Thursday, June 25, 2015

Breaking News About Marcus Baugh Ohio State Football Freshman

English: Ohio State Buckeyes in 2006
English: Ohio State Buckeyes in 2006 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Ohio State Football Player Marcus Baugh is alleged to have been cited for underage drinking this past weekend near the campus in Columbus.

Marcus Baugh a young Ohio State freshman tight-end, has allegedly been caught drinking underage once again. Just six months ago the receiving freshman consumed alcohol underage and today he is facing a second suspension for the same offense. Fans had hoped he learned a lesson after the first incident.

Last Friday on West 5th Avenue, near Dennison, Baugh was cited for drinking underage. Baugh is scheduled to appear at Franklin County Municipal Court on Monday. He could be facing a maximum jail sentence of six months and a maximum fine of $1,000.

Marcus Baugh was red-shirted last year and Baugh was a four star recruit from Riverside, California.

Baugh was cited for possession of false identification and underage drinking in July, he was then suspended for the Ohio State Football seasons opening game.

Certain sources stated that Baugh had learned his lesson and worked his way back into the good books. However, Friday's arrest leads many fans to arrive at a different conclusion. A source from the OSU feels that Baugh is unlikely to face another suspension. But a second citation could mean that Baugh loses out on two important Ohio State Football matches.


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