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Four Adventurous Hobbies Every Man Should Try

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For many the idea of having a hobby is something rare, or old fashioned. Rather than spend a lot of time testing out a new skill, many today opt instead to hang out on the couch and entertain themselves in a more sedentary way. But hobbies offer more to the mind than just entertainment; they can help you to feel relaxed and involved. Hobbies have a way of sharpening your mind, helping your skills of observation, and bringing excitement into your life. If you’ve been feeling like there’s something missing from your life, maybe it’s time to pick up a new pastime to stimulate your adventurous side.

1. Camping

There is something to be said about setting up camp, fishing for your dinner, tending to a fire and sleeping under the stars. In many states, there are an abundance of parks and campsites for you to get out and enjoy, so the view will never get boring no matter how often you camp. Camping is also a gateway to other great hobbies such as hunting and trapping, fishing or hiking. If you aren't a camper, consider heading to the woods for just one night or taking part in a survival class, where you'll be with other people and an instructor who will teach you about surviving in the wild.

2. Sports

Exercise is important for healthy and strong bodies, and it becomes especially important as we age. Men should have at least one physical, preferably competitive hobby. Physical activity is responsible for a myriad of benefits, like stress reduction, a boost in testosterone, and an outlet for your competitive nature. Whether in a gym or on a team, getting your body moving is an excellent way to bring a positive change into your daily routine, rather than just sitting at home and watching sports on TV. You can even get involved with a community league to it becomes a weekly activity and there's a sense of competition.

3. Martial Arts or Fencing

Along the same lines as most sports, these combative arts harness your need to be competitive, while getting your blood flowing. They work many areas of the brain because they require foresight and critical thinking to make a sound strategy of attack. Martial arts are a spectacular hobby you can take up at any time in your life. Some community centers even offer classes for free from time to time.

4. Motorsports

Taking up a new hobby of motorcycling or motocross can be just the thing to breathe life into your boring routine, and you can do it without a lot of extra time in a day. Consider changing your commuter vehicle into a motorcycle to save on gas, and commute time. Riding a motorcycle can boost your adrenaline on the way to work, and therefore positively influence the effort you’re extending on any given day. You can also create a hobby of restoring old vehicles and motorcycles, and that’s something that requires dedication and focus from you mentally.

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  1. I would also agree that as we, men, grow older we need to get physical in order to challenge our body and to tell ourself that we can get more things done.


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