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Five Top Rated Mountain Bikes - Post Injury Rehabilitation

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Mountain biking builds strength and increases stamina. If you are recovering from an injury, mountain biking could be a good way to strengthen your legs, arms, and abdominal muscles in a fun setting. Most indoor gyms offer mountain biking settings on their stable bicycles to provide you with the same sort of workout without the demands of an outdoor biking trail. If you're ready to take the bike out of the gym, here are some of the best mountain bikes on the market today. Make sure you choose a bike that fits you well, and practice working the gears until you are comfortable with them before you go off-road with your new bike.

The following bikes are the best for off-road touring and for flat trails. They perform well in steep climbs and descents, but are not designed to handle more rugged terrain. If you are recovering from an injury, you should be avoiding that sort of riding until you Linkrecovery fully.

Trek Fuel EX 8

This bike has full suspension on both the front and rear tires so that it can handle almost any kind of trail comfortably. The aluminum frame sports a 9-speed gear box, and the bike is equipped with hydraulic disc brakes. You can find the Trek Fuel EX 8 in five sizes for men and one size for women. Experts and bikers agree that this is probably the best mountain bike you can buy.

Specialized Stumpjumper FSR Comp

This bike also has full suspension on the front and rear tires, with an adjustable shock on the rear. The adjustable shock makes it easy to configure the bike to handle different kinds of terrain, from climbing steep hills or cruising down the other side. The shifting mechanism is very smooth, and the bike is perfect for longer rides.

Santa Cruz Blur LT

The Santa Cruz Blur LT is a little more expensive than the Trek Fuel or the Stumpjumper, but biker reviews indicate that it is worth the extra cost. It is durable and comfortable, but it offers a high level of performance on the trail. This bike is especially good at climbing steep hills more easily than other bikes at this price range.

Pivot Mach 5

This bike is known for the amount of grip that the tires offer. It provides a sturdy, comfortable ride on all sorts of terrain. The only complaint about the Pivot Mach 5 is that it can become a little unstable on steep climbs. The comfortable suspension and responsive pedals more than make up for the bike's climbing ability.

Felt Virtue 2

This is a lighter bike that is known for its comfort on longer rides. The wheels and tires on the Virtue 2 are a little heavy, though, so you might do better changing them out for something lighter so that you can take full advantage of the lightweight frame. This bike is priced relatively low for the features and comfort it offers, which makes it an excellent deal.

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