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Sports Carnival Ecstasy - April 28, 2011

HP Pavilion, commonly called The Shark Tank or...Image via Wikipedia

Welcome to the April 28, 2011 edition of Sports Carnival Ecstasy.This time around we have 21 great articles from some of the best sports blogs available. Scott Semmler starts us off with a preview of the 2011 NHL Playoffs. Steve writes about the uniqueness of the Masters as compared to other PGA tournaments. We have a look at the Celtics v the Lakers over time. Dharkko Manning continues with the NBA and looks at NBA Playoff Seeding and what it might tell us. Finally we have a SEC West Football Preview for 2011 by Michael. Hope you enjoy the material, bookmark, share, and come back for more great sports information.

scott semmler presents 2011 NHL Playoffs: San Jose Sharks vs. L.A. Kings Series Preview & Predictions posted at Bay Area Sports Talk, saying, "Imagine you walk into the HP Pavilion on Thursday night. A sea of teal and black cover the arena except for the rectangle of freshly zambonied ice that is the center of attention for the next three hours.

The lights go black and Metallica's Seek and Destroy fills the stadium as Antti Niemi leads the team from out of the shark's mouth just as he has done numerous times this season.

The lights return and the National Anthem begins.

"Oh, say can you see..."

Chants of "Beat LA!" suddenly ring from the upper level of the right side of the arena.

It is playoff time in San Jose."

David Avetyan presents How to Deal with Those Big Guys - Buying from them posted at Wholesale Games, saying, "A user guide for small traders on how to contact, open an account, and buy from large distributors and wholesalers of video games and consoles."

Steve presents What makes the Masters so Unique? posted at FryingPan Sports, saying, "When the Masters comes along even the most passive of a Golf enthusiast are truly engrossed in the four day tournament this year held in Augusta."

boocub03 presents The Booth Review - MLB Possibly Adding Two Wildcard Teams posted at Sporting An Argument.


Steve presents Dodgers/Giants: The West Coast’s Answer to Red Sox/Yankees | FryingPanSports | MLB Baseball posted at FryingPan Sports, saying, "Even with the turnover of the Dodgers to the MLB for mis-management reasons, the Giants v Dodgers series is one of the best in baseball."


mhhcapital presents Why ?You?re The Best Around? Song should be played by professional coaches, and how it helped me graduate law school posted at Stocks and Sports, saying, "Check it out!!!!!"

Steve presents Celtics versus Lakers Rivalry Stands the Test of Time posted at BrutusReport, saying, "Could not have asked for a better NBA finals than the Lakers v the Celtics in 2010."

Dharkko Manning presents NBA Playoff Seeding: What Does History Tell Us? posted at Sports Betting System.


Wes Ivey presents BOYISH FULL VIDEO posted at, saying, "Skateboarding blog representing the DRC skateboarding crew. Fairly new blog but updated often with a variety of content"


Michael presents Warren Ball is a Hard Nosed Runner posted at eScoutRoom, saying, "My best attributes as a football player would be my work ethic, hard-nose running style and the mentality of giving it my all in order for my team to win."

Michael presents Frank Epitropoulos: Not Favoring Any Programs posted at eScoutRoom, saying, "Epitropoulos is looking for great academics and football."

Steve presents Warren Ball 2010 Junior RB Highlights posted at eFilmRoom, saying, "Warren Ball is a powerful running back that is now headed to Ohio State for 2012."

Steve presents The Ohio State Spring Game will Be Different This Year posted at BrutusReport, saying, "Ohio State did something different this Spring for the first time under coach Tressel's time running the program."

Michael presents SEC West Football Preview 2011 posted at eScoutRoom, saying, "The SEC West should be very competitive this coming fall."


Christopher Clayton presents Poor Man's Club Fitting posted at Weekend Golf Warrior.

Christopher Clayton presents 2011 PGA Merchandise Show: Great Expectations posted at Weekend Golf Warrior.

Christopher Clayton presents Weekend Golf Warrior » “The Match” and Harvie Ward posted at Weekend Golf Warrior.

Christopher Clayton presents Weekend Golf Warrior » Ben Hogan’s Five Lessons posted at Weekend Golf Warrior.


Alex Headley presents Why I Hate The 2011 Stanley Cup Playoffs posted at Headley Talks.


Eric Gargiulo presents Nick Diaz Is Ready To Leave MMA For Boxing posted at CamelCluchBlog.Com, saying, "It's not easy being Nick Diaz. The Strikeforce welterweight champion is so frustrated with lack of opponents and money that he is ready to leave MMA. How ready is he? According to his management, he has just signed his first pro boxing fight in September and it's a doozy."

Remco Tevreden presents Managing the sport MMA posted at Sportmanagement, saying, "The world of sports management"

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of sports carnival ecstasy using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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Poker Tournaments You Should Know

A pair of aces is arguably the best hand to be...Image via Wikipedia

If you have been monitoring the gambling world for the past few years, you will know that Texas Hold'em Poker has become one of the most popular card games on the planet. Using knowledge, skill, bluffing tactics and a tiny dash of luck, players have raked in the chips and walked away with astonishing prize money. All one needs to get involved is the willingness to learn and some time to practice.

Of course, with the rise in popularity, the online world has also benefited. You now have an array of options when it comes to online poker options, allowing you to test your skills against players from around the globe. Of course, the transition between online guru and pro poker player is possible, just ask Chris Moneymaker. Once you have mastered the art online, we want to show you just which tournaments you should be trying to get your name on the list for:

This annual tournament in Las Vegas attracted the biggest names in the sport and has become the most prestigious event around. This is where online player Chris Moneymaker made history, while many other poker pro's have also received the crown (as well as the prize money) since the contests inception in 1970.

  • Aussie Millions:

Held at the Crown Casino in Melbourne, the prize money has steadily increased since the series started in 1998 and the last two winners have pocketed a tidy $2 million for their efforts. The main event is the top paying tournament in the Southern Hemisphere.

  • Irish Poker Open:

Started in 1980, this is the longest running No Limit Texas hold'em tournament in Europe, and is only second on a global scale behind the World Series of Poker. In the 2010 event, James Mitchell (20) earned the title along with a bank-busting €600 000 profit.

  • Asian Poker Tour:

Bringing poker to the Asia-Pacific region, this event holds tournaments in cities such as Manila and Macau. It was the first tournament to emerge in the region and has remained the biggest. Prize money has ranged between $150 000 and $600 000.

Run by the Partouche group, which owns and operates a number of casinos in France, started up in 2008, offering the winner a chance to walk away with €1 million. The last winner, Vanessa Selbst of the USA, earned a million Euros for her effort.

Jason Acar is a football enthusiast who likes spending his spare time enjoying his poker bonuses, and besides gambling, he likes to spend time with family and friends.

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Five Things That Will Keep You Coming Back To A Gym

A woman wearing a bikini inspects a salesman's...Image via Wikipedia

Countless people join a gym, only to cease attending shortly after. Often this is down to them failing to check the facilities for those little things that will keep them coming back. But what are these things? Even something as small as the quality of the lockers and cubicles matter, but here are five things you should always look for prior to signing on the dotted line:

The Staff

The help and attention received from staff is vital in regards to keeping members motivated and returning. Ideally you want staff that know your name, and are encouraging and motivating – offering to design you a programme while working with you regularly to check your progress and change your programme around.

The problem is that a quick look around the gym is not sufficient to determine if this level of service is commonplace. Don’t always trust the word of your tour guide – often they are a salesperson on commission, and will say whatever necessary in order to get you to join.

So how can you find out if you’re going to receive the help you need, or are going to get ignored once the gym has your money?

When you’re in the gym itself take a good look around – what are the staff doing? Are they helping members with equipment and their workouts or standing around chatting with each other? Or are they simply absent from the room altogether? Also if you have a chance, ask a few current members about the level of service they receive and whatever you do, don’t be pressured to sign on the day – go home and read some reviews, in order to gauge a true idea of what will happen once your monthly direct debit is safely in place.

The Facilities

While different people want and desire different facilities, it is beneficial to have all the facilities you would like included as part of your membership. Therefore, if you really want a swimming pool, and know you would make more use of it than you would of the gym equipment, don’t be pressured into joining a gym-only facility simply because the price is cheaper or the talented salesperson convinced you to.

Also, if you know you’re going to be showering and getting ready for work or a night out at the gym instead of home, choose a facility that provides adequate lockers and cubicles, as well as extras such as hairdryers and if needed, hair straighteners.

In essence, before beginning your search for a gym, ascertain exactly what facilities you would like. This will make sure you don’t get roped in by a fancy starter package or a convincing salesperson and will actually get the facilities and service you’re after.

Quality of Changing Facilities

Whilst it might seem insignificant, the quality, cleanliness and overall feel of the changing rooms are vital if you’re going to keep coming back. Not only should the environment be pleasant, but there should also be adequate cubicles (for privacy) and secure lockers (for reassurance).


The location of the gym is vital. If it’s too far away from home or work you won’t go – fact. So ensure you choose a gym that is either near to your home or place of work, or is on your way home from work. There is simply no point joining a gym that is located on a route you never take since the effort and expense involved in attending will mean you will very quickly find yourself heading for the television instead of the treadmill.

In fact, location is the one area that I would recommend sacrificing on facilities or service.

Class Schedule

While fitness classes aren’t for everybody, they do provide a welcome diversion from the possible monotony of the gym. However, classes are timetabled, and if they don’t fit into your schedule then as far as you’re concerned, they might as well not exist. Therefore if classes are an aspect of the gym that interests you, don’t just look at the range of classes available - look properly at the times they are on. If the times aren’t suitable it may be worth looking at other facilities that hold more classes or classes at earlier or later times in the day.

This article was written by Amy Fowler on behalf of Prospec. Amy writes on a variety of topics including gym facilities such as lockers and cubicles.

2011 in Car Shows

2009 Canadian Auto ShowImage by cheukiecfu via Flickr

If you’re in America during January then the North American International Motor Show 2011 is held in Detroit. Don’t fret if you miss this as Houston, Portland, Washington and Philadelphia are all host to international motor shows too.

Montreal, Brussels and Cairo each host their own motor show in January with Brussels catering for commercial vehicles and motorcycles too.

February 2011

The Chicago Auto Show takes place during the month of March. Visitors and residents of Osaka in Japan can go along to see the Osaka Automesse Show whereas the Canadians can enjoy the Canadian International Autoshow being held in Toronto.

March 2011

There are plenty more car shows to be seen in March. Seoul is host to an international motor show with the same taking place in Geneva and Belgrade.

At Calgary, Canada, you can go along to see the International Auto and Truck Show.

April 2011

Zagreb International Motor Show takes place n April, whilst Dallas and New York each have their own events to cater for the locals.

Amsterdam International Motor Show 2011 is held during April, as is the Shanghai Auto Show in China.

May 2011

As summer creeps closer, Barcelona and Kiev International Motor Shows for 2011 place in May.

June 2011

Take a trip to London in June to see the London Motorexpo, taking place at Canary Wharf.

Sofia International Motor Show and Buenos Aires International Motor Show 2011 offer alternative options if you happen to be in the area.

September 2011

In Moscow, the Auto Salon is held during the month of September whilst in Frankfurt, the 64th International Motor Show is taking place. Nitra Motor Show 2011 also takes place in September.

October 2011

If you plan to be in either Bucharest, Johannesburg or São Paulo during October then you’re in luck.

The Bucharest International Motor Show and Johannesburg International Motor Show follow roughly the same format whilst the International Transport Industry Trade Fair takes place in São Paulo.

November 2011

For a more Mediterranean feel, head to Athens in November when the International Motor Show gets underway, the Lisbon International Motor Show is another option r slightly further afield you will find the Transpotec Logitec event in Milan, an auto show in La and the 42d Tokyo Motor Show, held in Tokyo.

December 2011

Head to the sunshine state of Florida in December if you like the sound of a Performance Racing Industry Tradeshow.

Another Auto show in Japan plus one in Bologna keeps all angles covered in the last month of the year.

If you are travelling for holidays then you might even be able to catch one of the motor shows in a different country. If you plan to take a driving holiday, make sure your car insurance is completely organised beforehand, helping to avoid any nasty surprises.

Jennifer is a part of the digital blogging team at who work with a growing number of finance brands. For more information about me, or to keep up to date with the latest in finance news, check out my posts at or visit my Twitter account, @cashzilla.

Advice for First Time Visitors to the Race Track

Thoroughbred racing at Churchill Downs.Image via Wikipedia

Horse racing can be a lot of fun, but if you are going to the race track for the first time it can be very confusing. And if you decide to make a few bets, you will probably end up losing and may be turned off from the enjoyment of the sport and may never go back to the races. People will tell you that the important thing to remember is that you had a good time. This will always be said after the races are over and you have lost too much money. The last thing a person needs is some type of debriefing on what just happened after the races are over. It is much better to prepare yourself ahead of time and know what to expect.

If you are planning on making any wagers at the track - and almost everybody does - there are three things you must adhere to when you are at the track. One is to not wager too much money and the second is to make only straight wagers. The first rule is very important and is true for any sort of gambling. Set aside a certain amount of money for betting that is separate from money that you will use for snacks, refreshments or lunch. Make sure that you know how much money you are willing to bet and also that it is an amount you are willing to lose in its entirety. If you are willing to lose £50 and there are ten races, then you can make a £5 wager on each race. Keep in mind that you do not need to bet every race. You can risk £20 on four races which is £5 per race, or perhaps you can bet the track minimum of £2 on ten races for a total of £20. But the important thing to remember is to decide on the total amount of money and how much for each race before you have made your first wager.

The second important step to enjoying your first time at the race track is to avoid exotic wagers. These are the type of bets where you pick the winner and the second place horse or the top three finishers. These are called exactas and trifectas. They can have huge payoffs, but are also very difficult to win. Other types of exotic wagers are the Pick 3, Pick 4, and Pick 6. These bets are when you pick the winner of 3, 4, or 6 races. They too have large payoffs but are difficult to hit. It is best to stick to the straight bets on your first trip to the track. These wagers are win, place, and show. A win bet and your horse must win the race, a place bet and your horse must finish first or second, and a show bet meaning your horse finishes first, second, or third.

Claire Jarrett runs Marketing By Web and is writing on behalf of The Sports Investor, who offer horse racing tips and advise on how to make money laying horses

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Sports Carnival Ecstasy - April 14, 2011

Fedor Alex Emelianenko trainingImage via Wikipedia

Welcome to the April 14, 2011 edition of Sports Carnival Ecstasy.This time around we have an article by Gokul about Team India and the 2011 ICC World Cup Champions that you should take a look at. Also Steve writes about Spring Football at Ohio State and the position changes for the Buckeyes. Finally Eric Gargiulo has a story on the Fedor Emelianenko vs. Dan Henderson Negotiations Heating Up that all MMA fans will want to read. Hope you enjoy the carnival, bookmark, share, and come back next time.

Margaret91 presents 15 Eye Catching Sports Industry Infographics posted at Masters in Sports Administration, saying, "One of the most interesting things about the sports industry is all of the stats and information. The feats accomplished by athletes are often interesting and amazing. On top of that, there is a great deal else that goes into the sports industry."

AndrosenDsouza presents 30 Indispensable BlackBerry Apps for Sports Superfans posted at Masters in Sports Management, saying, "Smart phones have been a Godsend for sports fanatics. There are all kinda of excellent apps that can help people in their fandom. Here are 30 of the best blackberry apps for sports superfans."

Lee presents Stag and Hen Party Weekends Quest Adventures Cardiff Wales posted at Cardiff & Swansea Quest Adventures, saying, "Looking for a thrilling stag or hen weekend adventure before the big day, a twist on the usual celebrations? Something memorable & exciting for your stag and hen parties, then you've come to the right place. Quest Adventures will provide a fun packed unique stag or hen party."


jen hellmann presents Surf Break with Garrett McNamara | Positive Impact Magazine - Positive Good News Stories Optimistic & Inspiring People From Around The World posted at Positive Impact Magazine - Positive Good News Stories Optimistic & Inspiring People From Around The World, saying, "Gmac is an incredible extreme surfer!"

Gokul presents SpaceTime » Jinx breakers - 2011 ICC World Cup Champions posted at SpaceTime, saying, "Jinx breakers - Team India - ICC World Cup winners"


Steve presents Spring Football Kicks Off at Ohio State posted at BrutusReport, saying, "It will be an interesting year for the Buckeyes with 5 players suspended for the first 5 games along with Head Coach Tressel."

Steve presents Ryan Shazier Highlight Film Class of 2011 posted at eFilmRoom, saying, "This nice highlight film of Ohio State commit Ryan Shazier starts with a run-down of his stats from his Junior year at Plantation High School."

Michael presents Ryan Shazier: Looking to Be a Great Linebacker posted at eScoutRoom, saying, "Ryan Shazier was a member of Ohio State’s 2011 recruiting class that signed their Letters of Intent this past February"

Steve presents Limp Losers or Gourmet Greats posted at FryingPan Sports, saying, "In many ways the fast food industry reflects the story of many misjudged signings by Premier League clubs since its inception 1992."

Cate Newton presents Futbol v. Football (Infographic) posted at

Steve presents Ohio State Spring Camp Kick Scrimmage posted at BrutusReport, saying, "The scrimmage gave Braxton Miller a chance to demonstrate his ability as fans are a little nervous about the quarterback position while Terrelle Pryor sits out the first five games."

Kent Burton presents Bears in London, BAD IDEA! posted at The Windy City Sports.


Patty Pittman presents Primal Fitness > Fighting? posted at Primal 30 Day Challenge, saying, "What is more primal to man's survival than the will to fight to survive. It is definitely what our ancestors had to do. Weather they were fighting off lions and bears, or each other in a war over women and territory, the strongest among them survived and procreated to make me and you."

Cheryl Ragsdale presents Yahoo! Vitality News – Second Act Video Featuring Cheryl Ragsdale, Mixed Martial Artist posted at That Girl is Funny, saying, "Recently, a film crew from Yahoo Productions came to video me in class with my fellow MMA students and our instructors. I wonder if I'm the oldest female practicing mixed martial arts?"

Eric Gargiulo presents Fedor Emelianenko vs. Dan Henderson Negotiations Heat Up posted at CamelCluchBlog.Com, saying, "According to several sources, the biggest fight in Strikeforce history is days away from being finalized. Dan Henderson vs. Fedor Emelianenko is being targeted for late summer. The fight would potentially bring Strikeforce to pay per view and offer one of the most intriguing fights of 2011."

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of sports carnival ecstasy using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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Disabled Sport Focus: Sailing

U.S. Sailing team at the World Military Games ...Image via Wikipedia

The variety of sailing boats available is making sailing accessible for more and more people, including those with disabilities. Conditions such as cerebral palsy, blindness, deafness and paralysis are no barrier to sailing. There are many examples of people with a disability making great sailing achievements. In 2005 Hilary Lister, who can only move her head sailed solo across the English Channel using a 'sip and puff' system to control the sails and steering.

In 2007 Geoff Holt who is quadriplegic (paralysed from the chest down) became the first disabled person to sail alone around Great Britain. Andy Cassell was born without legs and hip joints but competes against able bodied sailors and in Paralympic sailing competitions. He set up the Andy Cassell Foundation to encourage other disabled people to take up the sport and assists disabled sailors to compete in and win competitive yacht races. Its aim is to also promote racing for the disabled and encourage the integration of disabled sailors into the able bodied racing community.

The sixteen foot Challenger trimaran was designed as a singlehander for people with disabilities to use and has been used successfully by all age groups. People with a disability report a feeling of freedom, independence and exhilaration when sailing, an opportunity to forget the wheelchair they use on dry land. There are about two hundred clubs around the UK which are suitable for people with a disability to use. They come with a range of specially adapted facilities including launching ramps, hoists and adapted changing rooms.

Many of the centres are RYA (Royal Yachting Association) training centres where sailing training is offered. The RYA sailability publishes a sailing guide which can help you find a local centre that is able to meet your needs. RYA sailability is designed to encourage and provide support for people with disabilities to take up the sport and develop sailing opportunities. RYA sailability offers grants to encourage clubs to provide facilities, training and programmes to increase participation in sailing.

There is also the flexibility of trying many different types of boat from dinghies through to sturdy keelboats which enable you to engage in competition with able bodied competitors such as the sonar, a popular choice of keelboat which has been used for the Paralympics. Other suitable boats are the Access range of dinghies which are specifically designed for those with disabilities and can be found at about one hundred clubs throughout the UK. The Skud is another new design used in the Paralympics. It is an eighteen foot long skiff style keelboat. The 2.4 mR and Illusion mini are other designs which are ideal for disabled sailors in competition.

Sailing for disabled athletes on an international level began in the 1980's; the first international regatta was held in Switzerland. In 1996 disabled sailing appeared at the Atlanta Games as a demonstration sport and from 2000 was included in the Paralympic Games programme as a medal sport. Paralympic competition generally uses keels as the design provides good stability and open cockpits to provide more room for the sailors. Since 2000, Great Britain has competed in the games and has maintained a respectable position on the top half of the results table.

This article was written by Gowrings Mobility, a leading supplier of wheelchair accessible vehicles.

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