Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Hobbies For Men: Find Out Why Men Do What They Do

Practical joke at UNINETT
Practical joke at UNINETT (Photo credit: Andreas Solberg)
Men and hobbies seem to go hand in hand. If you have ever observed your male friends when they are enjoying any given hobby, it almost seems like you are on the outside looking in on a world that you are not privy to. Not to worry though, we are here to clue you in on some favorite hobbies for men and why they enjoy them.

Watching Sports and Action Movies
Bravado and men are virtually synonymous. It should come as no surprise therefore that they enjoy watching sports and action movies. Aside from the obvious excitement and subsequent adrenaline rush brought on by these activities, men love a fantasy. Yes, you read that correctly. Men like not only to watch, but to imagine that they are these sports and action heroes. Maybe, they do want to be a knight in shining armour after all.

Playing Sports
Not only do men enjoy watching sports, but they also enjoy playing them. The only thing as thrilling as creating a fantasy, is bringing said fantasy to life. Simply put, on the field of play, men get a chance to become the heroes they so admire in the sports and movies they watch.

Playing Video Games
Playing video games is also another favorite activity. This is a nice, fun and competitive way to release some stress and get bragging rights. The more action filled the game is, the better.

Observing Females
Whether they admit it or not, men love looking at the ladies. Observing, comparing and enjoying the view is what it's all about. Naturally, this activity also engages the imagination, and boy does it run wild.

Practical Jokes
Men love to kid around, and practical jokes are the perfect way to do just that. Practical jokes and pranks are best played on friends. As such, once you are in the group, chances are you are going to get pranked. A good (and safe) practical joke makes for good memories.


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