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Predictions: Philadelphia Eagles Vs. Dallas Cowboys 10/30 8:20PM EDT

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While players and coaches have come and gone and stadiums have been built, demolished, and renamed, one thing that has yet to change between the Philadelphia Eagles and the Dallas Cowboys: the long time running rivalry. The rivalry has been going on ever since September 30, 1960 with a 25-27 Eagles win over the Cowboys. Players and fans continue the rivalry in 2011, and you know a rivalry is good when past games between the two teams have been coined as Bounty Bowls.

"Our number 1 nemesis is still the Dallas Cowboys. People tend to not even care if we win the season as long as we beat the Cowboys. Now, that being said, everyone was expecting (the Eagles) to go to the Super Bowl with all of these new acquisitions that they got. The Eagles were on fire when it came to picking up players," explained Dr. Siegel, a dentist practicing out of Philadelphia and an avid Eagles fan.

Does Philadelphia Have A Greater Shot In The Post-Season With A Win Over Dallas?

As preseason rolled around and the big NFL lock out was finally resolved, the Eagles soon became known as the "Dream Team" as the team continued to pick up new promising teammates to add to the Eagles' arsenal. However, it seems this phase was short lived as after Week 3, QB Michael Vick has already admitted that the "Dream Team" is over. Combined with a not so spectacular start and key players in less than optimum health, a victorious game against Dallas could be the team's silver lining. As Dr. Siegel explained, "The Philadelphia Eagles have definitely started slow this year. There was a great expectation for victories in our city. The Eagles will have a chance to redeem themselves to the Philadelphia sports fans when the play the Dallas Cowboys. No team is disliked more than the Cowboys in Philadelphia. Even with a winning season if the Eagles lose to the cowboys fans are not happy. A win over the Cowboys will go a long way to help the Eagles turn their season around."

Dallas Cowboys fan and Pro Blogger, Alex Weston of CowboysGab.com agrees with Siegel. "I would say the Eagles have under performed. As the season has developed I think most people expected them to be 5-0 or 4-1. The "dream team" has had a very rough start to the season going 1-4 and it has been inconsistency that has plagued them as well. They have looked good at times and looked awful at others. The Eagles defense is still a concern, especially against the run. But, as the season goes on, I expect the Eagles to get things worked out and make a run at the division."

Cowboys Riding On Slow Horses Early On

At the same time, Weston also has similar thoughts regarding his own team, proving that time may be just what the Eagles and the Cowboys need. As he explained, "I think the Cowboys have been what we expected them to be. They have been much improved on defense and very explosive on offense. Their real problem has been consistency and ball control. It seems the Cowboys have put themselves in position to win, but have been unable to deliver due to turnovers. I think as the season goes on, we'll start to see that get straightened out."

The Cowboys' less-than-stellar start with an injured WB Tony Romo, almost mirrors the same problems that the Philadelphia Eagles are facing.

Holding On To The Ball May Be The Deciding Factor

Looking at the two teams, both are able to enjoy a bye week before their upcoming face-off, which may be a much needed break for both the Cowboys and the Eagles. Statistically both teams are pretty close with the exception of Philadelphia's rushing yards to Dallas. Though statistics are just numbers, the key to winning this match-up may be the team who suffers from the fewest fumbles.

"I do think the teams are pretty evenly matched and it is going to come down to which ever team turns the ball over the least. The defenses will be key in this game so I imagine there will be lots of blitzing on both sides. Which ever defense forces the most turnovers, that team will walk out of there with the victory," explained Weston.

When Philadelphia hosts the Cowboys on October 30 at Lincoln Financial Field, the city's most notable nickname, "The City of Brotherly Love" will likely go straight out the window. When the Cowboys come into town, Philadelphia is the place to be for a bitter rivalry that runs deep. That's the best type of football, right?

Ashley Page writes for Off-Topic Media. Special thanks to Philly dentist, Dr. Ken Siegel and Cowboys blogger, Alex Weston of CowboysGab.com for their comments.


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