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Brutusreport Blogspot Sports Carnival - January 28, 2010

Welcome to the January 28, 2010 edition of Brutusreport Blogspot Sports Carnival.We have another set of 28 great articles across the Internet on a variety of sports topics. This time Eric Gargiulo starts off with two good posts. Why Lane Kiffin pulled a fast one on USC. And a great recap of the recent NFL divisional playoffs. Cheryl Ragsdale tells us why UFC female fans are hot. And why Dana White Predicts Growth in the Female Fan base for MMA in general. Just don't get caught in a rear naked choke while dating one of these woman. Finally Aaliyah Williams has 11 Ways You Can Go to Sports Events for Free. We need all the help we can get during these economically difficult times. Bookmark and share and see you next time.

Herbert Aitken presents Which College Majors Pay the Most? 25 Excellent Studies and Rankings posted at College
Alisha Harmann presents Top 50 Global Education Blogs posted at Online University Rankings.


Eric Gargiulo presents Sports Betting Tips ? Fade the Kentucky Wildcats…Sort Of posted at, saying, "While most people are focused on the Super Bowl odds while the NFL betting season winds down, most people haven't noticed what the Kentucky Wildcats have been able to accomplish with new head coach John Calipari."
Eric Gargiulo presents NBA Betting – Wednesday Night Parlay posted at, saying, "Sacramento Kings at Atlanta Hawks - The Kings recently got SG Kevin Martin back from injury. They are trying to play rookie sensation Tyreke Evans and Martin at the same time, although Evans appears to be more of a 2 guard himself rather than a 1. They have not meshed yet and until they do, if they do, I will bet against them. The Sac Kings are 3-16 on the road and have no way to matchup with Josh Smith, Marvin Williams and big Al Horford. I expect a lot of turnovers by the Kings and a blowout along the lines of 92-71. I would take the Hawks and the under in this game regardless of what it is."
Eric Gargiulo presents When The Trade Deadline Hits Your Eye…That’s Amare posted at, saying, "Steve Kerr has said that the Phoenix Suns are increasing their efforts to trade away Amare Stoudemire in exchange for some young talent and some good role players. Also in Kerr’s thought process is freeing up the cap space brought on by Stoudemire, who is making $16.3 million this season and is scheduled to make $17.7 million next season. According to sources, teams on all levels have shown interest, from bottom dwellers to playoff teams to championship contenders."


Eric Gargiulo presents Inside The Wheelhouse: You pulled a fast one Lane Kiffin! posted at, saying, "When news broke on Tuesday night that Lane Kiffin would be leaving the University of Tennessee for the University of Southern California to become the new head coach there, only one thing ran through my head right away, wow Al Davis was right. This was the same Lane Kiffin that 14 months ago was passing his kool-aid to everyone at the University of Tennessee that he was going to turn the program around and more importantly beat the might Florida Gators. Now 14 months he, as Dennis Green would probably say, “is what we thought he was.”"
Eric Gargiulo presents NFL Divisional Playoffs Preview and Picks posted at, saying, "The New Orleans Saints host the Arizona Cardinals this weekend in what looks to be the most entertaining game of the post season. These are two teams that can put up 21 points each without even blinking. Kurt Warner and the Cardinals’ offense looked unbeatable last week. As great as his performance was last week, Warner has been money in the playoffs for most of his career. Kurt Warner is 9-3 in the post season with three Super Bowl appearances. The pressure of going into a hostile situation is nothing new for this future Hall of Fame quarterback."
Eric Gargiulo presents NFL Divisional Playoffs Recap and Thoughts posted at, saying, "We are two rounds and eight games down in the NFL playoffs. Once again the NFL saved a weekend of lackluster games with a fantastic Sunday finale. Who would have thought that the San Diego Chargers and the New York Jets would provide the most intrigue on a weekend that featured the New Orleans Saints, Arizona Cardinals, Dallas Cowboys, Minnesota Vikings, and Indianapolis Colts?"
Eric Gargiulo presents Can the Jets be Super Bowl bound? posted at, saying, "The New York Jets have become everyone’s favorite Cinderella story to the NFL’s worst nightmare. They have put the remaining three other teams on notice as they will be entering the AFC Championship game this Sunday against the heavily favored Indianapolis Colts. It’s the playoffs and anything can truly happen now. The New York Jets are becoming America’s favorite underdog as they continue to strike fear in their opponents’ game after game."
Eric Gargiulo presents Is The Cleveland Browns Future In The Eagles’ Hands? posted at, saying, "As I always say sports fans, be careful what you wish for because you just might get it. The rumor mill is swirling with scenarios in Cleveland, and alot of it is focused on what the Eagles have at QB. As you know, Former Eagles GM Tom Heckert is now holding that position with the Browns, and according to rumors he and new "Prez" Mike Holmgren are looking for a radical change."
Chris presents Get off the Carousel posted at FootballBlitz.
Eric Gargiulo presents NFL Conference Championship Games Recap posted at, saying, "Finally, an entire weekend of games in the NFL postseason lived up to expectations. For at least three quarters, the AFC championship game turned out to be one of the most exciting games in NFL conference championship history. Not even four quarters could decide the NFC Super Bowl representative. For the first time in sixteen years, two number NFL one seeds will play in each other in what will likely be the most hyped game in Super Bowl history."
Jake presents Why Professional Sports are Destroying Your Life posted at Your Best Weekend, saying, "Join me in boycotting the Superbowl!"
Eric Gargiulo presents Inside The Wheelhouse: Ah, there he is! posted at, saying, "I like everyone else was left in disbelief Sunday night as the Minnesota Vikings were making one last drive down the field in the Superdome. With a little over two minutes to go Brett Favre was driving down the field setting the Minnesota Vikings up for there very first appearance in the Super Bowl. This is one of the reasons why Brett Favre went to Minnesota. To beat the Green Bay Packers and to win a Super Bowl in Minnesota, to prove everyone wrong that this 40 year old Quarterback that retired and unretired multiple times, could still do it."
FavreDollarFootlongs presents The Adolescence of a Sports Fan posted at Favre Dollar Footlongs, saying, "The column discusses how we change as sports fans from when we used to just enjoy watching any sports as a kid into our complete fanatic state as adults."
Eric Gargiulo presents Inside The Wheelhouse: NFL Championship Weekend Thoughts posted at, saying, "Did Boomer Esiason die? I was watching him on the air yesterday and wondering who was the corpse, him or the person applying his makeup. He looks like weekend at Boomer's. Dude we know Carton is grating as hell but geez, Boom. You look like an old southwest ad "want to get away""


Eric Gargiulo presents NHL Betting – Stanley Cup hopefuls meet in Washington posted at, saying, "Detroit Red Wings vs Washington Capitals betting – Tuesday, January 19, 7:00 PM ET. The Red Wings have lost three of their last four, one of which was a 6-0 humiliation at the hands of the Islanders in New York, and then two shootout losses to Dallas and Chicago. Jimmy Howard is still getting used to being a No.1 goaltender in the NHL, especially on a team with such high expectations to NHL betting players, but the Red Wings have been inconsistent in front of him. Not that players like Henrik Zetterberg, Pavel Datsyuk and Nicklas Lidstrom, have been terrible, but they haven’t dominated as they have in recent years."
Eric Gargiulo presents NHL Tuesday Preview: Devils vs. Senators posted at, saying, "While most of the betting focus being on Super Bowl odds and NFL picks after Championship Weekend, many are overlooking key matchups in the NHL. The NHL season has just past its mid-point and the games now have more serious implications in the standings and some preview possible playoff matchups.
This Tuesday night one such matchup is taking place as Martin Brodeur and the New Jersey Devils travel up to Ottawa to take on the surging Senators."


Cheryl Ragsdale presents Dana White Predicts Growth in Female Fan Base “Girls Who Watch UFC are Hot…” - The Sports Chat Place posted at Sports Chat Place, saying, "To set the record straight, I would like to introduce you to female fans who love MMA – what we look like and what we sound like. Because it’s so unusual, why don’t we just let a woman explain her fascination with mixed martial arts. I went on line and googled female UFC fans and the only thing that popped up that looked interesting was UFC Fighter, Frank Mir’s website Frank gets it. He posed a question and several female fans responded. Here’s one woman’s response..."
Rod presents 7 Tips to avoid becoming a victim of crime in South Africa posted at South African Holidays, saying, "With the recent tragic events surrounding the Togo team at the African Cup of Nations in Angola, should we be worried about travelling to the FIFA World Cup in South Africa later this year? Here are some tips for staying safe in South Africa."
Eric Gargiulo presents Kimbo Slice vs. Matt Mitrione Rumored For UFC 113 posted at, saying, "UFC will move forward with one of its biggest ratings draws of 2009, Kimbo Slice. After winning his first UFC fight at the TUF Finale, Kimbo Slice is now rumored to face another fighter from The Ultimate Fighter 10. Conflicting reports indicate that Kimbo Slice’s next opponent will be the “brain rattled” former NFL player, Matt Mitrione at UFC 113."
Aaliyah Williams presents 11 Ways You Can Go to Sports Events for Free posted at Masters in Sports Management, saying, "You don’t have to climb a tree and risk a limb to watch sporting action for free, if you know where to look you can get front-row seats to almost any game."
Eric Gargiulo presents Brock Lesnar Is Healthy And Will Fight posted at, saying, "The Brock Lesnar mystery is closer to being solved today. Lesnar and UFC president Dana White appeared this afternoon on ESPN SportsCenter. Lesnar claimed that he is cured of diverticulitis and will fight again. Dana White confirmed that Lesnar is still the UFC heavyweight champion and named four potential opponents for Lesnar’s return. The return to the UFC of Brock Lesnar is looking better today than it has in recent months."

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Thursday, January 14, 2010 Blogspot Sports Carnival - January 14, 2010

Welcome to the January 14, 2010 edition of Blogspot Sports Carnival. In this issue we have 29 different articles with some very good material. Eric Gargiulo has a number of articles including the Most Memorable NFL Game Of The Decade. Steve Patterson recaps the Miami (FL) v Wisconsin bowl game and what it means for the Big Ten. A 2009 NFL MVP story is provided by emancave. Rob has tips for finding a beginner bike. Cheryl Ragsdale wrote about the best skill set of a MMA fighter. And finally Ty Skinner discusses why Tiger Woods is a big fat liar and generally a bad person. Thanks for stopping by and make sure to bookmark and share this post on the social sites. See you next time.

Macarena presents 2009: The Year of the Side Chick posted at On The Inside Sports.

Engelbert Hudson presents 50 Free Online Educational Games That Are More Fun Than You’d Think posted at How To E-D-U.

FavreDollarFootlongs presents I Live For the Moment posted at Favre Dollar Footlongs, saying, "The column discusses the moments in sports that are unforgettable and can never be taken away from us, no matter what or who is involved."


Eric Gargiulo presents Inside The Wheelhouse: The Beltre-ville Horror posted at, saying, "My beloved Boston Red Sox came to terms with Adrian Beltre on a 1 year/$9 million deal, with a player option for 2011 for $5 million. While that news is not surprising (or important enough to break through as one of the top stories on’s front page…), it is significant to Red Sox fans, Yankees fans, Mike Lowell fans, and fans who think that money is wasted in Major League Baseball."

Eric Gargiulo presents The Ultimate ?Unit? Of Measurement ? Looking At Randy Johnson posted at, saying, "As the 2009 MLB season drew to a close, many were already wondering about big name free agents, and wondering about certain plyaers that may or may not be able to help their teams in 2010. A name that many had to consider, much the way they had for the last 20 years, was the ageless wonder, 6 foot 10 inch Randy Johnson. Yes he is 46 years old, but he still had that same mound presence last year as a member of the San Francisco Giants. The only problem here is that Johnson has decided to hang it up, and end a brilliant but often misunderstood career."


Eric Gargiulo presents The Most Memorable NFL Game Of The Decade posted at, saying, "Over the course of a decade, there have been many memorable and great NFL games. Super Bowls, playoff upsets, and even some historic regular season meetings that were about more than a win or a loss. In looking back at the decade I can only think of one NFL game that meant more to the decade than any other. It wasn’t a Super Bowl, nor was it even a conference playoff game. When you think of all of the NFL games played in the last ten years, I can’t think of a game with more ramifications and controversy over the decade than the infamous “Tuck Rule Game.”"

Eric Gargiulo presents NFL Week 17 Preview and Picks posted at, saying, "The biggest game of the week takes place Sunday afternoon in Dallas, Texas. The new Texas Stadium will host the Dallas Cowboys and the Philadelphia Eagles playing for the NFC East title. Both teams have already clinched playoff spots, but the post season road for each team would be much easier with a win. For the Cowboys, they will be guaranteed a home game. For the Eagles, they can clinch the overall second spot and would only play one game on the road in New Orleans if the Saints win their divisional game. Needless to say, both teams have plenty to play for and nobody will be sitting starters in Texas."

Steve Patterson presents Wisconsin Puts the Hurt on Miami to Score for the Big Ten posted at BrutusReport, saying, "The Badgers finished the year with 10 wins after a disappointing season last year."

Steve Patterson presents What to look for in New Years Day bowl games. posted at FryingPan Sports, saying, "Auburn is the better team that played a better schedule and will win."

Eric Gargiulo presents The Tim Tebow Reality Check posted at, saying, "The Gator faithful have been out in full force since the Sugar Bowl. Tim Tebow has turned into the hottest NFL prospect since Peyton Manning. The hype machine is at an all-time high for Saint Tim. Yet the reality of the situation for Tebow fans is that the Sugar Bowl means absolutely nothing about the future NFL prospects of Tim Tebow."

emancave presents 2009 NFL MVP award and the winner is?or should be posted at

Steve Patterson presents What to look for in the BcS Championship game. posted at FryingPan Sports, saying, "I expect a low scoring game. I don’t see either team exploding offensively. The over/under is 45 and the under is the best bet. The line is Bama by 4. I expect them to win but it may be closer than that."

Steve Patterson presents Pentello and Gibson Leaving, Heyward and Chekwa Staying posted at BrutusReport, saying, "Gibson choose to enter the 2010 NFL draft instead of coming back for his senior season."

Eric Gargiulo presents NFL Wild Card Preview and Picks posted at, saying, "Let’s start out with the game that hits closest to my heart between the Dallas Cowboys and the Philadelphia Eagles. After being declared the hottest team in the NFC, the Eagles reminded fans like me why we can’t trust them in certain situations. Rivalry game, on the road, second seed on the line, and the Eagles decided to take their Bye Week early. The Dallas Cowboys spanked the birds at home and locked up the NFC East, and a home game this weekend with last week’s drubbing."

Eric Gargiulo presents NFL Head Coaching Cash For Clunkers posted at, saying, "Pete Carroll being hired by the Seattle Seahawks with a generous amount of personnel control is yet another example of a team enamored with name over facts. The next time an NFL head coach wants a raise he is better off tanking a season, getting fired, and getting rehired somewhere else."

Eric Gargiulo presents The Annual Philadelphia Eagles Postmortem Blog posted at, saying, "Here we go again. It looks like it is time for the annual Philadelphia Eagles postmortem blog. For the fourth straight year I sit here in disgust and disappointment as a birds fan. The obvious two names up for discussion here are the head coach and the quarterback. Are we better off without one, the other or both? Unfortunately while a valid question it is one without much merit after the coach’s latest contract extension."

FavreDollarFootlongs presents The UFL Should Draft High School Players - Part 2 posted at Favre Dollar Footlongs.

emancave presents Assoc. Press failed in NFL MVP award selection posted at

emancave presents Kurt Warner poised to retire after this season? posted at


Eric Gargiulo presents Are the Olympics A Peter Forsberg Showcase? posted at, saying, "Peter Forsberg is currently enjoying a good season with Modo Hockey in Sweden where he has 19 points in 18 games. It was also recently announced that Forsberg will be added to Swedens olympic team that will be on display in Vancouver this February. Forsberg has collected two gold medals with the team and is considered the team’s unsung leader. I post a question to all of you though; Are the Olympic games one last go around for Swedens biggest NHL hero, or is it an NHL showcase for teams to see if he still has anything left in the tank, and is worth signing to a contract for a potential playoff team?"


Rob presents Tips for Finding the Best Beginner Bike posted at Beginner Cycling, saying, "Cycling can be a great, low-impact workout to get fit in the New Year!"

SS presents Today?s Climate and What It Means for Winter Sports in 2009-2010 posted at Ski Snowboarder.

Eric Gargiulo presents Howard Stern Announces Tiger Woods Mistress Beauty Pageant posted at, saying, "Howard Stern announced today that he will hold a $100,000 Tiger Woods Mistress Beauty Pageant on his radio show. Could this turn out to be one of the biggest stories of 2010 or a failed attempt to ride out into the sunset after 30+plus years of broadcasting?"

Cheryl Ragsdale presents Mixed Martial Arts: Best Skill Set for a Fighter? - The Sports Chat Place posted at Sports Chat Place, saying, "Which is the best skill set for Mixed Martial Arts? Wrestling? Brazilian Jiu Jitsu? Striking? One woman shares her opinion."

Eric Gargiulo presents Inside The Wheelhouse: Calling out Mayweather posted at, saying, "According to, Top Rank promoter Bob Arum announced that, “The fight’s off.” The fight in question is the potential super-duper-mega-huge match between the two best pound-for-pound fighters in the world, Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather Jr. Both fresh off of impressive victories in 2009 and both saying they want this fight to happen. The deal that was on the table would, most likely, not only shatter pay-per-view records and generate a possible $200 million in revenue, but net each fighter in the neighborhood of $40 million each. Each! And you can’t iron out details for $40M?"

Ty Skinner presents Tiger Woods A Liar - LinksLifeGolf posted at Jeff Skinner.

Ty Skinner presents Tiger Woods and The 2009 Recap - LinksLifeGolf posted at Jeff Skinner.

Eric Gargiulo presents UFC Fight Night 20 Preview and Predictions posted at, saying, "The main event, Gray Maynard vs. Nate Diaz is not only a grudge match, but may hold lightweight title shot implications should Maynard pull out the victory. Now, I only say "grudge" since Diaz subbed Maynard during season 5 of The Ultimate Fighter, knocking him out of the tournament."

reesan presents Aussie Rules Football Enlists First Ever Japanese-Born Player posted at loneleeplanet, saying, "some international sporting news perhaps?"

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of brutusreport blogspot sports 
carnival using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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Brutusreport Blogspot Sports Carnival - December 31, 2009

Welcome to the December 31, 2009 edition of Brutusreport Blogspot Sports Carnival.In this end of the year edition we have a number of very good articles. Two articles from Eric Gargiulo include a sports fan's letter to Santa and the Fantasy Football Sharky Awards. Plus Cheryl Ragsdale has a set of nice stories. One on the UFC 107 KenFlo Trivia Game and another on her Fight Picks for UFC 108. We all love those pay-per-view events from the UFC. Have a good holiday and enjoy the time off with your family.

Frederick Yarmy presents Top 50 Sports Medicine Blogs posted at Best ultrasound technician schools.


Eric Gargiulo presents NBA Betting ? Friday Night Threesome posted at, saying, "The Washington Wizards have had a tough time of late. They have tied an NBA record with six straight losses of four points or less. The Wizards have had some very tough losses over the last week and their record is now 7-16 overall. As they say, close does not count."


Eric Gargiulo presents NFL Week 15 Preview and Picks posted at, saying, "The NFC’s undefeated darlings, the New Orleans Saints also play in a featured game this week. The Saints play a struggling Dallas Cowboys at home on Saturday night. NFL fans started counting this one down three weeks ago and a week later they stopped. Talk about two teams going in entirely two different directions. The Dallas Cowboys continue to choke in December and are on the verge of seeing their playoff hopes completely slip away barring a miracle over the next few weeks."
Rick Schiano presents The Truth about God, and the Chris Henry Trajedy posted at Ricks Victory Blog.
Eric Gargiulo presents A Sports Fans? Letter To Santa posted at, saying, "Well Santa here it is, my wish list. Obviously being a blog site about sports, and pop culture and games, and yes even my added spice of female praising, you know what to expect. You won’t see things like Zhu Zhu pets, or I-Phones or stuff like that, but you will hear a grown man beg! I will also recommend some nice gifts for our sports world friends as well. So enjoy my little piece here, and enjoy your holiday season!"
emancave presents NFL Week 15 MVP Watch Stays Interesting posted at
Eric Gargiulo presents A Favre From Surprising Story posted at, saying, "I knew we couldn’t get through an NFL regular season without some Brett Favre controversy. Favre shut a lot of doubters like me up earlier this season when he had the Minnesota Vikings rolling through the regular season and crushing opponents. Favre looked great, the team looked great, and even Brad Childress’ questionable coaching couldn’t stop this NFC North division machine…until now. A tense exchange Sunday night between Favre and Chilly could be two minutes of Brad Childress’ life that could change his career forever."
Eric Gargiulo presents First Annual Fantasy Football Sharky Awards posted at, saying, "Chris Johnson, Running Back, Tennessee Titans - 1730 rush yards,11 tds, 44 receptions, 446 yards, 2 tds. Johnson is the new coming of L.T. for all of you who can remember back that far (some 2 years!). Johnson has had 200 yard games, killed it from scrimmage all year."
Eric Gargiulo presents NFL Week 16 Preview and Picks posted at, saying, "The NFL opens up the week with a great prime time special on Christmas night. The San Diego Chargers look for 10 straight as they travel to Tennessee to play the Titans. Vince Young and the Titans are still alive for a playoff spot. After starting off the season winless in six and being blown out in embarrassing fashion by the New England Patriots, a playoff spot for the Titans would truly be a Christmas miracle."
Eric Gargiulo presents Sick Of Shanahan posted at, saying, "This just in, Mike Shanahan is the greatest coach to ever coach an NFL team. Well, if you watched the NFL Network or ESPN or read Sports Illustrated that is what you would think. I haven't seen this much hype for an unemployed NFL head coach since Jimmy Johnson's free agent years between Dallas and Miami. I just have to ask if we are all talking about the same Mike Shanahan here because quite honestly I just don't get it."


Rod presents Ball machine versus Backboard posted at Tennis Ball Machines, saying, "For every champion who’s grown up hitting with a tennis ball machine, you could probably point to many more who’ve grown up practicing against a wall or backboard. But which is best, and is there anything you can do with a machine that you can't hitting against your garage wall?"
Cheryl Ragsdale presents The Official UFC 107 KenFlo Trivia Game! | posted at That Girl is Funny, saying, "Questions and Answers for the UFC 107 Kenny "KenFlo" Florian Trivia Game. Plus watch Professor Alex Lewis, brown belt, demonstrate sick Brazilian Jiu Jitsu choke in video of Keith Florian pulling winner's names out of hat."
Eric Gargiulo presents Holiday Chaos For Pacquiao And Mayweather posted at, saying, "The proposed Manny Pacquiao vs. Floyd Mayweather, Jr. fight has put boxing back into the 24-hour news cycle. I can’t think of a more anticipated fight since Mike Tyson fought Evander Holyfield. Unlike Tyson-Holyfield, a few drops of blood may be the difference between the Super Fight of the Century becoming a reality or a distant dream."
Cheryl Ragsdale presents Fight Picks for UFC 108 1/2/10: “Suga” Rashad Evans vs. Thiago Silva - The Sports Chat Place posted at Sports Chat Place, saying, "Cheryl analyzes, picks and predicts the winner of the UFC 108 MMA Fights on January 10, 2009 Come and visit! Sports Chat with me about MMA!"
That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of brutusreport blogspot sports carnival using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.
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