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Brutusreport Blogspot Sports Carnival - March 11, 2010

Welcome to the March 11, 2010 edition of Brutusreport Blogspot Sports Carnival. We have some great stories once again from many of the popular writers and some new ones. Eric Gargiulo starts off with some NFL free agent articles including one on the most memorable Eagles trades. Eric also looks at two running backs that might get another chance but might be done, LaDainian Tomlinson and Brian Westbrook. Steve Patterson has an article on Ohio State rapping up their Basketball season on top of the Big Ten and wants to know if the NHL can capitalize on the success of the Olympic Hockey gold matches. Finally, Harold Gelien has 50 athletes you can follow on Twitter. Sounds like a lot of fun seeing what these great athletes are doing on a daily basis. Make sure to bookmark, share, and come back in 14 days for another edition.

Eric Gargiulo presents Looking Back At Ten Philadelphia Eagles Memorable Trades posted at, saying, "The Philadelphia Eagles have had some major success throughout the history of the franchise when it comes to trades. Some of the biggest names in Eagles history have donned the green as a result of a simple telephone transaction. Yet, not all trades have ended up in the Eagles' favor. It’s fair to say that when they get it right, they get it right, and when they screw it up, they really screw it up." presents Sports Injuries and Chiropractic Treatment posted at Marshall Chiropractic.


Eric Gargiulo presents NBA Preview ? Grizzlies vs. Hornets Matchups posted at, saying, "This Wednesday, two teams that are fighting an uphill battle for the final playoff spot in the NBA Western Conference will square-off on Bourbon Street where the New Orleans Hornets play host to the Memphis Grizzlies."

Eric Gargiulo presents College Basketball Betting – Orangemen look to stay No.1 posted at, saying, "Syracuse Orangemen vs Louisville Cardinals odds – The No.1 Orangemen (28-2, 15-2) have won four straight since losing at home to Louisville, and their 85-66 romp at St. John’s was their third straight win by double digits. Arinze Onuaku led an attack of five Syracuse players in double figures."

Steve Patterson presents Ohio State Men’s Basketball Win a Share of the Big Ten Title posted at BrutusReport, saying, "The Buckeyes return to the top of the Big Ten with a #1 seed in the upcoming tournament and a share, at least, of the conference title."

Eric Gargiulo presents NBA Betting ? Grizzlies vs. Celtics Preview posted at, saying, "The Memphis Grizzlies had such a bright start to the 2009 season but they have been skating downhill ever since. They were five games over .500 on February 1st and were competing for a playoff spot in the Western Conference playoff race."


Eric Gargiulo presents L.T. & B’West: Deadly Combo or Duds In The Water? posted at, saying, "Is it football season already?! Less than a month after The New Orleans Saints pulled off the impossible in lifting the Lombardi, both LaDanian Tomlinson and Brian Westbrook are looking for new homes. Both have lead amazing careers in the NFL. Both have tasted playoff victories, with Westbrook going to the Super Bowl with the Eagles. One more thing in common? They both have had injuries that have kept them off the field. A team that is struggling right now is considering this a miracle. Is it the answer a team like the Lions or Redskins are looking for? Or are both number 21 and 36 a little too late to be a threat?"

Eric Gargiulo presents Love Me Tender – NFL Free Agency Begins posted at, saying, "Football fans who feel sad about the fact the season has ended, this is for you. Yes no sooner did the Saints and Colts walk off the Super Bowl field did the football buzz come right back around with scouting combines, rumors, lockouts, salary caps and of course the biggie (with no disrespect to draft day) NFL Free Agency!"

Eric Gargiulo presents An Early Look At NFL Free Agency posted at, saying, "We are just days into NFL free agency and the frenzy continues throughout the league. Within a matter of hours the NFL’s hottest free agent was signed, while other teams look to sit pat in something of a holding mode. It may only be March but a series of moves may have changed the balance of power between some NFL pretenders and contenders coming into what could be the last season before an NFL lock out."

Harold Gelien presents Top 50 Pro Athletes on Twitter Worth Following posted at sports management, saying, "The top 50 pro athletes listed were based upon their Twitter popularity, but the number of the most popular sports is limited to ten, and baseball and tennis are combined for a total of five Twitter users in those two sports."

Eric Gargiulo presents Waahhh! Derek Anderson Is Mad! posted at, saying, "I've witnessed Michael Irvin get a standing ovation for getting injured in Philadelphia and I've also seen Donovan McNabb get benched for having a horrible game but bounce back and win another. These guys never said one ill word towards the fans, but Mr. Derek Anderson has."


Eric Gargiulo presents Canada Wins Olympic Gold; Gets Revenge on Team USA posted at, saying, "Team Canada knew deep down the moment they lost to USA earlier in the tournament that they would meet them again in the Finals for the Gold. With that in mind, they knew they had to play a solid game, and not make the same mistakes the USA had been making during the tournament. Boy did they deliver. Canada came out in the Gold Medal game ready to play and immediately brought it to Team USA as they did in the previous game they lost to USA. USA did not show up to play in the first period."

Eric Gargiulo presents NHL Betting ? Tuesday Game Previews posted at, saying, "The Chicago Blackhawks are one of the best teams in the Western Conference and while one of their key stars, Patrick Kane, is sour from missing out on a gold medal in the Winter Olympics, he’ll still have a chance at another prize if his team keeps it up in the NHL."

Neven Szary presents Crosby vs. Ovechkin ? Case Closed posted at Eastern Invasion, saying, "Sidney Crosby vs. Alexander Ovechkin. The debate rages on."

Steve Patterson presents Will the NHL build on the US interest in Olympic Hockey? No. posted at FryingPan Sports, saying, "Bill is every optimistic about the outcome of the increased interest in hockey after Canada met the US in the Winter Olympics and tv ratings reached an all time high."

Bruce Hollingdrake presents “Leafs are finally on the road to recovery.” | The Hockey Writers posted at The Hockey Writers, saying, "Thanks for the effort with this."


Anthony Stewart presents Top 50 College Rankings Blogs posted at online university rankings 2010, saying, "If you are looking to learn more about what different colleges have to offer, you can check with these top 50 college rankings blogs that can give you an idea of what is available."

Harold Gelien presents 25 Fun Video Games for Health and Fitness Nuts posted at BSN to MSN, saying, "If you doubt the veracity of video games for health, fitness and even for pain management, you might think again when you realize the fun you can have while working towards better overall well being."

Words2Words presents Empathy: My Take on Tiger posted at What If - Editorials and opinions covering popular culture., saying, "Tiger Woods screwed up. He's paying for it, and will continue to pay for it. So, why is it that people need to condemn him even more and wish the worst possible fate upon the guy? Can't we give it a rest?"

Natalie Thomas presents 100 Excellent, Inspiring Career Coaches on Twitter posted at Online Degree, saying, "For recent college graduates, the job search once a degree has been conferred stands almost as stressful as higher education itself. The listed career coaches host an active feed that serves as a handy support for a multitude of different professional needs."

Samantha Marks presents Guide To Buying Softball Gloves posted at TheProSportsFan.


Eric Gargiulo presents UFC Fighter Frank Mir Gets It posted at, saying, "The MMA world has been buzzing for a week following comments made by UFC fighter Frank Mir. Mir’s comments specifically about wishing death upon current UFC heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar have set off a fire storm. The UFC and MMA community responded with outrage and some in disappointment with Mir’s tone. However at the end of the day Frank Mir proves once again why he drew the biggest buyrate in UFC history and is one of the few that truly gets the show."

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of brutusreport blogspot sports carnival using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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