Friday, March 16, 2012

Siberian Black Ice Race About to Kick Off

First-time contenders in the Siberian Black Ice Race are about to get a serious education in adrenaline fueled extreme sports. The Siberian Black Ice Race 2012 is about to kick off and give everyone - women included - a serious boost of testosterone. All mothers out there shouldn’t watch the race, it’ll make you cry with pride, and some fear thrown in for good measure.

The Black Ice Race

At midday on March 17th the super cool – by super cool we mean extremely cold – ice race will start on the world’s deepest and one of the oldest lakes, Lake Baikal, which is also known as the “World’s most terrifying lake.” It has a dark eerie layer of ice covering the lake. With temperatures as low as -40, it’s set to be one of the globe’s most extreme multi-disciplined ice races ever. Endurance is essential to survival but we’re sure the contenders are set to give it their aces. The Black Ice Race was designed for people who want to test their boundaries and push the envelope in the way of adventure. The race runs over three weeks and may not necessarily be a once in a lifetime opportunity but there aren’t many people who would do it more than once. Are there?

The race is extreme south and north-pole races. Competitors for the Ice Race may choose between the 379 Mile Marathon or the 155 Mile Sprint using non-motorised transport such as skates, foot, skis or bikes. 2012 Is the second Black Ice Race in one of the harshest landscapes in the world. Anyone lacking experience or having heart problem should opt to be spectators instead. The Siberian Black Ice Race pushes the human body to the ultimate limit, and then some!

Set Up

The team from Extreme World Races are already setting-up tents, cookers, hovercraft and snowmobile hangars and everything that will be required for the Black Ice Race to go off without a hitch. Apparently the weather is pretty warm at -6! Um...! The Ice Race team are working to ensure all safety aspects are completely met.


Two more days to go to the start of the Siberian Black Ice Race and contenders are probably getting itchy feet to get stuck in. All we can say is, take it easy because your body is going to hate you enough when you start the race, let it chill for the next couple of days. Good Luck!

Vida Denning is a freelance writer married to an extremist who has competed in a couple of races and swears by his workwear trousers and safety workwear in times of extreme conditions.


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