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The Human Side Of The Olympic Athletes-Life In The Olympic Village 2012

Olympic Games 2016Olympic Games 2016 (Photo credit: hops_76)

The Olympic Games are nearly here and the whole country is buzzing with excitement. The Olympics has brought so many benefits to the UK, not least the fact that thousands of athletes from across the world will be staying at the Olympic Village.

That’s going to amount for lots of washing and a few worn out washing machines needing repairing. But just how much washing will athletes get through at this year’s Olympics. How much shampoo will they use and how much food will they eat? Find the answer to these and other interesting Olympic Village facts below:

How many people will live in the Olympic Village?

During the 2012 games over 14000 officials and competitors will live in the village. During the Paralympic games over 4000 people will sleep, eat, meet their families and prepare for competition in the Olympic Village.

What will happen to the Olympic Village after the games?

After the games, the Olympic Village will be converted into housing. Many of these homes will be used by London’s keyworkers, like teachers, nurses and policemen.

How much food will be eaten by visitors to the Olympic Village

The 14000 people living in the Olympic Village during this summer’s games will not be the only ones chowing down. As well as the fully equipped kitchens of the Olympic Village homes, there will be hundreds of food outlets scattered around the Olympic park too, meaning that over one billion tonnes of food could be consumed during the games.

What will happen to the Olympic Park when the games are over?

After the games the Olympic Park, which is about the size of Alton Towers, will be turned into one of Europe’s largest urban parks. The park will be able to be enjoyed by all Londoners and visitors from further afield.

How many trees will be planted in the Olympic Park?

Up to two thousand trees will be planted in the Olympic Park and 2000 more at the Olympic Village, which makes the Olympics one of the biggest ever tree planting drives in the UK. The park will also contain the largest urban wetland in the UK, with a river and marshes which will contain over 300,000 different types of plants.

How many washing machines are in the Olympic Village?

There have been over 12000 washing machines fitted in the Olympic Village and each Olympian is expected to produce around 20lbs of washing over the course of the games. Washing machines are going to be kept busy in the Olympic Village so washing machine repair London could be in demand.

How much shampoo will the Olympic Villagers use?

Each villager is expected to use on average one bottle of shampoo during their Olympic adventure, which equates to over 14000 bottles of shampoo used during the entire games.

The Olympic Games is filling the UK with a real buzz of excitement and when you consider these Olympic Village facts it’s easy to see just what an enormous event this year’s Olympics will be, so good luck UK!

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