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Gold Medal Predictions for London 2012 Olympics

Usain Bolt Crystal Palace Meeting in 2007.Image via Wikipedia

On the 27th July, the opening ceremony for the 2012 Olympics will welcome over 10,000 athletes from around the world.

The 2012 Summer Olympics will have 302 different events and 26 sports.

Here are some of the predictions for the Gold Medal winners of 2012.

Track and Field

Men’s 100m Sprint: Usain Bolt

Currently the world record holder for the 100m sprint, Bolt’s amazing achievements in the field of sprinting will be remembered for some time. Having announced he will probably retire from sprinting after 2012, we can be sure he has something special planned for the crowd at Olympic Park in 2012.

Men’s High Jump: Ivan Ukhov

Currently one of the strongest competitors his field, Ukhov has but one fatal weak point. He does not use proper high jumping spiked shoes, which have caused him to perform poorly in wet conditions. Providing the weather stays dry, there is no reason not to expect him to win.

Women’s 100m Sprint: Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce

Currently the reigning champion in the event, she is a big favourite to take gold at London 2012. Named as the UNICEF National Goodwill Ambassador for Jamaica, she is sure to have a large following of children cheering her on.

Men’s Javelin: Andreas Thorkildsen

Currently the gold medallist from Beijing, and showing no real signs of being overthrown, Thorkildsen enters the 2012 Games as the favourite. He’s thrown a javelin over 90m already, and is certainly not afraid to do so again.

Women’s Javelin: Mariya Abakumova

While not the 2008 medal winners, she has shown such strong performances in the athletics meets leading up to these next Olympics it would be difficult to look past her as a favourite. These include the 2011 World Championships where she took Gold.


Men’s 1500m Freestyle: Sun Yang

The 19 year old from China continues to defy sense on why an endurance sport such as the 1500m freestyle can see dominance from people so young. In 2010 he broke the long held Australian dominance on the world record, and looks to be a hot favourite to win in London 2012.

Men’s 100 Butterfly: Michael Phelps

Michael Phelp’s domination of a number of swimming events will continue in 2012, as he wins a few more medals including this one. Phelp’s amazing physique is one that is nearly perfectly adapted for competitive sprint swimming. Frequently accused of banned substance usage due to his amazing performances, Phelps regularly undergoes testing and has shown pass after pass on all his drug tests.

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  3. This article was extremely interesting, especially since I was searching for thoughts on this subject last week.

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