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A Brief Biography Of David Taylor Snooker Player

English: Steve Davis on the Warsaw Snooker Tou...
English: Steve Davis on the Warsaw Snooker Tour, 16 June 2007 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

David Taylor Snooker Player -- The Silver fox

David Taylor (born July 29, 1943) is an English, semi retired professional snooker player. His hair turned prematurely grey, which earned him the nickname "The Silver Fox". In 1968, he won the English and World Amateur Championships, and these victories inspired him to turn pro.

While Taylor is a talented player, he failed to win the game's highest accolades. He reached the semi finals of the World Championships in 1980, and regularly appeared on television throughout the eighties, when snooker was at its' most popular. Also, he is the reason that the trophy used in the World Championships says "Dennis Taylor", rather than "D Taylor".

Taylor competed on the professional circuit until 1997. For ten seasons, he was in the top sixteen, and his highest ranking was number seven in the 1981/1982 season. He lost all three of the major finals he reached. Firstly, in 1978, he lost the UK Championship to Doug Mountjoy. Next, in 1981, Steve Davis beat him to win the Yamaha Organs Trophy (subsequently called the British Open). His sole appearance in a ranking final was in the Jameson International in 1982, where he lost to Tony Knowles.

The only major tournament Taylor won was in 1981. This was with John Spencer and Steve Davis in the England team's State Express World Team Classic. In 1982, Taylor was one of the commentators when Steve Davis memorably compiled the first ever 147 break on television, at the Lada Classic.


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