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Could Team Sports Benefit Your Kids?

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Playing team sports has many benefits. However, soccer is one sport that has more benefits than other team sports. One such benefit that is often overlooked and more valuable than any other is health. This doesn’t just pertain to current health, but a healthy lifestyle as an adult. You might think this refers only to cardio-vascular endurance and maintaining a healthy heart. While that is certainly a factor, the health benefits and avoidance of risks go well beyond that.

If you think high school and college age adults don’t take legal and illegal supplements to advance their performance, you’re only lying to yourself. Many football and baseball players take steroids and creatine. Steroids are unsafe and illegal. Creatine can be healthy if you take less than 4 grams per day and drink a lot of fluids, but not many kids stick to that game plan. If you want your child to be safe while enjoying a fun and beneficial sport, lead him or her toward soccer. Dangerous supplements are a non-factor. You can find more benefits for soccer and team sports in general below.

Friends And Goals

Soccer is one of the best sports to play when it comes to social interaction. Let’s look at a couple of comparisons. In the game of football, everything is about strength, power and overall toughness. Bonding is a possibility, but it’s not what you would call the friendliest of atmospheres. In baseball, making new friends is likely. There’s nothing like sitting in the dugout, chewing seeds and discussing the game with your teammates. On the other hand, every player has an individual goal, which is to outperform their teammates when it comes to stats. Baseball is about winning, but it’s just as much about personal performance. In soccer, the relationships are friendly and everyone has one common goal – defeat the opponent.

Looking And Feeling Great

Did you know that people who exercise more have more energy? This might be obvious to those who are familiar with fitness, but others would be surprised to read it because they think exercise makes people tired. Exercise doesn’t only offer energy; it also improves your immune system. While this might not be as big of a factor for kids, if they play soccer at a young age, they’re more likely to play it as an adult. It’s a healthy hobby that can keep an adult healthy and even lead to important networking in soccer leagues as an adult.

As far as looks are concerned, anyone who runs several miles per day up and down the soccer field is going to look lean. The only danger when it comes to looks is burning too much muscle, which can lead to frailty. When your heart rate exceeds 180, you burn muscle. If you’re and adult and you’re used to running, you should be able to keep your heart rate below 180, but in order to ensure a nice physique, it’s recommended that you do some muscle training. Kids, on the other hand, are not likely to exceed a heart rate of 180 and are not concerned with their physique. Therefore, soccer has no downside. All it’s going to do is help burn calories, which will shed unwanted fat.

To sum it all up, here are the benefits for playing soccer:

- Health
- Social Interaction
- The Ultimate Team Atmosphere
- Energy
- Developing the Habit of a Healthy Lifestyle
- Improves Immune System
- Networking
- Staying Lean

Keith Barrett is a keen sports fan and takes part in a range of sports. He also does some coaching and uses football trophies as a prize to motivate some players.

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