasy football magazines is that they are written and printed months before the National Football League season begins. This is why they should not be your only tool you use during your fantasy football draft.

A lot of things will change between the start of the preseason and the time that you hold your draft. Football is a violent sport and players get injured every game. During the preseason, players also win and lose starting jobs. This is why it is key to watch and read about the latest news in the NFL. Using this updated information with what you learn in the fantasy football magazines is how you win a fantasy football league.

It's impossible to be able to update and provide the latest news in a magazine. It takes time to print and distribute a magazine. By the time they got the magazines out, nobody would longer need them. This is why fantasy football magazines are designed as the beginning piece in your draft preparation.

If you are looking for good fantasy football magazines to read, consider taking a look at some of these:

  • ESPN Fantasy Football - This one gets picked on by some of the "cool" Internet players, but ESPN Fantasy Football usually offers at least some interesting articles that will broaden your knowledge and perspective related to the upcoming season.
  • Sporting News Fantasy Football Magazines - The scouting reports and myth busters articles are always worth reading.
  • Lindy's Fantasy Football Mock Draft - My favorite thing about this magazine is that it includes articles about each owner's strategy coming into the draft. It's nice to see this kind of high level thinking highlighted.

A better source of information for your fantasy football draft is the Internet. You should make your own cheat sheet based on the latest information. Or at least use one of the cheat sheets offered by a reputable site. But don't just rely on a fantasy football magazine, no matter how good it is. That's a losing strategy.

John Clifton wrote a detailed article with several fantasy football magazine reviews at his fantasy football tips site last year. Much of the information there is as useful in 2011 as it was in 2010.


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