Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Why Does Scotland Hate Donald Trump?

Golf Green IslandImage by jurvetson via Flickr

You may have heard if you are in the golfing community, from Scotland or follow the life and business dealings of Mr Donald John Trump Sr. about the golf resort he is building in Scotland. It’s going to be a huge (500 hectares) addition to the Aberdeenshire coastline and will consist of two 18-hole golf courses, tons of luxury holiday homes, a big hotel and a village.

This addition will bring new jobs to the local area, a boost to the tourism income and will be a new addition to Scotland’s many world class golf courses. So why is everyone so upset?

Like a Bulldozer

The main problem people have with the whole thing is just how Trump has gone about it, and how politicians, police and the media have bent rules and seemingly rolled over for the corporate golfing brand juggernaut to plough ahead and get what he wants.

One of the most annoying things for the local people is that the area of land on which the development is due to be constructed is supposed to be protected. It is an official Sight of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI), and has been dubbed ‘Scotland’s Rainforest’ because it has taken thousands of years for it to develop its unique ecosystem and rare flora and fauna. This will all be compromised because the Scottish Government even turned over its own environmental laws to let Trump get what he wants.

What Jobs?

Another thing that has angered local residents is the fact that when Trump said the project would employ 6,000 workers, what this meant was that he would employ locals to build temporary hostels for the migrant workers he would fly in to build the actual structures. Grrrr.

Home for Rent

Finally, what is the one thing that Scotland doesn’t need any more of? Golf courses! There are almost 600 registered golf courses in Scotland, with arguably some of the finest courses in the world in the shape of Gleneagles, St. Andrews and Carnoustie. Why wreck an area of great beauty and scientific significance to add one or two more courses to that list that have no chance of being anywhere near as good.

The whole thing reeks of corruption and the money men lording over the poor people, even if there is no actual wrongdoing. It is the feeling that this rich man is going to get what he wants and the Scottish Government are helping him along the way. Not something the Scottish people take kindly too.

What do you think?

Mary McLeod organises golf vacations Scotland for the American market. She has been organising golf trips to Scotland since she grew up around her golf pro father.


  1. If the government wants something, they'll get it, no matter what laws they have to bend or brake....

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