Thursday, August 8, 2013

Three Unique Hobbies For Men

English: Sunbeam motorcycle Owners Rally

English: Sunbeam motorcycle Owners Rally (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Finding a manly hobby is easier said than done. If you have a fast paced work life, having a hobby is the perfect way to reduce stress and spend time enjoying yourself. Here are three unique hobbies for men.

Build Model Rockets

There aren't many men who aren't attracted to stuff shooting and blowing up. Even if you don't have any experience building rockets you can get started with basic learner kits. As you get better, you can learn concepts like rocket fuel, design, guided missiles, and physics.

As fun as rockets can be, you should always be careful when dealing with missiles. Get a kit that includes ready-to-build rockets and a pre-built launch pad. If you are feeling ambitious, try to build a missile from scratch. Just make sure to warn your neighbors.

Currency Collecting

Collecting rare coins is not only tons of fun, it can also make you a bit of money.  Collecting coins will help you to understand the history and logistics behind the economic structure of a country. The older the coin, the more valuable it will be.

Foreign money is beautiful to display, so if you collect enough you can have a showcase with all the money you have gathered. Many countries use high quality paper and bright colors, making them a pleasure to look at.

Motorcycle Rebuilding

The only thing more enjoyable than driving a motorcycle is the knowledge that you've built it yourself. You can buy old motorcycles at extremely cheap prices and rebuild them for only a couple thousand dollars. Thanks to the internet, even novice mechanics can quickly learn the inner construction of a motorcycle.


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