Sunday, April 27, 2014

Former Ohio State Football Player Ray Small Jailed

The Ohio State Football fans are reeling as former player Ray Small is handed a four year sentence for dealing drugs.

Small wanted to become a professional state football player, but his amateur drug dealing left those dreams in tatters.

The Franklin County prosecutor felt that Ray Small, the former football player for Ohio State was involved in an amateur trafficking operation. However, Small was sentenced to four years in prison.

Joseph Gibson, the assistant prosecutor felt Small and a co-defendant were way out of their depth.

Eric Brehm, defense attorney said Ray Small; the former Ohio State Football player had made a series of poor decisions. Small informed the case investigators he hoped to raise over $10,000 by selling drugs, the cash would open a day-care center for children.

Police who searched Small's home on Ferris Road, North Lindon found an unloaded handgun in clothing and an unloaded rifle in his bedroom. Ray Small, the former Ohio State Football player was subsequently arrested.

Police also discovered 407 oxycodone pills, 403 alprazolam tablets and 20 grams of heroin. In February, Small pleaded guilty to drug trafficking.

Ray Small, former Ohio State Footballer may be eligible for early release if Sheeran and Meigs County Judge agree.

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