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Brutusreport Blogspot Sports Carnival - September 3, 2009

Welcome to the September 3, 2009 edition of Brutusreport Blogspot Sports carnival. This week we have Eric Gargiulo with a good number of articles including Michael Vick playing preseason football, Fearless NFL 2009 Season Predicitons!  and Brandon Marshall and the teams that should beg the Broncos to get him. FavreDollarFootlongs has a good article on the UFL and how high school players can go pro. And finally we have Ted Reimers covering the The 5 Biggest College Sports Scandals of All-Time. Very good marterial this and see you next week for another edition. (PS. Bookmark This Page)

Eric Gargiulo presents The Michael Vick Show Debuts Tonight posted at, saying, "The national spotlight will be on the Philadelphia Eagles tonight. Make no mistake about it, it has nothing to do with the birds or the return of Brian Westbrook. The circus tent features one player tonight and that player is Michael Vick."


Eric Gargiulo presents Mets Misery is Welcomed by Philly Fans posted at, saying, "Phillies fans have gotten so used to the annual atrocity that is the New York Mets playing baseball in September. Each year the teams are dead even in April and normally carry similar expectations. During the regular season, the teams trade first place back and forth multiple times. That is….until August. August is when the Mets have pulled ahead the past few years just to crash-and-burn in horrid fashion during the month of September."


Eric Gargiulo presents The Vick-McNabb Quarterback Controversy Begins in Philadelphia posted at, saying, "Donovan McNabb’s worst nightmare has begun. The Philadelphia Eagles begged Philly fans to give Michael Vick a chance. Well, it is safe to say that Vick is a hit in Philly. Vick is such a hit that a loud We Want Vick chant broke out at the Linc after Donovan McNabb throwing a third quarter interception."
Eric Gargiulo presents Inside The Wheelhouse - Is Adrian Peterson Really The #1 Overall Fantasy Football Pick posted at, saying, "As we quickly approach Week 1 in the NFL season we are also beginning to end all of our Fantasy Football drafts for the season. If you've completed some drafts already then most of you have seen Minnesota Vikings runningback Adrian Peterson go #1…if you haven't then Adrian Peterson probably went #2. For the 2nd straight season Adrian Peterson is the top guy in most Fantasy Football drafts."
Eric Gargiulo presents Fearless NFL 2009 Season Predicitons! The Shark Goes On The Line posted at, saying, "So who's ready to hear how it's REALLY going to go down this year? Who wants to know what the NFL will offer before the season even starts? Well we all do, so I've decided to bring to this blog my crystal clear, crystal ball forecast of the 2009 NFL season."
Eric Gargiulo presents The Neutral Zone - The Only ?09 Fantasy Football Cheat Sheet You’ll Need – Wide Receivers posted at, saying, "Sports Illustrated, NFL.Com Magazine, and ESPN the Magazine each list Larry Fitzgerald and Andre Johnson one-two in fantasy football drafts. I must admit my slight bias towards Andre Johnson. I love the guy and he’s an absolute monster. This is the ultimate Fantasy Football Cheat Sheet."
Eric Gargiulo presents A Favre From Meaningless NFL Pre Season Game posted at, saying, "NFL fans are quick to say that pre season games don't matter. Minnesota Vikings fans may disagree when it comes to tonight's game. Brett Favre returns to Monday Night Football and will play a full half for the Vikings. Anything less than a good effort from the gunslinger could officially rip this team apart at the seams."
Eric Gargiulo presents 5 Teams That Should Beg The Broncos For Brandon Marshall posted at, saying, "Most of us have seen the video of NFL wide receiver Brandon Marshall disrupting a Denver Broncos practice. This was just the newest ploy in Marshall’s attempts to get traded. NFL analysts have speculated that he is now untradeable. I disagree and will tell you five NFL teams that should be begging for Brandon Marshall."
FavreDollarFootlongs presents Don't Go to College, Join the UFL: How High Football Players Can Finally Get Paid posted at Favre Dollar Footlongs, saying, "The article talks about how high school football players should bypass the NCAA for the UFL to earn money immediately."
FavreDollarFootlongs presents NFL Sunday is Our National Religion posted at Favre Dollar Footlongs, saying, "The article talks about how NFL Sunday is America's new national religion because instead of going to church we congregate together on a Sunday to pray for our teams and we can find faith and miracles during every football game."
Eric Gargiulo presents Gridiron Grumblings: NFL Blackouts Another Sign of the Economy posted at, saying, "I am going to take a hard look at one of the scarier economic situations in the NFL, in addition to putting the word out about another fantasy football sleeper. "Get That Dough" will return next time, when the NFL betting lines for Week 1 get a little bit clearer."


Rod presents IRB Threatens Springbok World Cup Ban posted at Tri Nations Rugby, saying, "The IRB has at long last published the findings of the independent review of the Bakkies Botha "Justice 4" incident which took place in the third British Lions test a few weeks ago. The review found the South African Rugby Union and Springbok team guilty of bringing the game of rugby into disrepute by daring to question the ban and subsequent rejection of their appeal. However it appears the sanctions imposed by the committee are not punitive enough for the IRB and they are hinting that they may pursue the matter further, even going so far as to ban the Springboks from the 2011 World Cup!"
Ted Reimers presents The 5 Biggest College Sports Scandals of All-Time posted at CampusGrotto.
Viki presents Olympic host cities playing money game posted at Bleeding Drake and Cubbie Blue, saying, "Olympic Host Cities Playing Money Game"
Steve Patterson presents Are you Interested in Taking Surveys for Checks? posted at Online Surveys for Cash, saying, "It doesn’t take much time to complete surveys, all of your personal transactions are easily monitored and you will truly receive compensation for your hard work and time!"
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Steve Patterson presents posted at Single Online Dating, saying, "AdultFriendFinder is an online community for swingers and finding partners for sex."
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  1. I think Brandon Marshall will be out of Denver soon. They should get a 1st round pick for him.

  2. Nice list! I found some interesting stuff here.

  3. Its interesting looking back to this post and comparing this to the 09/10 season, there are some rightful boats to the NFL football season in there and some wrong. Some other interesting sports news in there too!



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