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2011 in Car Shows

2009 Canadian Auto ShowImage by cheukiecfu via Flickr

If you’re in America during January then the North American International Motor Show 2011 is held in Detroit. Don’t fret if you miss this as Houston, Portland, Washington and Philadelphia are all host to international motor shows too.

Montreal, Brussels and Cairo each host their own motor show in January with Brussels catering for commercial vehicles and motorcycles too.

February 2011

The Chicago Auto Show takes place during the month of March. Visitors and residents of Osaka in Japan can go along to see the Osaka Automesse Show whereas the Canadians can enjoy the Canadian International Autoshow being held in Toronto.

March 2011

There are plenty more car shows to be seen in March. Seoul is host to an international motor show with the same taking place in Geneva and Belgrade.

At Calgary, Canada, you can go along to see the International Auto and Truck Show.

April 2011

Zagreb International Motor Show takes place n April, whilst Dallas and New York each have their own events to cater for the locals.

Amsterdam International Motor Show 2011 is held during April, as is the Shanghai Auto Show in China.

May 2011

As summer creeps closer, Barcelona and Kiev International Motor Shows for 2011 place in May.

June 2011

Take a trip to London in June to see the London Motorexpo, taking place at Canary Wharf.

Sofia International Motor Show and Buenos Aires International Motor Show 2011 offer alternative options if you happen to be in the area.

September 2011

In Moscow, the Auto Salon is held during the month of September whilst in Frankfurt, the 64th International Motor Show is taking place. Nitra Motor Show 2011 also takes place in September.

October 2011

If you plan to be in either Bucharest, Johannesburg or São Paulo during October then you’re in luck.

The Bucharest International Motor Show and Johannesburg International Motor Show follow roughly the same format whilst the International Transport Industry Trade Fair takes place in São Paulo.

November 2011

For a more Mediterranean feel, head to Athens in November when the International Motor Show gets underway, the Lisbon International Motor Show is another option r slightly further afield you will find the Transpotec Logitec event in Milan, an auto show in La and the 42d Tokyo Motor Show, held in Tokyo.

December 2011

Head to the sunshine state of Florida in December if you like the sound of a Performance Racing Industry Tradeshow.

Another Auto show in Japan plus one in Bologna keeps all angles covered in the last month of the year.

If you are travelling for holidays then you might even be able to catch one of the motor shows in a different country. If you plan to take a driving holiday, make sure your car insurance is completely organised beforehand, helping to avoid any nasty surprises.

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  1. Our show already happened in March here in Columbus Ohio. Not a bad show and they bring out celebrities to sign autographs and meet the attenders.



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