Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Olympics Are Nearly Here!

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Olympic Fashion

The entire country is going 2012 crazy and Olympic fever will hit fever pitch well before the games kick off in London at the end of July. Details of the torch relay which will go within 10 miles of 95% of everyone living in the UK were announced recently, and the torch will start its trip around the British Isles at the beginning of June. The sporting influence will also affect what we are wearing this summer, but as the head to toe shell suit and trainers look isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, there are a few more subtle ways to get into the sporting vibe.


The UK generally performs well in the equestrian events, and riding style is one of the easiest to incorporate into every day wear. Boots such as the Ariat Bromont are designed for riding, but look equally good as casual wear. Team your Ariat Bromont boots with jeans and a smart jacket, or with leggings for an even more horsey look. Riding tops and jackets don’t have to be super smart, and polo shirts and cotton tops are popular to complete the look. The key to this look is taking specific elements and teaming them with ordinary clothes to avoid getting too strong a look, as if you’d just stepped off your steed.

Official Clothing

Never missing the chance for a merchandising opportunity, the organisers of the 2012 Olympics have produced a full range of clothing for both children and adults to tie in with the Games. The tshirts, hoodies, track pants and caps might not be at the cutting edge of fashion, but they are the ideal items to wear to the gym, and keep as a memento of the time the Olympics came to the UK. Kids will love the brightly coloured tshirts with the official games mascots, whereas adults may prefer the subtle Team GB logo items.

Accessorise Olympic Style

For those not into sportswear, show your support for Team GB by wearing a badge, or buying one of the official Team GB scarves. The scarves are being sold through Next, and everyone who buys a scarf is entered into a prize draw. Red, white and blue has been a popular colour combination for many years and choosing accessories and outfits from this colour palette will help you get into the Olympic spirit while not dressing up as an Olympic athlete.

Fly the Flag

Using Union Jack motifs on clothing and accessories is nothing new, and the importance of 2012 with the Jubilee celebrations and the Olympics ensures that clothing and accessories with the Union Jack are more popular than ever. All of the major stores are producing tops, bags, belts, shoes and numerous other items which enable you to fly the flag and take pride in being British and supporting the Olympic squad. This is a great way of getting some Olympic flavour into your outfit and accessories without going the whole distance and buying the Ariat Bromont boots for the riding look, or the tracksuit in an attempt to emulate Usain Bolt. offer a great range of clothing, accessories and footwear including the Ariat Bromont range of boots for equestrian and casual wear.

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  1. Virtually everyone one earth is looking forward to the Olympics in London. Another great post this time.



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