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Sports Carnival Ecstasy - October 27, 2011

The new NFL logo went into use at the 2008 draft.Image via Wikipedia

Welcome to the October 27, 2011 edition of Sports Carnival Ecstasy.This week we have some really good posts including two from SteveR a Scoop on the New NCAA Guidelines and a look at John Simon, the Big 10 Defensive Player of the Week. Tiger Hebert wants to know What Happened to the Lions Explosive Offense? and has his Week 8 NFL Picks. Hope you like the articles, bookmark, share, tweet, like on Facebook and come back soon.

Juliana Smith presents 10 Reasons Why Football is More Popular Than Baseball posted at Satellite Dish, saying, "Baseball has historically been considered America’s national pastime; but football is clearly the most popular sport in America today, and there are a number of reasons why. Let’s take a look at ten reasons why football is more popular than baseball"

Irene Beckerr presents Top 40 Job Sites for Sports Administration posted at Masters in Sports Administration, saying, "Earning a degree in sports administration can be an exciting career choice. Earning your master's degree will help you achieve better career opportunities and a higher salary. It is also important, and can be extremely beneficial to your career, to obtain an internship to help get your foot in the door. These fantastic sites will keep you knowledgeable with what jobs are available and the education and experience required to achieve them."

Marshall Stanton presents Economics of fantasy sports posted at The Road Not Taken.


Rachel Cleary presents The Attack on Obesity and the BMI Myth | posted at, saying, "Hey, I'm submitting this article because I have a genuine concern for my generation. We are becoming more and more obese and what better way for me to find help than to reach out to fellow bloggers. I hope you would review my article and share it with the nations. Thanks..."


SteveR presents The Scoop on New NCAA Guidelines posted at BrutusReport, saying, "In the somewhat off-the-wall new rules put into place because of the NCAA’s governing board this season, the world of college athletics is again in a whirlwind state."

SteveR presents John Simon, Big 10 Defensive Player of the Week posted at BrutusReport, saying, "The BIG 10 conference announced today that John Simon is their defensive Player of your Week when the Buckeyes defeated Illinois 17-7 Saturday."

Tiger Hebert presents The Tiger Report: Contest Alert: Chance to Win Free NFL Gift posted at The Tiger Report, saying, "Free Contest - Enter to Win a FREE NFL Team Flag! Deadline is Friday Night!"

Tiger Hebert presents What Happened to the Lions Explosive Offense? posted at The Tiger Report, saying, "Why is the Lions offense struggling so much right now?"

Tiger Hebert presents TTR's Week 8 Picks posted at The Tiger Report, saying, "Our picks for all the Week 8 games."

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of sports carnival ecstasy using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Predictions: Philadelphia Eagles Vs. Dallas Cowboys 10/30 8:20PM EDT

Tony Romo - 2009 - Dallas Cowboys vs. Kansas C...Image via Wikipedia

While players and coaches have come and gone and stadiums have been built, demolished, and renamed, one thing that has yet to change between the Philadelphia Eagles and the Dallas Cowboys: the long time running rivalry. The rivalry has been going on ever since September 30, 1960 with a 25-27 Eagles win over the Cowboys. Players and fans continue the rivalry in 2011, and you know a rivalry is good when past games between the two teams have been coined as Bounty Bowls.

"Our number 1 nemesis is still the Dallas Cowboys. People tend to not even care if we win the season as long as we beat the Cowboys. Now, that being said, everyone was expecting (the Eagles) to go to the Super Bowl with all of these new acquisitions that they got. The Eagles were on fire when it came to picking up players," explained Dr. Siegel, a dentist practicing out of Philadelphia and an avid Eagles fan.

Does Philadelphia Have A Greater Shot In The Post-Season With A Win Over Dallas?

As preseason rolled around and the big NFL lock out was finally resolved, the Eagles soon became known as the "Dream Team" as the team continued to pick up new promising teammates to add to the Eagles' arsenal. However, it seems this phase was short lived as after Week 3, QB Michael Vick has already admitted that the "Dream Team" is over. Combined with a not so spectacular start and key players in less than optimum health, a victorious game against Dallas could be the team's silver lining. As Dr. Siegel explained, "The Philadelphia Eagles have definitely started slow this year. There was a great expectation for victories in our city. The Eagles will have a chance to redeem themselves to the Philadelphia sports fans when the play the Dallas Cowboys. No team is disliked more than the Cowboys in Philadelphia. Even with a winning season if the Eagles lose to the cowboys fans are not happy. A win over the Cowboys will go a long way to help the Eagles turn their season around."

Dallas Cowboys fan and Pro Blogger, Alex Weston of agrees with Siegel. "I would say the Eagles have under performed. As the season has developed I think most people expected them to be 5-0 or 4-1. The "dream team" has had a very rough start to the season going 1-4 and it has been inconsistency that has plagued them as well. They have looked good at times and looked awful at others. The Eagles defense is still a concern, especially against the run. But, as the season goes on, I expect the Eagles to get things worked out and make a run at the division."

Cowboys Riding On Slow Horses Early On

At the same time, Weston also has similar thoughts regarding his own team, proving that time may be just what the Eagles and the Cowboys need. As he explained, "I think the Cowboys have been what we expected them to be. They have been much improved on defense and very explosive on offense. Their real problem has been consistency and ball control. It seems the Cowboys have put themselves in position to win, but have been unable to deliver due to turnovers. I think as the season goes on, we'll start to see that get straightened out."

The Cowboys' less-than-stellar start with an injured WB Tony Romo, almost mirrors the same problems that the Philadelphia Eagles are facing.

Holding On To The Ball May Be The Deciding Factor

Looking at the two teams, both are able to enjoy a bye week before their upcoming face-off, which may be a much needed break for both the Cowboys and the Eagles. Statistically both teams are pretty close with the exception of Philadelphia's rushing yards to Dallas. Though statistics are just numbers, the key to winning this match-up may be the team who suffers from the fewest fumbles.

"I do think the teams are pretty evenly matched and it is going to come down to which ever team turns the ball over the least. The defenses will be key in this game so I imagine there will be lots of blitzing on both sides. Which ever defense forces the most turnovers, that team will walk out of there with the victory," explained Weston.

When Philadelphia hosts the Cowboys on October 30 at Lincoln Financial Field, the city's most notable nickname, "The City of Brotherly Love" will likely go straight out the window. When the Cowboys come into town, Philadelphia is the place to be for a bitter rivalry that runs deep. That's the best type of football, right?

Ashley Page writes for Off-Topic Media. Special thanks to Philly dentist, Dr. Ken Siegel and Cowboys blogger, Alex Weston of for their comments.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

How to Be a Fashionable "Sporty Spice"

juicy couture we love u!!!Image by joanneteh_32(loving Laduree) via Flickr

Hut, hut, hike! Every Fall ushers in a brand new season one of America’s greatest spectator sports: football. Let the tailgates commence! So what does the female sports fan wear to the games this fall? A team jersey or tee is a given, but that’s not enough to keep you warm a cozy during those chilly night games. There are a variety of ways to spice up your sporty outfit.

  1. VESTS! They are perfect for football tailgates and games, since they allow your team apparel to show through AND they keep you insulated when the sun goes down. This multi-purpose, practical garment can pull an entire outfit together. Check out the Juicy Couture “Quilted Nylon Thinsulate Puffer Vest” on Right now this incredibly well made and stylish vest is 43% off. For just $129 (down from $228) you can purchase this it in Angel or Black, both equally appealing. Don’t forget to look for a zappos coupon code on coupon sites, like You can save even more on this great find!
  2. Boots. Now that your all vested up with your jersey proudly tucked underneath, you’ll need some killer boots. The key for tailgates and games is comfort, but you also want to look feminine and pretty. A fall 2011 favorite: the “Venus Riding Boot” from Banana Republic. This gorgeous, soft, black leather boot has a comfortable memory foam and cushioned insole that will keep your feet happy for hours. Your arches won’t be begging for mercy by halftime in these one-inch heeled Banana boots. If your feet are warm and comfy, you’ll be able to fully enjoy the event.
  3. The Perfect Denim. You will need to tuck a form-fitting jean into your killer boots. Try on Paige Denim ‘Verdugo’ Stretch Denim Leggings. Paige Denim offers some of the world’s most comfortable, lasting pants that never go out of style. These jeans don’t stretch out after one wear, so they’re perfect for games and tailgates; you’ll constantly be on the move, sitting and standing, replenishing your drink, and of course, rushing to the restroom. The ‘Verdugo’ dark jean will fit perfectly in your boots and add a chic statement to your sporty spice outfit. Designer jeans are indeed an investment, but Paige is worth every penny.
  4. Tote. Without a doubt, women have a reputation for carrying too much “stuff.” Well, that still applies at football games. In fact, that “stuff’ multiplies. Not only do you need your wallet and lip gloss, but you’ll want to stash a pair of mittens, perhaps a scarf, some binoculars, and some snacks (Don’t deny it…you sneak things in, too.) This fall, you’ll want to carry a good-sized tote with you to football festivities. Check out the ‘Large buckle tote’ from Gap. This chocolate brown purse measures 8 ¼ inches by 12 ½ inches by 15 ¼ inches, leaving plenty of space for all the goodies. With front pockets and darling zipper embellishments, this fall accessory will make you a tote-ally stylish sports fan.

Even sporty spice can look feminine and flirty. Be the sports fashionista at your next football game!

Erin Prickett is a fashion enthusiast and bargain hunter. She enjoys finding great deals on apparel, shoes, jewelry and accessories and recommends using a Zappos coupon code to save on this fall’s hottest fashions.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A Guide to the Rugby World Cup Venues

The Cats (now the Lions) playing the Sharks.Image via Wikipedia

The 2011 rugby world cup is in full swing and swathes of tourists have descended upon the "land of the long white cloud" to be part of the action and soak up the fevered atmosphere. New Zealand is staging the tournament across the length of the country, so in the spirit of investigation we decided to find out a little bit more about the venues that are hosting tourists, teams and matches. The aim of the organisers was to try and give everyone a taste of this rugby loving nation. The biggest matches take place in the large cities, however following the devastating series of earthquakes in Christchurch in 2010 and 2011; the city could not host any games in the world cup. This was a huge, saddening setback for an area of New Zealand that has consistently produced some of the game's finest players. Despite this awful news the spirit of rugby and unity remains strong in New Zealand, so, from north to south, here's a guide to the venues.


Situated at almost the very top of New Zealand's north island, Whangarei is the Northland region's biggest urban and commercial centre. It sits at a latitude that gives the region a lovely sub-tropical climate, so it's certainly one of the better places to be at this time of year. The stadium at the Northland Events centre, has a capacity of 20,000 - which may be small compared to northern hemisphere grounds like Twickenham - but punches above its weight in terms of atmosphere. The stadium hosted a very memorable game between Canada and Tonga that saw the North Americans win at the last gasp in a tight game.


New Zealand's biggest city is home to over a quarter of its citizens, despite a somewhat uninspiring centre, it is a beautifully located city, with many bays and rolling volcanoes and is a major draw for many tourists. Auckland has two stadiums that will be hosting games at the world cup. The 30,000 seater North Harbour stadium, which is located around 15 miles north of the centre of Auckland, and was the location of Ireland's famous victory over Australia. Eden Park is the other venue in Auckland and is arguably the most famous stadium in the country. It will host a rugby world cup final for the second time and all New Zealanders will hope the All Blacks will replicate their 1987 success.


The fourth largest but fastest growing city in New Zealand is normally home to regional side Waikato and Super Rugby team the Chiefs. The city is noted for having a high number of scientists concentrated in the area, making it something of a Cambridge for New Zealand. Situated in the Waikato region on the banks of the river of the same name, Hamilton is easily reached from Auckland both by road and rail. The Waikato Stadium can currently seat 30,000 spectators and is one of the most popular venues in the country, the original stadium opened in 1925 and by 1996, was in need of an upgrade. Today's incarnation of Rugby Park opened in 2002.


This inland city is one of the north island's major tourist destinations as visitors come to sample the hot springs, which can make the town smell like rotten eggs on occasion, its array of adventure sports and the incredible beaches to the north of the town. Rotorua is not the largest city in the Bay of Plenty region but is certainly the most popular, attracting well over 800,000 international visitors every year. The imaginatively named Rotorua International Stadium will host group matches including the likes of Ireland, Samoa and Fiji.

New Plymouth

Cunningly named after the town in Devon from where the original settlers came, New Plymouth is the largest city in the Taranaki Region, which can often be overlooked by tourists. The west coast of the north island has some spectacular scenery and is very popular with surfers, with some excellently located beaches able to make the most of the swell off the Tasman Sea. Stadium Taranaki, which will host the games at the world cup, is the heartbeat of rugby in the region and has a capacity of 26,000. Owing to a somewhat exposed location on the west coast, it can be susceptible to tricky conditions.


Napier is one of the more attractively situated venues for the rugby world cup. Nestled on the pacific east coast, it enjoys a warm microclimate, which has made it one of New Zealand's more famous wine producing regions. Following an earthquake in 1931, the town was rebuilt in an Art Deco style, and the buildings are today considered to be among the world's best surviving examples of the era. The stadium is among the world cup's smaller venues, seating 15,000 people, however it packs in a lot of history, with the genesis of McLean Park dating from the turn of the 20th century.

Palmerston North

This city lies at something of a cross roads in the north island, while situated only a few miles from Wellington, it is one of the more easily accessed cities from the east and west. The Manawatu River flows through the city and various sections of the waterway offer impressive vistas. Palmerston North is also home to the New Zealand Rugby Museum, which is testament of how much the game is loved in the country. The stadium is situated very close to the city centre and comprises of over 30 individual venues, including the rugby ground, which can seat up to 15,000 spectators.


While it is only the third largest city in New Zealand, this strategically and beautifully located capital often lays claimed to being far and away the coolest. Situated right at the bottom of the north island in a natural harbour on the Cook Straights, Wellington mixes a student feel with a bohemian but grown up nature that can be expected of a capital city. The venue, which for the world cup is called the Wellington Regional Stadium, is colloquially known as the "cake tin" - as its metallic circular design bears a resemblance to said baking apparatus. It once served as a film location for a battle scene in one of the Lord of the Rings films - fans of the franchise will probably know that direct Peter Jackson hails from the region.


Nelson is something of a secluded gem of a city that enjoys a pleasing microclimate and, along with the neighbouring Marlborough region produces arguably the finest white wines in the whole of New Zealand. Appropriately enough the city will host games that including other wine producing countries including Italy and Australia. Nelson can also lay claim to being the location of the first ever rugby match in New Zealand. The city's stadium is called Trafalgar Park, named in reference to the famous naval battle won Admiral Nelson, can seat up to 18,000 fans and located a short walk from the town centre.


The south island is more sparsely populated than its northern counterpart, this is in part influenced by its more rugged and spectacular scenery, making it harder to build on. Dunedin is found on the south east corner of the island and is one of the most European-like cities in the country. Dunedin was founded by Scottish settlers and the name is the Gaelic translation of Edinburgh. For the Rugby World Cup the stadium has been completely rebuilt and now has a permanent roof - so that during more inclement months rugby can still be played. The old stadium was known as the "house of pain" owing to difficulties suffered by visiting teams and because it was located in a steep sided valley, often afforded views into the ground from the surrounding streets.


Sitting at the foot of the south island, Invercargill has long been an important fishing and farming settlement. New Zealanders are fond of using the expression "four seasons in one day" to describe the weather in the country - and Invercargill certainly lives up to this billing - having a very changeable climate. One of the most famous landmarks is Bluff Point, the most southerly point in New Zealand, which is home to an iconic signpost showing distances to other major cities around the world - and demonstrates just how remote New Zealand is on the planet. The stadium has been the centre of Southland rugby since the early 20th century and has been redeveloped for the Rugby World Cup, in order to accommodate up to 17,000 spectators.

Jonathan is a keen sports fan with special interests in writing about rugby, tennis and cricket

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