Thursday, August 6, 2009

BrutusReport Blogspot Sports Carnival - August 6, 2009

Welcome to the August 6, 2009 edition of BrutusReport Blogspot Sports Carnival. Phill starts of in the general category this week with a nice article on the FIFO World Cup. Brian Akin takes a look at Clayton Kershaw a pitching phenom. And Eric Gargiulo has a number of good articles including Michael Vick and his possible impact in the NFL, Andy Reid and why he has done well in Philadelphia, and Tito Ortiz in the UFC.

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Brian Akin presents Clayton Kershaw: Pitching Phenom/Qdoba Connoisseur posted at Dear (Tommy) John Letters.


Eric Gargiulo presents From one bird to the next: Would Michael Vick make an impact as an Eagle? posted at, saying, "With the news on Monday that Vick is reinstated into the NFL, the next question is what team will take a risk with him? The Raiders and Cowboys have been a name frequented recently, but what if Vick were to "bleed green"? Let's take a theoretical look into what could, and what might not be, if Vick were to suit up in Philadelphia."

Eric Gargiulo presents Andy Reid And His Pact posted at, saying, "Did you know that Philadelphia Eagles coach Andy Reid had a pact with the media? Well apparently nobody but Coach Reid was aware of this. Talk about the nerve of this guy. If Andy Reid is this worried about an injury report in August, we have bigger problems than we thought going into this season."

Eric Gargiulo presents Worth the Risk: 5 Teams that Need Vick posted at, saying, "Is there an NFL team willing to take a PR hit for signing a guy that has always been a difference maker on the field? That final question is yet to be answered, but here's a few teams that need to attack the PR hit head on and sign Michael Vick."


Eric Gargiulo presents Tito Ortiz and Vitor Belfort Returning To UFC posted at, saying, "One of the most polarizing figures in UFC history will return to the octagon. A month after being banned from the UFC Fan Expo, Tito Ortiz is now welcomed back into UFC. Dana White also announced the return of Vitor Belfort at UFC 103."

Eric Gargiulo presents Assault in the Ring is an Emotional Knockout posted at, saying, "There is just something about the history of boxing that makes for a great story. HBO"s newest documentary Assault in the Ring opens up one of boxing"s Pandora"s boxes. Unlike most documentaries, there is nothing to celebrate about one of the darkest nights in sports history."

Daniel Wynters presents Fedor's Folly: Emelianenko signs with Strikeforce posted at Wynters Wonderland.

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