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Sports Carnival Ecstasy - July 29, 2010

Welcome to the July 29, 2010 edition of Sports Carnival Ecstasy.We have near 30 great articles this time in a number of interesting areas. John Alves takes a look at Steroids In Baseball and if it is still a problem to the carnival started. Si Squires sees 2010 as the Year of the No Hitter with even Tampa Bay getting involved in this record setting summer. John Alves has an additional article this time on NBA free agency and Lebron moving to Miami. Eric Gargiulo has a number of great articles again this week including a look at San Diego in the AFC West In 2010-11. Finally Steve has an Ohio State Football 2010 Preview for all Buckeye fans out there. Bookmark, Share, and come back next time.

Leo Shafto presents admin wrote a new blog post: Sports Betting - The Live Odds posted at The Live Odds | Site Wide Activity, saying, "Source to get most recent odds, steam moves, injury alerts, hot handicapping selections, and much more all for free or at a minimal cost. Our odds program only uses the movers and the shakers of the offshore sports book elite so you won’t be overwhelmed with useless information"

Sig presents What to Look for When Buying a Used Bike posted at Zen and Mountain Biking.


John Alves presents Is Steroids Still A Problem In Baseball? posted at The Sports Genius.

NYSportsballs presents Fight Your Reputation, Not the Double Doors - by Nick Kehoe posted at NYSportsBalls, saying, "It’s one thing to be labeled based on your results. It’s another thing to succumb to that label as easily as A.J. Burnett did this weekend. His behavior on Saturday was a clear indication that not only does he pitch with all-or-nothing results, but he also pitches with an all-or-nothing mentality. And the worst part is, he shows no signs of fighting to rid himself of this label. Instead of seeing this weekend as an opportunity to prove he can scratch and claw to keep his team in a game despite a bad start, Burnett let his emotions get the best of him."

John Alves presents Security Lets Orioles Fan Run Around Stadium posted at The Sports Genius.

Si Squires presents Year of the No Hitter: What are the Odds? posted at No Bias SportsCenter, saying, "Fascinating sabermetric look into the probabilities of a season like this happening"


John Alves presents Why College Basketball Players Should Be Ball Hogs posted at The Sports Genius.

John Alves presents The Legacy of LeBron James posted at The Sports Genius.

Andrew Syrios presents LeBrononomics posted at

Ryan Virgin presents Los Angeles Lakers Offseason Recap: If You Can?t Beat Them, Join Them posted at Rip City Report.

Ryan Virgin presents Chris Paul?s ?List?: Evaluating Each Trade Suitor For The All-Star Guard posted at Rip City Report.


Chris presents The LXD Mixes Kung Fu With Dance Battles posted at Martial Development.


Eric Gargiulo presents San Diego Set To Charge Through AFC West In 2010-11 posted at, saying, "It has been four seasons since an NFL betting team other than the San Diego Chargers have claimed the top spot in the AFC West, and heading in to 2010-11, it doesn’t appear as though there are any legitimate contenders to end that streak."

Matt Regaw presents 2010 Pac-10 College Football Preview: Ducks Flying High in 2010 posted at Regaw World, saying, "2010 Pac-10 college football preview and sports betting picks"

Rinaldo presents Ronaldinho torna? oppure no? posted at Londra 2011 :: Tutto sulla Champions League 2010-2011 Video, News, Streaming, Dirette.

Matt Regaw presents Odds to win Superbowl XLV: Frontrunners to win the Lombardi Trophy in 2010 posted at Regaw World, saying, "Odds to win Superbowl XLV and sports betting football picks"

Alexander Alm presents What to watch this season in College Football posted at Pure Chatter, saying, "A summary of the top games this fall in college football."

Matt Regaw presents NFL Preview Atlanta Falcons: Falcons Set for Super Season in 2010 posted at Regaw World, saying, "2010 NFL Preview Atlanta Falcons sports betting preview"

Matt Regaw presents 2010 New Orleans Saints Preview: Who Dat Say Repeating Aint Easy? posted at Regaw World, saying, "New orleans Saints 2010 NFL Preview with sports betting picks"

Matt Regaw presents 2010 NFL Odds: Six Sleepers That Can Show Up in the Superbowl posted at Regaw World, saying, "2010 NFL Odds to win Superbowl"

Eric Gargiulo presents Couch Groove Football Preview: The AFC South posted at, saying, "One errant pass by Peyton Manning landed in the hands of Tracy Porter and cost the city of Indianapolis a trophy and a parade. The tale of woe, however, ended in February, because the Indianapolis Colts are poised to make a run yet again. And why not?"

Matt Regaw presents Pump Up The Volume! Do These NFL Teams Deserve all the Hype? posted at Regaw World, saying, "2010 NFL Preview with sports betting odds"

Eric Gargiulo presents From 32 to 1: Ranking The NFL Teams ? Training Camp Edition posted at, saying, "A time to rejoice is quickly approaching. For all of us who love football more than life itself, some great news: Training camps are starting! If there is one real good thing about hot mid-summer days, it’s watching the big boys of the NFL suit up and hit the field to get ready for another season. Here we all start 0-0, and everyone is in first place."

Steve presents Ohio State Football 2010 Preview posted at BrutusReport, saying, "Ohio State is ranked highly coming into the 2010 football season and rightfully so. They have talent at every position and are coming of an impressive bowl win against Oregon."

Michael presents Notre Dame Miami Rivalry posted at eScoutRoom, saying, "The University of Miami and Notre Dame are renewing their rivalry by playing each other on a regular basis starting in 2012."


John Alves presents What’s Wrong With Tiger Woods? posted at The Sports Genius.


Sandra McAubre presents Top 50 MMA Bloggers posted at Sports Management Degrees, saying, "Mixed martial arts, or MMA, is a brutal spectacle to watch. As the opponents do everything but throw the kitchen sink at each other, you may wonder what exactly is going on. Or you may really love it."

Eric Gargiulo presents Time for Bobby Lashley to step up posted at, saying, "Bobby Lashley says he wants to fight Fedor Emelianenko. He says he wants to fight Brock Lesnar. So how does Bobby Lashley satisfy his thirst for top level competition? Bobby Lashley will fight Chad Griggs at Strikeforce: Houston in August."

Eric Gargiulo presents UFC officially signs Jake Shields posted at, saying, "Get your pillows and blankets ready UFC fans. It is now confirmed that Jake Shields has signed with the UFC. The ex-Strikeforce Middleweight champion confirmed the news on Twitter. Shields will debut at UFC 121 facing Martin Kampmann at welterweight."

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of sports carnival ecstasy using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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  1. Thank you for sharing all those comments you have posted

  2. Interesting perspective on the steroids in baseball issue.

  3. If it's so bad in baseball...then how about football?

  4. If baseball is so bad with steroids what's happening in sports like football?



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