Wednesday, January 16, 2013

What Will Happen To The Olympic Village After The Games

English: Construction work on the London 2012 ...
English: Construction work on the London 2012 Olympic Village outside Stratford International railway station. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
What will happen to the Olympic Village after the games? This is a common question asked by most people especially if they have been following this event from the start to the end. The construction of the London Olympic Village caused quite a buzz all over the world due it its exquisite infrastructure that included a bike park, an elegant shopping mall, modern health centers, neat lawns and world-class apartments. During the Olympic Games, this village acts as the perfect accommodation for various athletes from the participating countries.

However, when the event comes to an end officially, the Olympic Village is set to be of great importance to the entire community in London. Its current name will be transformed to East Village and it will act as a luxurious housing unit for the residents. According to reports, more than 6,500 people have started booking these elegant apartments in advance due to their high market demand.

This is a commendable move by the UK government considering the fact that not all previous Olympic Villages were utilized constructively. Some of them became wastelands while the rest were advertised for hire. For example, the village in Athens was barely sold since most buyers believed that it was located far away from the rest of the urban areas. These housing units are now filled with graffiti and empty rooms. The conversion of the London Olympic Village into a major housing unit has received warm response from the real estate industry as a major way of reducing congestion in the city while providing high quality housing with sweet memories of the previous games.


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