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Brutusreport Blogspot Sports Carnival - November 5, 2009

Welcome to the November 5, 2009 edition of Brutusreport Blogspot Sports Carnival.This issue has a good number of great stories with a couple of lists and a couple of stories about the MLB Word Series in addition to many others. Eric LaForge has a great post on the Top 3 Hockey Fights of the Season. Alisha Harmann wrote about the Top 25 Free iPhone Apps for Sports Fanatics. Eric Gargiulo previewed the World Series prior to the series began. How did he do? And Christian Carollo discusses the Philadelphia Phillies who lost last night to the evil empire. Hope you enjoy the great material.

Alex Headley presents A Few Suggestions For Maple Leafs Sports and Entertainment posted at Headley Talks, saying, "Maple Leafs Sports and Entertainment."

Robert Damone presents 50 Free Open Courseware Classes for Sports Fanatics posted at Sports Management Degree.

Eric LaForge presents Top 3 Hockey Fights of the Season (so far) posted at Tips For Hockey.

Alisha Harmann presents Top 25 Free iPhone Apps for Sports Fanatics posted at Sports Management Degree.


Eric Gargiulo presents Inside The Wheelhouse - World Series Preview | posted at, saying, "Philadelphia Phillies vs. New York Yankees - This could quite possibly be one of the most evenly matched World Series in quite sometimes. Instead of breaking down the series like I have throughout the playoffs I thought we would spotlight each area of the teams when it comes to their pitching, hitting and defense. This is going to be on paper one of the best World Series to date; let’s hope that this transcends out on the diamond."

Christian Carollo presents Back to Back: Philadelphia Phillies posted at Christian Carollo Photography.


Surveymagnet presents Who is the Biggest Flop in NBA History? posted at


Eric Gargiulo presents Inside The Wheelhouse - Top 5 NFL Stories from Week 6 | posted at, saying, "Mark Sanchez throws 5 INTs - Amazing what six weeks can do to you in the beginning of your NFL career. In the first three weeks Mark Sanchez was on top of the New York sporting world. New York sports radio was calling Mark Sanchez as the top New York sports figure in the city. He was just a day away from getting a key to the city and a ticker tape parade."

Eric Gargiulo presents WWE Star Wants To Smack Eric Mangini | posted at, saying, "MTV reality television and WWE superstar, The Miz is making some headlines today. The Miz did an interview with and blasted Cleveland Browns head coach Eric Mangini. The Miz definitely has a career as an NFL analyst after he hangs up the boots. The Miz has no love for Man-genius and would love to well...see him soil his pants."

Steve Patterson presents Ohio State Head Coach Jim Tressel Stresses Turnovers posted at BrutusReport, saying, "There was some talk about benching Pryor from the media and fans after the bad loss but the coaching staff never considered it during the game or since the game."

Steve Patterson presents Penn Hills Cullen Christian Junior Highlights posted at eFilmRoom, saying, "He demonstrates good open field tackling ability from the cornerback position on a number of plays."

Steve Patterson presents Cullen Christian Receives Ohio State Offer posted at eScoutRoom, saying, "Christian is a tall cornerback that can use a year in college to improve his recovery speed and his strength but has turned enough heads in high school to get the attention of many of the top programs in the mid-west."

Steve Patterson presents Tuesday QB for week 6 in the NFL. posted at FryingPan Sports, saying, "Ownership of the Redskins have taken the play calling away from Coach Zorn."

Eric Gargiulo presents Have A Sporty Halloween | posted at, saying, "Ah, Halloween. Not many other holidays can simultaneously conjure up the fun of getting free candy, as well as the idea that a crazed man in a William Shatner mask may hack you to pieces if you're caught in the act of pre-marital coitus. Funny how these two traditions seem to go together."

Eric Gargiulo presents Fantasy Football Week 8 Waiver Wire Pickups | posted at, saying, "Shonn Greene – It is rare that a running back opportunity like this comes along this far into the fantasy football season. New York Jets running back, Shonn Greene is likely going to be the first waiver wire pick up this week, so if you are in last place you will get your first shot at Greene. Leon Washington wasn’t your average number two back for the Jets. The Jets do a pretty good job of getting touches and passes to both backs."

Eric Gargiulo presents Inside The Wheelhouse - Top 5 NFL Stories from Week 7 | posted at, saying, "Giants lose 2nd straight game, go to 5-2 - The New York Giants are becoming the fast falling Football team in the NFL right as they have lost two straight against two of some of the hierarchy in the NFC. We may be seeing what the Giants really are this season after starting their season against five teams that weren’t looked at as strong teams to compete with them. After seeing how they played against the Saints and Cardinals; Giants fans have to be worried as they enter Week 8 against the Philadelphia Eagles."

Eric Gargiulo presents Fantasy Football Week 7 Studs and Duds | posted at, saying, "STUDS: Cedric Benson: Benson has been a solid running back the entire year, but I don’t think many people saw the effort he put up against the Bears. Everyone knew that he was going into the week with a chip on his shoulder because he was playing his old team, but 189 yards and a TD against the 6th ranked rushing defense is a larger then just a chip. Benson has emerged as one of the top 10 fantasy backs after becoming a felon and jobless a couple years ago. Benson has gone from a must start to a top fantasy player with his effort against the Bears that most owners will start counting on for points."

Eric Gargiulo presents NFL 2009 Season Week 8 Preview and Picks | posted at, saying, "There were many questions about Brett Favre returning to the NFL and playing for the Minnesota Vikings. The number one question surrounded him was his health. Favre left the NFL last season injured and broken down. According to Favre, all of his injuries had not healed coming into the season. The showdown with the Green Bay Packers at Lambeau Field was a great story in August, but many fans wondered if Favre would make it to Week 8. Favre has not only made it, he has turned out to be one of the biggest success stories of the 2009 NFL season."

Eric Gargiulo presents Fantasy Football Week 8 - Quick Fixes & Sleepers | posted at, saying, "David Garrard Jacksonville Jaguars – He is still a free agent in 34 percent of yahoo leagues, if you are in need of a quarterback, or your quarterback is on bye week, Garrard is your man. This week he has one of the most favorable match-ups, going against the titans pass defense. Last time he destroyed them for 300 yards and three touchdowns. I just can’t see the titans coming out and playing any different then what they have been playing this year."

Eric Gargiulo presents Beat The Shark NFL Pick 'Ems Contest For NFL Week 8 | posted at, saying, "What do you do when having trouble winning football games, well you challenge a football player. What? Yes fans this week the NFL meets the LFL (The Lingerie Football League) as "The Shark" macthes wits with New York Majesty wide receiver, the gorgeous Miss Marie Nicole."

Eric Gargiulo presents Sharks' Flash and Crash - Fantasy Start 'em or Sit 'em NFL Week 8 | posted at, saying, "Peyton Manning, Indianapolis Colts vs San Francisco 49ers - This one is totally automatic. You don't need me to tell you to play this guy every single week. Manning is back in MVP form, and it doesn't really seem to matter who is getting the football here. The 49ers have been looking alot more like the Niners of a few years back, instead of the team that started 3-1. At home Indy is 100 percent tough, and always a great play for fantasy owners. 3 from Peyton, Sure!"

emancave presents Fantasy Football draft using CBS Sportslines Draft Analyzer tool ? results mid-season? posted at

Eric Gargiulo presents Fantasy Football Week 9 Waiver Wire Pickups | posted at, saying, "Jamaal Charles Kansas City Chiefs - The Ryan Moats hype may be the best thing this week for those of you that waited on Jamaal Charles. I picked up Charles last week as soon as Larry Johnson was sent home knowing that he’d be available since he was on a bye week. Moats will probably be the first running back taken this week, which leaves you a great option deeper into the waiver or free agent wire. Charles will be the starting back in a committee, but what separates him from the rest of the backs is his ability to catch the ball."

Eric Gargiulo presents Fantasy Football Week 8 Studs and Duds | posted at, saying, "Maurice Jones Drew, Jacksonville Jaguars: For the second straight week, Mighty Mouse tops my list on the Studs category. He rushed for 177 yards against the struggling Titans defense but the most impressive stat is that he did this all on 8 carries. For those of you doing the math that’s just over 22 yards per carry. That stat can only be topped by his 80 yard and 79 yard touchdown runs. This was a huge game for Mighty Mouse and has solidified him as a top 2 fantasy running back."

Eric Gargiulo presents NFL 2009 Mid-Season Report Cards - NFC | posted at, saying, "Dean’s List - The New Orleans Saints. This may be the kiss of death, because I put the New York Giants on the Dean’s List in the first-quarter report, and they have collapsed since. The New Orleans Saints are a truly special team. They are getting it done in all phases of the game. Even more impressive is that they have had to come from behind in the last couple of weeks and been successful in doing so. I don’t think the Saints go undefeated, but I have no idea who is going to beat them in the playoffs. Drew Brees is on another level from every quarterback in the NFL and Darren Sharper may be the NFL MVP at the mid-way point on defense."

Eric Gargiulo presents NFL 2009 Mid-Season Report Cards - AFC | posted at, saying, "Dean’s List - Indianapolis Colts. The Colts remain on the Dean’s List for the second report card of the NFL 2009 season. The Colts are now the lone unbeaten in the AFC. Peyton Manning and crew have had some scares and it hasn’t been easy in some cases. However, they have never had to come from behind the way the Saints have to remain unbeaten. The Colts remain to have issues with stopping the run. The problem is that teams have to abandon the run to play catch-up to Peyton and crew. This year’s Week 10 game against the New England Patriots will be the next NFL game to capture the nation. Indy has a very tough stretch down the line so I don’t see Indy going 16-0. However, past lessons have taught this team never to let up. The Colts are truly in a class all by themselves in the AFC."


Eric Gargiulo presents Brock Lesnar vs. Shane Carwin Postponed Until UFC 108 posted at, saying, "The much-anticipated November 21 showdown between UFC Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar and Shane Carwin is going to have to wait. The major announcement came today from Dana White via Yahoo! Sports. White stated that Lesnar has been sick for approximately three-and-a-half weeks with some type of flu like illness. It has been rumored that Lesnar has been suffering from the H1N1 virus; however, White stated today that he does not believe this to be the case."

Frederick Yarmy presents Top 50 Blogs By Undergrad Students posted at Undergraduate Degree.

Camille Hensley presents 10 Medical Careers to Work for a Pro Sports Team posted at Online Ultrasound School.

Eric Gargiulo presents Boxing Rant - Pac Man vs. Cotto | posted at, saying, "HBO is good. I loved all those pre-shows they used to have for every fight – I miss ‘em, but they crossed the line when they had a half hour pre show for De La Hoya – Steve Forbes, I’m like, “How could this keep anyone’s interest for more than two minutes, let alone the fight?” But now for big fights they do a “Mayweather spawned” “24/7″ four part series to get you ready. I just watched part one of Pacquiao – Cotto and I’m already bitching. Right in the beginning, and this is something Jim “I have a weird man-crush on Miguel Cotto that is borderline disturbing” Lampley was always saying, that since Antonio Margarito (37-6, 27 kayoes) got caught with plaster in his gloves, that obviously means that’s how he beat Cotto (34-1, 27 kayoes). That’s Cotto’s only loss, if you didn’t see his fight with Clottey, either. But on paper, which is what counts, his only loss is to Margarito and he’s forgiven because in a fight that had nothing to do with him his old opponent (Margarito) tried to use loaded gloves – assumption is not reality, and in his next fight a lot of people, including me, thought he lost to Clottey, and now he’s back in a mega fight? Well, there’s this boxer who was welterweight, (same weight class and I’d love to see them fight) but recently moved up to Jr Middle but could still make welter, in Kermit Cintron (31-2-1, 27 kayoes) who went to my high school. He has two losses, both of them to guess who?"

Eric Gargiulo presents Brock Lesnar Blowing the Minnesota Vikings Horn - Video | posted at, saying, "Check out this video of UFC world heavyweight champion and former World Wrestlnig Entertainment star, Brock Lesnar blowing the horn at the Minnesota Vikings game against the Baltimore Ravens. Lesnar was given the honor as part of a promotion to promote tourism in South Dakota. Tourism in South Dakota? Has anyone seen where Lesnar lives in those UFC Countdown specials? Unless you want to be isolated from the world, South Dakota is probably the last place I’d want to go for a vacation."

Rod presents Pressureless tennis balls: the best to use in tennis ball machines posted at Tennis Ball Machines, saying, "Trying to use regular tennis balls in a ball machine is a dead loss - they lose their bounce far too quickly. It's much better to invest in a tub of pressureless practice balls."

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