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Brutusreport Blogspot Sports Carnival - November 19, 2009

Welcome to the November 19, 2009 edition of Brutusreport Blogspot Sports Carnival.We have a really good week here on the sports carnival. Eric Gargiulo gives us his picks he had prior to the Week 10 NFL games. Then Dick Lafrance tells us the status of the NFL after Week 10 was played. Steve Patterson presents a pair of articles on Sharrif Floyd, a highlights video and information about his visit schedule to colleges. Eric Gargiulo begins the pair of MMA articles with a video of Tito Ortiz calling Lyoto Machida A Coward while Cheryl Ragsdale finishes this week with what she learned watching Kenny Florian Train. Bookmark us if you like the posts and see you next time.

Renika Bradley presents Civilized vs. Savage: Elizabeth Lambert attacks BYU posted at Cynic Express.

Redfire Atkinson presents Top 50 Blogs for Sports Agents & Sports Managers posted at Sports Management Degree.

Jacques presents Muscle Building Excercises Without Weights posted at The Muscle Building Blog, saying, "Thanks"

Herbert Aitken presents 25 Free Open Courseware Classes About Sports Medicine posted at mri technician schools.


Eric Gargiulo presents NFL 2009 Season Week 9 Preview and Picks | posted at, saying, "Last week, it was an NFC North rivalry that stole the show. This week’s marquee game features an NFC East rivalry. The Philadelphia Eagles and the Dallas Cowboys play the Sunday Night Game in a battle for NFC East supremacy. Both teams have showed glimpses of greatness and lapses in preparation, yet find themselves battling for first place. For the first time in many years, both teams come into Sunday’s game evenly matched in all facets of the game."

Eric Gargiulo presents NFL 2009 Season Week 10 Preview and Picks | posted at, saying, "Lost in all of the hype coming into the 2009 NFL season was arguably the greatest NFL rivalry of the decade. Tom Brady and Peyton Manning have captivated the world over the last decade with their series of classic showdowns. The world will once again come to a stop as Tom Brady and Peyton Manning will headline NFL Week 10 with the marquee event of the regular season."

Eric Gargiulo presents Fantasy Football Mid-Terms | posted at, saying, "What a difference a quarter of the way can make things huh? Some of these players that you hitched your wagon to have all but stalled. Meanwhile some have stayed the real deal. All in all fantasy football is what it is. The ultimate love/hate relationship between us (the fans) and them (the players). So it is more then easy for a guy with a keyboard, stats, and a little bit of creativity to sit back and grade them isn’t it? Why yes it is, and that’s exactly what i’m going to do!"

Eric Gargiulo presents Sharks' Flash and Crash - Fantasy Start 'em or Sit 'em NFL Week 10 | posted at, saying, "Peyton Manning, Indianapolis Colts vs New England Patriots - Yeah, yeah how daring of me to put Manning here. This is his big match-up and he usually has big days at home against the Patriots. The guy who plays QB on the other team is kind of a big deal also, so if Manning and his team want to stay undefeated and stake a claim as the best team in the NFL he will have to be the general here, and with his weapons I like his chances."

hall monitor presents 8th-grader suspended for wild Bengals haircut posted at, saying, "A young Bengals fan must get a new haircut to stay in school!"

Steve Patterson presents no-11-ohio-state-buckeyes-v-no-10-iowa-hawkeyes posted at BrutusReport, saying, "Stifling defense and controlled effective offensive production will win the game for the Bucks."

Steve Patterson presents 2010 DT Sharrif Floyd Highlights posted at eFilmRoom, saying, "Floyd currenttly has offers from over 11 top programs in the country and favors Florida and South Carolina."

Steve Patterson presents DT Sharrif Floyd Makes a Number of Visits posted at eScoutRoom, saying, "An invitation to the Army All America Bowl also fell into his lap while finishing up his senior season."

Eric Gargiulo presents Indianapolis Colts- New England Patriots Highlights - Video | posted at, saying, "Check out the highlights of Sunday night's New England Patriots-Indianapolis Colts Week 10 game. The game is remembered for Bill Belichick's questionable call on 4th down with two minutes that gave Peyton Manning back the ball in great field position. However, the game was much better than that and included some truly memorable plays. Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Randy Moss, and Reggie Wayne lived up to the hype and gave NFL fans a show."

Dick Lafrance presents The NFL After Week 10 posted at My Thoughts on the World of Sports, saying, "The NFL regular season is just a tad over the halfway marker and it's time to see how things stand."

Eric Gargiulo presents Inside The Wheelhouse - Top 5 NFL Stories from Week 10 | posted at, saying, "Tennessee Titans win 3rd straight game - All of a sudden the Tennessee Titans have become one of the hottest teams in the NFL. They have won three straight games since Vince Young took over in Tennessee and they continue to keep finding ways to win. While a portion of NFL fans may be rooting against Vince Young due to his past antics over the course of his NFL career, I for one will be rooting this team on to hopefully have a miracle run into a playoff spot."


Eric Gargiulo presents Iron Mike: A Reminder Of How Great He Was | posted at, saying, "A name, Tyson - iconic figure, who once said, "I'm the biggest fighter ever, just check the cash register" now is 43 and doesn't seem to know what he wants to do or what he can do, with the only thing he knew how to do (boxing) was over for him years ago."


Rod presents Choosing rugby boots posted at KooGa rugby boots, saying, "There are a lot of factors to consider when choosing a pair of rugby boots - they vary to meet the specific needs of players in different positions."

Eric Gargiulo presents Tito Ortiz Calls Lyoto Machida A Coward - Video posted at, saying, "Check out this interview with former UFC light heavyweight champion Tito Ortiz up at his Big Bear training facility. Tito talks UFC 106, but his comments about UFC 104 are really the highlight of the interview. Tito has no love for Lyoto Machida as he perceives Machida’s “elusiveness” as running and tells Machida to be a man. Ortiz is never at a loss for words, and has some interesting thoughts on the UFC 104 controversy between Mauricio Rua and Lyoto Machida."

Rod presents The racket of racket paintjobs posted at Wilson Tennis Rackets, saying, "We all know that tennis pro's get paid millions of dollars a year to use a particular manufacturer's rackets, right? And not just any old racket, but usually the latest model that the manufacturer is promoting for the season. So does that mean the players are constantly changing the racket they play with? You may be shocked to discover the answer..."

Eric Gargiulo presents The Full Mount - MMA News for the week ending 11/7/09 posted at, saying, "The Shot Heard Round the World - The big news of the week is undoubtedly the sickening knockout that Fedor Emelianenko delivered to Brett Rogers during Saturday night’s Strikeforce special on CBS. Fedor’s debut with an American organization ended up being exactly what expected. Casual MMA fans have always heard about the guy who had been called the best pound-for-pound mixed-martial artist in the world. That guy has earned the reputation as being able to take a beating and still win a fight in devastating fashion. That was last night’s tale; word-for-word."

Cheryl Ragsdale presents What I Learned from Watching Kenny Florian Train with Benson Henderson – 2 MMA Fighters, 10 Lessons posted at That Girl is Funny, saying, "Monday night, after a double session of Muay Thai (kick-boxing) and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu at Florian Martial Arts Center, I had the opportunity to hang out and watch Kenny “Kenflo” Florian, UFC Fighter, training with Benson “Smooth” Henderson, WEC Interim Lightweight Champion. Check out these awesome photos!"

Cheryl Ragsdale presents Top 10 Reasons Fred Loves Being the Oldest Guy “On the Mat” posted at That Girl is Funny, saying, "In October of 2008, I joined Evolve Academy and started training in their Personal Defense System (PDS) which is based on Muay Thai with a bit of “street jiu-jitsu”. At 59 I was the oldest student in the class. In July of 2009, one month shy of 60 years old, I started training solely in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) to “see if I could hack it”. I love being the oldest guy on the mat. Why? Here are my Top 10 Reasons..."

Eric Gargiulo presents Hulk Hogan?s Unreleased Collector?s Series ? DVD Review posted at, saying, "The newest DVD release from World Wrestling Entertainment features arguably the most iconic superstar in WWE history. Hulk Hogan’s Unreleased Collector’s Series features yet another tribute to Hulk Hogan. Unlike the Hulkster’s past DVDs, this compilation includes rare and unreleased Hogan matches. In the end there are a lot of hits, some misses, but overall this is a must-own DVD for the Hulkamaniacs."

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of brutusreport blogspot sports carnival using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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  1. Tito coming back is really exciting. Can't wait to see him in the ring again.

  2. Would be great if Ohio State can land Sharrif Floyd.

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    NEVER gonna happen! :)

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