Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Skiing vs. Snowboarding: Which is For You?

Nearly 200 skiers and snowboarders participate...Image via Wikipedia

Whether you’re a newcomer to winter-sports or are a confident skier who is considering trying snowboarding for the first time, you might want to know which of the two sports has more to offer. For many years, since the 1960s, in fact, when American Sherman Poppen first thought of the idea of snowboarding after watching his little girl balancing on a ski, winter-sports fanatics have been fiercely divided into the ski vs snowboard camps. You will find very few people equally loyal to both.

Snowboarding increased in popularity in the late ’seventies, when it was finally covered under ski liability insurance policies and more ski resorts accepted it. Initially, at least, the skiers tended to be elite, wealthy people of a certain age, whereas snowboarders were normally in their teens from very different backgrounds.

Skiing and snowboarding both offer hours of fun, adrenaline-filled exercise and entertainment and will take you to some of the world’s most beautiful resorts and locations. So what are the differences?

This video shows some of the differences between Skiing and Snowboarding.

Snowboarders find that their knees ache less after a long day on the slopes and fewer receive knee injuries, though it’s often a physically more exerting sport, since the absence of ski poles means a lot more energy is needed to work your way across the flats and to stay balanced. Skis are better on ice and hard-packed snow, whereas snowboarders love deep, fluffy snow, atop which the snowboards ‘float’. Often, skiers find that they are unable to properly use the slopes after significant snowfall, whereas snowboarders are not so constrained. Skiing is a bit easier, on a practical basis, since snowboarders have to unstrap one of their legs to get on ski-lifts, and they have to walk up inclines that skiers could use their poles to push up. Skis are faster, but it’s easier to get up after falling off a snowboard…Link

If you’ve skied before, then the skills you already have will make it easier to learn how to snowboard, since you’ll already know how to edge and carve. However, lessons would not go amiss just to build your confidence. For speed, you can’t beat skiing; for fun and manoeuvrability on a variety of surfaces, snowboarding rules. Most packages and all-inclusive ski holidays will cater for both boards and skis, though check with the resort as to whether they have any restrictions in that regard: there are still some luxury ski resorts that only permit skis, catering for the die-hard band of skiers who think that snowboards are for hooligans!

This article was written by Sarah who loves winter-sports and enjoys going both skiing and snowboarding as often as she can.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Winnipeg Jets get a Meaner Looking Logo

Dean Kennedy, Winnipeg JetsImage via Wikipedia

If you were the anything like the child I was, then you would have spent countless hours drawing your favorite team logo, cartoon or cereal box character on any surface you had in front of you. As a Winnipeg Jets fan I have been doodling and drawing the logo for the best part of 20 years of my life.

The old Jets logo I started drawing in the early 1980’s featured a pictured of Jet in the top left hand corner and resembled a badly designed and cumbersome airliner. The logo resembled the start of the internationalism involved in hockey and held connotations of the multi national team we were enjoying watching play on a weekly basis. The logo was harmless and inoffensive and represented the multi-cultural city and hockey team perfectly.

The new logo is however a lot less innocent, based on the CF-18 fighter jet, is a complete turnaround from the reference to the internationality of the team. The link comes from the fact that the Canadian Forces base is located in Winnipeg and this was wished to be expressed in the image of the team by the new owners, True North Sports and Entertainment.

Whilst I am supportive of the military and sports teams have long had military implications associated with their names and sometimes their logos, but they have been legacy related and looking and not the blatant attempt at a publicity drive as the conscious decision to put a fighter jet into the logo has been.

Whilst I am not condemning the National Forces one little bit, I would not impose my political persuasion nor any other interest onto people I have or have not met. Wearing this jersey feels like I am in support of not only the military, as I have stated the forces are a brave bunch and deserve support no matter, but that I am in support of whatever actions the government want to take part in.

Hockey should be the epitome of being able to get together without enforcing our beliefs or backgrounds onto the people surrounding us. The game has already been militarised by the commentators and pundits without being taken into the purity of the shirts that we wear in support of our team. My only concern is how this might prevent people from engaging in the sport.

I will be avoiding the new kit and instead supporting the team by wearing my Kovalchuk shirt of 2006, it has the best memories for me anyway.

Andy is a Winnipegger born and bred but has since moved to Ireland where he now works as a travel adviser for CanadianSky.ie advising about Canada holidays and holidays to Toronto.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Fantasy Football Magazines

WASHINGTON, DC - MARCH 08:  National Football ...Image by Getty Images via @daylife

Fantasy Football Magazines

As fantasy football becomes more and more popular, fantasy football magazines have become more prevalent. Fantasy football magazines are a great way to learn about some under the radar players, and they're a great way to learn about players who may be overrated. While fantasy football magazines are great tools to have to prepare for the draft, they should not be the only resource you use.

The top fantasy football magazines are great resources that offer valuable information to use during the draft. The problem with fantasy football magazines is that they are written and printed months before the National Football League season begins. This is why they should not be your only tool you use during your fantasy football draft.

A lot of things will change between the start of the preseason and the time that you hold your draft. Football is a violent sport and players get injured every game. During the preseason, players also win and lose starting jobs. This is why it is key to watch and read about the latest news in the NFL. Using this updated information with what you learn in the fantasy football magazines is how you win a fantasy football league.

It's impossible to be able to update and provide the latest news in a magazine. It takes time to print and distribute a magazine. By the time they got the magazines out, nobody would longer need them. This is why fantasy football magazines are designed as the beginning piece in your draft preparation.

If you are looking for good fantasy football magazines to read, consider taking a look at some of these:

  • ESPN Fantasy Football - This one gets picked on by some of the "cool" Internet players, but ESPN Fantasy Football usually offers at least some interesting articles that will broaden your knowledge and perspective related to the upcoming season.
  • Sporting News Fantasy Football Magazines - The scouting reports and myth busters articles are always worth reading.
  • Lindy's Fantasy Football Mock Draft - My favorite thing about this magazine is that it includes articles about each owner's strategy coming into the draft. It's nice to see this kind of high level thinking highlighted.

A better source of information for your fantasy football draft is the Internet. You should make your own cheat sheet based on the latest information. Or at least use one of the cheat sheets offered by a reputable site. But don't just rely on a fantasy football magazine, no matter how good it is. That's a losing strategy.

John Clifton wrote a detailed article with several fantasy football magazine reviews at his fantasy football tips site last year. Much of the information there is as useful in 2011 as it was in 2010.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Sports Carnival Ecstasy - August 18, 2011

'''Giants Logo 1994–99'''Image via Wikipedia

Welcome to the August 18, 2011 edition of Sports Carnival Ecstasy.In this issue we have a number of great articles including Monkeysuit taking a look at Jim Thome's No. 599 and 600th home-runs. Also the USA Today/ESPN 2011 College Coaches Poll from Matt Regaw. Lisa Hood continues with college football and the 8 College Football Teams Sure to Underachieve in 2011, ouch. Finally Eric Gargiulo takes a look at the upcoming UFC fight between Rashad Evans Vs. Jon Jones. Hope you enjoy the posts, bookmark, share, tweet, like a Facebook and come back soon.

Barry Frank presents Us Open Tennis Championship August 29 2011 US Open Tennis Championship posted at Sports Tickets Schedule, saying, "Attention all Tennis fans: The Us Open Tennis Championship will be playing at the Louis Armstrong Stadium on Monday August 29. This sport will definitely be a fight for the US Open Tennis Championship. Come support Us Open Tennis Championship as they play at Corona, New York."


Barry Frank presents San Francisco Giants - August 17 2011 at 03:30 PM, Turner Field posted at Sports Tickets Schedule, saying, "How is your Fantasy Baseball team comparing to this year’s Baseball standings? Be a true fan and cheer for the San Francisco Giants on 08-17-2011. The game starts at 03:30 PM so come early to get refreshments for this Professional (MLB) match-up!"

Cashew Mirman presents Toronto Blue Jays Sign-Stealing Man in White has been Identified posted at FLAMING PHOENIX OF FLAMES.

Monkeysuit presents Jason Isringhausen notches 300th save posted at The Great Monkey Suit.

Monkeysuit presents Jim Thome hits homeruns No. 599 and 600 posted at The Great Monkey Suit.


sokun presents The baseline level of happiness posted at Abidings.com.


Matt Regaw presents USA Today/ESPN 2011 College Coaches Poll posted at Bookie Blitz.

Matt Regaw presents USA Today/ESPN College Football Poll: Why Oklahoma Will Not Stay on Top posted at Bookie Blitz.

Lisa Hood presents 8 College Football Teams Sure to Underachieve in 2011 posted at ZenCollegeLife, saying, "Preseason rankings, whether done by writers, bloggers or coaches, are incredibly flawed."

Steve presents Jim Tressel a Tragic Hero according to Mark Dantonio posted at BrutusReport, saying, "Mark Dantonio causes a stir when he refers to his friend and former head coach, Jim Tressel, as a tragic hero."

Steve presents ESPN Launches Food Scorecards posted at FryingPan Sports, saying, "If you are a fan of arena and stadium food, make sure not to read this article about health department violations."

Shyam Anjaria presents The Beginning of a Footballing Business Empire? | Glocal Outlook posted at Glocal Outlook.

Monkeysuit presents Colt McCoy has a New Mentor posted at The Great Monkey Suit.

Steve presents The Retired players declare independence from the NFLPA. posted at FryingPan Sports, saying, "The NFL has a poor history of taking care of retired players and those players have now begun to sever their ties with the NFLPA."


David Wakeman presents 5 Free Golf Tips to Long Putts posted at World Golf Emporium, saying, "Stop being intimidated by long putts."


Eric Gargiulo presents Have We Underestimated Rashad Evans Chances Vs. Jon Jones? posted at CamelCluchBlog.Com, saying, "I hate being that blogger who jumps on a bandwagon after one fight but I think I am about to do that. For months it has been a given that Jon Jones would easily handle Rashad Evans. Yet after UFC 133 I have to ask whether we have all underestimated Sugar Rashad Evans‘ chances against Bones Jones?"

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of sports carnival ecstasy using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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Monday, August 15, 2011

Could Team Sports Benefit Your Kids?

Sport in childhood. Association football, show...Image via Wikipedia

Playing team sports has many benefits. However, soccer is one sport that has more benefits than other team sports. One such benefit that is often overlooked and more valuable than any other is health. This doesn’t just pertain to current health, but a healthy lifestyle as an adult. You might think this refers only to cardio-vascular endurance and maintaining a healthy heart. While that is certainly a factor, the health benefits and avoidance of risks go well beyond that.

If you think high school and college age adults don’t take legal and illegal supplements to advance their performance, you’re only lying to yourself. Many football and baseball players take steroids and creatine. Steroids are unsafe and illegal. Creatine can be healthy if you take less than 4 grams per day and drink a lot of fluids, but not many kids stick to that game plan. If you want your child to be safe while enjoying a fun and beneficial sport, lead him or her toward soccer. Dangerous supplements are a non-factor. You can find more benefits for soccer and team sports in general below.

Friends And Goals

Soccer is one of the best sports to play when it comes to social interaction. Let’s look at a couple of comparisons. In the game of football, everything is about strength, power and overall toughness. Bonding is a possibility, but it’s not what you would call the friendliest of atmospheres. In baseball, making new friends is likely. There’s nothing like sitting in the dugout, chewing seeds and discussing the game with your teammates. On the other hand, every player has an individual goal, which is to outperform their teammates when it comes to stats. Baseball is about winning, but it’s just as much about personal performance. In soccer, the relationships are friendly and everyone has one common goal – defeat the opponent.

Looking And Feeling Great

Did you know that people who exercise more have more energy? This might be obvious to those who are familiar with fitness, but others would be surprised to read it because they think exercise makes people tired. Exercise doesn’t only offer energy; it also improves your immune system. While this might not be as big of a factor for kids, if they play soccer at a young age, they’re more likely to play it as an adult. It’s a healthy hobby that can keep an adult healthy and even lead to important networking in soccer leagues as an adult.

As far as looks are concerned, anyone who runs several miles per day up and down the soccer field is going to look lean. The only danger when it comes to looks is burning too much muscle, which can lead to frailty. When your heart rate exceeds 180, you burn muscle. If you’re and adult and you’re used to running, you should be able to keep your heart rate below 180, but in order to ensure a nice physique, it’s recommended that you do some muscle training. Kids, on the other hand, are not likely to exceed a heart rate of 180 and are not concerned with their physique. Therefore, soccer has no downside. All it’s going to do is help burn calories, which will shed unwanted fat.

To sum it all up, here are the benefits for playing soccer:

- Health
- Social Interaction
- The Ultimate Team Atmosphere
- Energy
- Developing the Habit of a Healthy Lifestyle
- Improves Immune System
- Networking
- Staying Lean

Keith Barrett is a keen sports fan and takes part in a range of sports. He also does some coaching and uses football trophies as a prize to motivate some players.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Sports Carnival Ecstasy - August 4, 2011

University of Phoenix Stadium, Home of the Ari...Image by Ken Lund via Flickr

Welcome to the August 4, 2011 edition of Sports Carnival Ecstasy.With football right around the corner we have a heavy football focused carnival. Steve has a nice article to start about an Ohio State recruit, Tyvis Powell, who committed to the Buckeyes even with all the NCAA uncertainty. Lisa Hood takes a look at the Top 10 Worst MLB Owners with the LA Dodgers headed for bankruptcy. We have NFL Free Agents & Potential Player Moves For 2011 by Eric Gargiulo. Fathead also takes a look at the Top NFL Free Agents. And finally we return to college football with a 2011 preview of the Vanderbilt Commodores by Matt Regaw. I hope you enjoy all the material, bookmark, share, tweet, Facebook like, and come back soon. (NE7BXRBD2WCD)

Ava Roth presents Blog Carnival - Submit an Article to a Carnival posted at WordPress Web 2.0 How-To Spot-er.

Barry Frank presents Monday, August 8 2011 ? WWE: Raw posted at Sports Tickets Schedule, saying, "WWE Fans: You don’t want to miss the approaching WWE: Raw game on August 8 2011 at 05:30 PM. This will undoubtedly be a game to remember at the HP Pavilion and the rest of the WWE will be playing in San Jose, California."

Mary Casey presents The NFL Lockout is Over! ESPN, Sports Fans and NFL Players Spread the News via Twitter | Hudson Horizons Blogs posted at Hudson Horizons Blogs, saying, "For over five months fans have been wondering if legality issues within the NFL would interrupt a much anticipated football season. Had the NFL lockout continued not only would fans be devastated, but a reported $160 million would be lost in the hosting cities of the NFL teams."

Kris presents How many calories should I eat a day to lose weight naturally posted at Kris Health Blog, saying, "If you are wondering how many calories should I eat a day to lose weight, then I have good news for you about calorie counting and weight loss."

Steve presents 2012 Cornerback Tyvis Powell – Nothing Compared to Ohio State posted at BrutusReport, saying, "Sticking with the Buckeyes looks like the right move for a number of 2012 recruits as Ohio State appears to be clear into the future with only 2010 being affected by the recent NCAA violations."

ziad ahmad presents photo of ronaldo posted at SOCCER STYLES, saying, "none"


Lisa Hood presents Top 10 Worst MLB Owners of All Time posted at ZenCollegeLife.


Jason Grden presents I'm A Fan! PLAY, EAT, TRAVEL posted at PLAY, EAT, TRAVEL, saying, "An article written about the NBA and NFL lockouts and how it relates to a sports fans attitude."

Real Hoops presents Why Basketball is #1 posted at realhoopstalk.com, saying, "The evidence in this article is undeniable. Basketball is #1!"


Tracy Miller presents 15 Brain Injury Facts Every Athlete Should Know posted at Insurance Quotes Blog, saying, "Engaging in sports and athletic activities can raise your risk of encountering potential brain-knocking situations, so while you certainly shouldn't cut down on exercise, you should still learn everything you can about brain injuries."

Ken presents How to Be Unstoppable | Unstoppable Strength posted at Unstoppable Strength, saying, "Anthony Robles was born without a right leg, but it did not stop him from becoming an undefeated NCAA National Champion wrestler. Read his amazing story here!"

Tom Stark presents Motocross & Dirt Bike Carrier AMC400 Single Aluminum Review | Motocross Hideout posted at Motocross Hideout.

Tom Stark presents AMC 600 Aluminum Double Motorcycle Hitch Mount Carrier Review posted at Motocross Hideout.


Eric Gargiulo presents NFL Free Agents & Potential Player Moves For 2011 posted at CamelCluchBlog.Com, saying, "This is not your father’s Free Agency season, no way! As the NFL starts to work towards a new CBA and the end of the lock-out, free agency will come hard and fast, and lots of players are expected to be on the move."

Fathead presents Top NFL Free Agents posted at Fathead Blog.

Matt Regaw presents Tennessee Volunteers SEC College Preview 2011: If Optimism Were Wins, Volunteers Will Be Champs posted at Bookie Blitz.

Matt Regaw presents Vanderbilt Commodores SEC College Preview 2011: With One Win Last Year, It’s All Uphill From There | Bookie Blitz posted at Bookie Blitz.

Steve presents The Biggest Questions For the 2011 Fantasy Football Season posted at FryingPan Sports, saying, "The main argument for Vick being the #1 overall pick is that he is the most unique and dynamic player in fantasy football. When that fantasy football draft board goes up should he be the #1 pick? Here is what proponents say about that question."

Monkeysuit presents Reggie Bush Traded to Dolphins posted at The Great Monkey Suit.

Monkeysuit presents The Great Monkey Suit: Jeff Saturday Honors Rival's Owner posted at The Great Monkey Suit.


Steve presents High Profile Sponsorships Gone Wrong posted at FryingPan Sports, saying, "One problem, though, the guy liked his women, and a that love of the opposite sex came back to haunt him when a series of unfortunate events lead to the media finding out Woods had been cheating on his wife for years with quite a lot of women."

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of sports carnival ecstasy using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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