Sunday, July 5, 2015

Former Ohio State Football Player Ray Small Faces Drug Charges

The Scarlet Gray Scrimmage game at Ohio State ...
The Scarlet Gray Scrimmage game at Ohio State University. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Ray Small who was a former football player for the Ohio State University, recently faced three drug trafficking charges, to which he pleaded guilty.

A four year prison sentence is what both the prosecution and defense attorneys are expecting. The sentence by Judge Pat Sheeran of the Franklin County Common Please, will be handed down on April 3.

Small is also facing drug charges of a similar nature in Meigs County in Southern Ohio.

Ray Small at the age of 26, was indicted in July for a three month period. A search by Columbus police, of his home on Ferris Road, yielded heroin and several anti-anxiety prescription medication. 

Assistant County Prosecutor Joseph Gibson, stated that more than 20 grams of heroin, 403 alprazolam pills, as well as 407 pills of oxycodone were discovered in Small's apartment. It is further stated that an admission to his intention to sell the confiscated drugs, was made by the former Ohio State football player.

An unloaded military-style rifle was found in his house by the investigators, while conducting their search. In addition an unloaded handgun was tucked inside his waistband. In accordance with his plea agreement, the firearm charges were dismissed.

Between 2006 and 2009, Small played as a receiver for the Buckeyes.

There was also another arrest made in the same apartment, but Anthony F. Jones, also 26 years of age and who was indicted on drug charges, escaped and is currently still at large,


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