Wednesday, October 12, 2011

How to Be a Fashionable "Sporty Spice"

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Hut, hut, hike! Every Fall ushers in a brand new season one of America’s greatest spectator sports: football. Let the tailgates commence! So what does the female sports fan wear to the games this fall? A team jersey or tee is a given, but that’s not enough to keep you warm a cozy during those chilly night games. There are a variety of ways to spice up your sporty outfit.

  1. VESTS! They are perfect for football tailgates and games, since they allow your team apparel to show through AND they keep you insulated when the sun goes down. This multi-purpose, practical garment can pull an entire outfit together. Check out the Juicy Couture “Quilted Nylon Thinsulate Puffer Vest” on Right now this incredibly well made and stylish vest is 43% off. For just $129 (down from $228) you can purchase this it in Angel or Black, both equally appealing. Don’t forget to look for a zappos coupon code on coupon sites, like You can save even more on this great find!
  2. Boots. Now that your all vested up with your jersey proudly tucked underneath, you’ll need some killer boots. The key for tailgates and games is comfort, but you also want to look feminine and pretty. A fall 2011 favorite: the “Venus Riding Boot” from Banana Republic. This gorgeous, soft, black leather boot has a comfortable memory foam and cushioned insole that will keep your feet happy for hours. Your arches won’t be begging for mercy by halftime in these one-inch heeled Banana boots. If your feet are warm and comfy, you’ll be able to fully enjoy the event.
  3. The Perfect Denim. You will need to tuck a form-fitting jean into your killer boots. Try on Paige Denim ‘Verdugo’ Stretch Denim Leggings. Paige Denim offers some of the world’s most comfortable, lasting pants that never go out of style. These jeans don’t stretch out after one wear, so they’re perfect for games and tailgates; you’ll constantly be on the move, sitting and standing, replenishing your drink, and of course, rushing to the restroom. The ‘Verdugo’ dark jean will fit perfectly in your boots and add a chic statement to your sporty spice outfit. Designer jeans are indeed an investment, but Paige is worth every penny.
  4. Tote. Without a doubt, women have a reputation for carrying too much “stuff.” Well, that still applies at football games. In fact, that “stuff’ multiplies. Not only do you need your wallet and lip gloss, but you’ll want to stash a pair of mittens, perhaps a scarf, some binoculars, and some snacks (Don’t deny it…you sneak things in, too.) This fall, you’ll want to carry a good-sized tote with you to football festivities. Check out the ‘Large buckle tote’ from Gap. This chocolate brown purse measures 8 ¼ inches by 12 ½ inches by 15 ¼ inches, leaving plenty of space for all the goodies. With front pockets and darling zipper embellishments, this fall accessory will make you a tote-ally stylish sports fan.

Even sporty spice can look feminine and flirty. Be the sports fashionista at your next football game!

Erin Prickett is a fashion enthusiast and bargain hunter. She enjoys finding great deals on apparel, shoes, jewelry and accessories and recommends using a Zappos coupon code to save on this fall’s hottest fashions.


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