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4 Diffrence Between Boxing And MMA

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Boxing has been the dominant combat sport in terms of revenues for several decades now, but its position is being challenged by the fairly new enterprise called Mixed Martial Arts. These two have a lot of similarities such as having individual competitors, weight classes, referees, and judges. However, they also have obvious distinctions. The difference between boxing and MMA include:

1. Fighting Styles

Boxing requires both fighters to remain upright and limits the attack to punches. Although the arms are the main offensive weapons, having excellent footwork is vital in getting into position. Meanwhile, head and upper body movements are crucial for defense. In MMA, fighters can punch, kick, and grapple their opponents. Knees and elbows are also in play. Most competitors train in numerous fighting styles such as Muay Thai, Jeet Kun Do, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Taekwondo, Wrestling, and more.

2. Gear

Both sports mandate the use of gloves but boxers need superior hand protection because of their heavy use. MMA fighters use open type gloves of a lower weight to prevent cuts. As for footwear, boxers tend to use high cut laced boots which provide heel stability. In MMA, fighters are unshod since they use their feet for kicking.

3. Match Duration

Boxing matches tend to go on longer. They generally feature 3-minute rounds with 8 to 12 rounds per match. MMA uses longer 5-minute rounds but there are only 3 rounds in regular matches and 5 rounds in championship matches.

4. Match Area

Boxers fight inside a ring which is actually a square-shaped elevated canvas with flexible ropes around the perimeter that stops them from falling over. On the other hand, MMA fighters commonly enter a multi-side cage with metal fencing, though some organizations use boxing rings as well.


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