Friday, March 18, 2016

Antjuan Simmons Commits To Ohio State

Antjuan Simmons is going to be a Ohio State Buckeye. (Ad: H&R Block Tax Filing Discounts at

Although his high school is extremely close to Michigan Stadium in Ann arbor, this 3-star LB has committed to play football with the Buckeyes. Apparently, Simmons isn't worried about traveling the longer distance to Ohio.  He also wasn't influenced by the fact that he attends the  same high school that Michigan's coach attended.

Antjuan Simmons announced his decision to attend Ohio State University via his Twitter account.  He thanked all of the other schools that made offers, but he choose Ohio State University.

Antjuan Simmons received 40 scholarship offers per 247Sports, and this includes offers from colleges in close proximity such as Michigan State and Michigan.  He also has received offers from Penn State, Tennessee, Notre Dame, Texas A&M, Oregon and UCLA.  This is a long list of prestigious colleges that are known for their prized football programs.

He is rated the 27th best high school linebacker in the nation and the 11th best player in Michigan per 247Sports.  These stats probably won't stay the same because of the numerous offers he has received.  Unfortunately, this tends to change the way players are rated by recruitment websites.

Antjuan Simmons is the 12th high school football player to commit to the Ohio State Buckeyes from the class of 2017.  This list includes two 5-star recruits, and it has a ranking of number one per 247Sports.

However, Antjuan Simmons is the first linebacker from the 2017 class that has made a commitment to the Ohio State University Buckeyes football team.  But the school is quickly recruiting plenty of talent from this 2017 class, which means there will be more recruits.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Western Michigan Plays Against Ohio State

When Western Michigan Plays Against Ohio State

Western Michigan University athletics "Br...
Western Michigan University athletics "Bronco" logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
West Michigan had a decent season last year with a 8 and 5 record. These stats allowed the team to place 3rd in MAC.

Stars Returning this Year for The Broncos

As a football team, the Broncos possess four extremely prolific players: Terrell, Davis, Braverman and Franklin. Terrell accomplished 26 touchdowns, which gave him a No. 3 ranking within the MAC. Franklin, serving as a newcomer on offensive, came in fourth. He brought in 24 touchdowns. Meanwhile, Braverman and Davis earned second and third rankings due to having 86 and 78 receptions respectively. DePalma, a linebacker, earned 102 tackles. Finally, Ronald Zamort intercepted 4 passes while also defending 21.

Western Michigan Aims to Get Newcomers Into The Game

Bogan might be playing to release stress from Franklin when it comes to offense. In the meantime, Matich will be playing as a middle guard for Western Michigan.

How Western Michigan Plans its Offense

During games last season they had very impressive statistics. However, the Broncos suffered many losses.  Due to 24 fumbles, ten games were lost.

Important Points Regarding the Defense

Since Ash left the team, his loss has been noticed. To regain its dominance, Western Michigan will experiment with utilizing the Cougar. The only other problem after resolving this difficulty centers on replacing Celiscar, formerly a secondary.

Spotlighting Special Teams

Haldeman gained success with 14 field goals. Phillips achieved 26.4 yards after having completed 30 kickoffs.

Remaining Questions Regarding Western Michigan

Once the season commences, which team can be expected to participate? Fleck made an important point: the team featured during 2013 played with a fresh mindset.

Future Outlook

Western Michigan received the right to finish second. Fleck, a man who formerly served as a graduate assistant, promises to be an outstanding choice.

Monday, July 27, 2015

David Taylor- The Popular Snooker Player

English: Steve Davis at Sports Club Turku in F...
English: Steve Davis at Sports Club Turku in Finland during a match against Ville Pasanen (former Finnish Champion). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Though David Taylor is considered one of the best players in the game of snooker, he did not rise to the level where he was expected to reach. David Taylor was highly talented and extra ordinarily experienced at the game. He won both the English Amateur championship and the World Amateur championship.He was nicknamed by his fans and followers as the silver fox because of his premature grey hair, which he possessed at a very young age. 

Though David Taylor snooker player impressively made it to three major finals,he could not win any of them. Doug Mountjoy beat him in the United Kingdom Championship with a score of 9-15. He lost to Steve Davis in 1981 and lost the Yamaha Organs Trophy with a score of 6-9. David Taylor snooker player repeatedly tried his luck again 1982 at the Jameson International and lost to Tony Knowles with a painful score of 6-9.

David Taylor later surprised everyone by coming back to the scene again at the age of 66, only to lose again in a match against Paul Wikes. This game is the only one considered to be the ranking event final which he participated.

David Taylor snooker player however did beat Steve Davis, the world champion with a close score of 5-3. Previously, David Taylor had lost as a quarter finalist three different times and this victory was considered as the most distinguished performance after a long era of many failures. 

Other than some information on his snooker player career, not much is known about his personal life. Some time later,he had attended an exhibition match which added to his popularity. He also performed outstandingly well in practice matches that even the best player of that time couldn't match up to him. 

Once he was no longer in the limelight of snooker game, he participated in a game show on snooker called "Big Break " by the British Broadcasting Company. He also took over management and production in a hotel popular for winning awards.

Presently, Mr.David Taylor snooker player can be found at his home in Cheshire near Dunham in England.

Ohio State Football Is Steeped In Tradition

English: Script Ohio, with the "i" d...
English: Script Ohio, with the "i" dotted by Jack Nicklaus on October 28, 2006. Photo taken by Int3gr4te. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Go Ohio State Buckeyes!

The commercial 'Go Buckeyes' really cracks me up. Do you remember it? It's the one where a couple is introducing themselves to each other while the woman is driving. Suddenly it becomes clear that they're actually out on a blind date. The guy ends up jumping out of her car because she is chanting one of Ohio State's rival team's slogan. He not only jumps out of the moving car, but he screams back 'GO BUCKEYES' as loud as he can.

You may wonder why all the fuss over football. Well, it's way more than just football, it's pride and tradition. The Buckeyes have now been a part of the football world for a whopping 25 years. They take great pride in representing Ohio State University and competing in the Subdivision of the NCAA Division I Football Bowl. Their first season ever goes all the way back to 1890. All total they've won 7 national championships with 10 undefeated seasons as well as 36 Conference Championships. In 1942 they won their first ever national championship under the leadership of coach Paul Brown.

With such a rich history and tons of tradition tied into the Ohio State football team, it's no wonder why people get Buckeye fever during football season.

Saturday, July 18, 2015

2014 Ohio State Football Pro Day: A Day Of Lessons

The past Buckeyes linebacker, Etiene Sabino, and 16 other former Buckeyes graced a training session on Friday during the Annual Ohio State Football Pro Day.

The primary order of business was a bunch of four players with divergent talents and the ability to be drawn in the first round pick. The players included running back Carlos Hyde, linebacker Ryan Shazier, cornerback Bradley Roby and Jack Mewhort, an offensive lineman.

What could have been a successful workout session turned out to be a drab anticlimax as all of the 17 former Buckeyes we unable to complete the arduous drilling practice session due to injury or fatigue.

However, all was not lost during the Annual Ohio State Football Pro Day. The fans got what they deserved as they were able to witness the former Buckeyes doing what they used to do so well. Plus, various lessons were harvested which will become cemented when applied to future fantasy football leagues. 
Ryan is outlandish

Shazier picked up a hamstring injury before the NFL Scouting combine. He was therefore unable to run the 40-yard sprint he was guilty of failing to complete on Friday due to a similar hamstring problem.

Nonetheless, he staged some mad results

Shazier clocked an unofficial 4.36 seconds. Even though this appears quick it could get worse the moment it becomes official and hits the airwaves. It is the best time for linebackers and the 4th best when all the player's speeds are analysed together. 

When in Indianapolis, Ryan Shazier executed the highest ever vertical jump, a spine chilling 42 inches. He is evidently fiery. His thunderbolt speed, classy tactics and excellent technique were all displayed on Friday and they are on record.

Shazier will be absent in the second round. 

Mewhort's diversity was on show in Columbus as he played left tackle for the majority of the time and also started at right and left guard is some matches.

In the NFL he however preferred to remain at tackle. With a weight of 315lbs and a height of 6.6 inches he will surely be able to get a stint or two.

It will be an awesome idea for Mewhort to try out different positions as there are no guarantees in the NFL. Most NFL teams have a lot of versatility in their ranks and players who can play different positions. 

Any player who harbors hopes of being picked for the first team must be willing and able to play in different roles.

Besides, being drafted is what all players dream of. 

Look forward to seeing Kenny Guiton training for the Patriots. 

The good news for Kenny Guiton is that the New England Patriots have a gnac for mounting the Big 10 quarterbacks. Remember, this is the same team that helped Tom Brady (Michigan) to scale the heights of success and earn a place in the Hall of Fame.

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Talking About Ohio State 2014 Walk Ons

Florida Gators football head coach Urban Meyer...
Florida Gators football head coach Urban Meyer talks about quarterback Tim Tebow's commitment to service during the national championship football team's visit to the White House. Screenshot of a White House video. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Approaching the conclusion of the 2013 season, Ohio State competed against FBS schools with just 55 scholarship players. That is 30 fewer than what is allotted to major college program schools. On a travel roster 70 players are included. This shows the Ohio State roster could not have been filled with scholarship players and when they played Florida A&M shockingly the Rattlers actually in terms of scholarships had more resources.

Many questioned why head coach, Urban Meyer was so aggressive on having depth and bodies. He displayed no discrimination in terms of NCAA sanctions, injuries, redshirts and transfers.

Because of violations committed when Jim Tressel was in charge, there is for Ohio State a limitation of 3 scholarships to 82 for another extra season. To help prevent the roster from stockpiling Meyer is refusing to over sign. Thus, when over a four year period a transfer of 24 players was done, in terms of depth for the Buckeyes there was little left. There are 93 players on the entire roster including Ohio State walk-ons. 45 are underclassmen and 67 have scholarships.

A free pass should not be afforded by coaches on a roster so thin. In 2013, a group campaigning locally opposed to redshirting forced the decision to sit 19 players.Coach Meyer vowed not to let this happen again. Seven walk ons will take part in spring drills and in August another 16 will join the team. Ohio State in spring practice will have 67 scholarship players participating and in August that number grows to 82.

Braxton Miller has undergone shoulder surgery. At quarterback there will be a good competition going on. The starter Cardale Jones is not being looked on as the long term solution. The first quarterback signed by Coach Tom Herman was J.T. Barret and the expected idea is for him to spend a year as the understudy to Miller and eventually front a Meyer-Herman offensive. 

The other good news is that running back is shaping up a deep position which works out well when replacing a 1500 yard runner.

Ohio State Buckeye Roster Thin Entering 2014 Spring Practice

English: University of Florida football Head C...
English: University of Florida football Head Coach Urban Meyer watches his team practice during the Gators' first Spring Practice of 2008 on March 19, 2008 at the UF Football Practice Fields in Gainesville, FL. (Photo by Harrison Diamond / The Independent Florida Alligator) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
When the 2013 season was coming to an end, Ohio State played with just 55 scholarship players against FBS schools. This is 30 less than what is allotted to major college football programs, and 8 less than FCS schools. 70 players are included in a travel roster. The Buckeye's roster could not be filled with scholarship players. Additionally, last season when Ohio State met Florida A & M, the Rattlers unbelievably had more resources in terms of scholarships. 

Some may wonder why Urban Meyer, the head coach, was so aggressive on having bodies and depth. Attrition appeared in all forms as there was no discrimination in terms of transfers, NCAA sanctions, red-shirts and injuries. 

For another extra season, there is a limitation of 3 scholarships to 82 for Ohio State due to the violations done when Jim Tressel was in charge. Meyer is refusing to over sign in order to prevent the roster from stockpiling. Thus, when a transfer of 24 players was done over a period of four years, there was little left for the Buckeyes in terms of depth. the entire roster is made up of 93 players, including walk-ons. 67 of them have scholarships while 45 are underclassmen. 

Coaches should not be afforded a free pass on such a thin roster. A certain group that was vocally campaigning against red-shirting decided in 2013 to sit 19 players. Meyer swore never to let that happen again. Seven of Ohio State walk-ons will participate in spring drills, while an additional 16 will join the team in August. The Buckeyes will thus consist of 67 scholarship players taking part in spring practice. In August, the squad grows to 82 though at the moment it looks like they are over the limit by one. For Meyer however, thinning down the roster is better than filling gaps with inexperienced players. 

Braxton Miller has just undergone surgery on his shoulder. The good news is that the quarterback position is rather intriguing. The departure of Kenny Guiton means there will be competition to fill the position. Cardale Jones will start in the position for the first day but is not expected to last long. J.T. Barret was the first quarterback to be signed by Coach Tom Herman. Conventional wisdom points to the fact that the Buckeyes will want him to spend a year as Miller's understudy. The Wichita Falls native has all the skills needed to front a Meyer-Herman offensive. 

The running back is among the deepest positions for the team. This is a welcome thing given that Ohio State must find a replacement for a 1500-yard runner. The Buckeyes have for the last two seasons been fortunate to have substitute tailback when some running needs to be done.


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