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Surfing in Scotland

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Scotland is a “mando vacay or epic holiday location, to score some great rides.” Scotland is divided into four surf regions: east Scotland, Northeast Scotland, North Scotland and West Scotland.

East Scotland Surfing Spots:

Coldingham Bay is a small secluded bay in the eastern region of Scotland. If the waves are on, you can have great fun. The best wind direction is east and there are no known hazards. The waves break on the beach; this spot is suitable for novice surfers.

• Sandford provides shelter from the north winds, with comfortable warm water. The crowds are normal and the waves break on the beach at this surfing spot also. This is another good location for beginners.

• Flag Reef is an empty beach, with good waves and breaks for intermediate surfers. Sometimes the waves can be unpredictable; on a good day you can score long walling rides to the left, with hollow rights. It is possible for the reef to be exposed at low tide

Northeast Scotland Surfing Spots:

• Sandlend has clean water and spectacular panoramas.

The waves are consistent, with long, fast lefts and rights. The waters here can sometimes have barells, which furnish suitable rides for any “squid” or beginner. This spot has no known hazards.

• Lossie contains an east and west beach, which usually have clean 4’-5’ waves, once a week. The west beach has a reef break called the “slot machine.” The rides are uncommonly short, 100-200meters into the beach. Intermediate surfers can score good waves here.

North Scotland Surfing Spots:

• The Bay of Scail has some ‘slammin’ waves every 15-20 minutes in the car. The gulfstream flows through here, making this location a haven for large varieties of sea life. The water is beautiful and clean, with a surprising empty line-up. The North Atlantic waves can get up to 20’-30,’ which are rideable for experienced surfers. The Bay of Scail is suitable for all skill levels year round; it has point breaks.

• Brimms Ness is renowned for ripper waves in the Thurso area. The waves tend to be fast and challenging. This beach is never crowded. During early April, Thurso, Scotland hosts a world-class surfing competition that attracts surfing’s elite.

West Scotland Surfing Spots:

• Balevullin has left and right beach breaks. Waves are bigger at mid-high tide, with more hollows at low tide. The beach has a south-easterly wind. This is a great spot for intermediate surfers. The only hazards are a few obvious rocks. Surfing in Scotland for the first time, will be a mixture of surprise and awe. Returning to Scotland to surf, will reacquaint you with Scotland’s quantum surfing experience and remind you why you keep returning.

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