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The Hot Summer Nights Car Show Raises Money For The Monroe Hospice

2010 Chevrolet Camaro photographed in St. Laza...
2010 Chevrolet Camaro photographed in St. Lazare, Quebec, Canada at the 2010 St. Jean Baptiste Classic Car Show. Category:Auto classique Saint-Lazare de Saint-Jean-Baptiste 2010 Category:Red coupes Category:fifth-generation Chevrolet Camaro (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
The Annual Hot Summer Nights Car Show Raises Funds for the Monroe Hospice

Visitors to the annual car show were able to admire a variety of classic vehicles dating from the 1930s through to the 1970s, and many were thrilled to see autos that reminded them of their childhood. Joe DuFord of Monroe was enthralled with the show and 73 year old Mr DuFord said the classic motors were much like the movie stars used to drive. Joe displayed a car in the Hot Summer Nights Car Show held in Monroe County Fairground, an auto he purchased online in 2002 from Vancouver.

Mr DuFort's stylish white classic car cost $2,500 when new and the prestigious motor accelerates from nought to sixty in fifteen seconds. Joe is the first to admit classic cars in car shows remind him of his childhood, however, this cannot be said for everyone. Twenty-one year-old Brando Benvenuto, of LaSalle Township exhibited his blue 1987 Camaro Iroc. Brando said he was raised in the mid nineties when the boxy autos were not regarded as cool. Brando was one of the youngest to show a car and he really appreciated viewing the older cars.

Brando enjoys visiting the classic car shows, in particular, the Hot Summer Nights Car Show. He purchased the Camaro when he was just sixteen and his father, another classic car enthusiast displayed their cars side by side. Brando's father enjoyed showing his Nassau blue '66 Corvette and he told everyone he was pleased he and his son enjoyed the same hobby.

Around three hundred cars are displayed at the show and all money raised goes to the Monroe Hospice. Other events throughout the day included raffles, free food and live entertainment by the well-known band Hoosier Daddy. Dave Perry, the shows chairman is proud of the bunch of guys who raise money for great causes.

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