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David Taylor: Professional Snooker Player

English: Steve Davis at Sports Club Turku in F...
English: Steve Davis at Sports Club Turku in Finland during a match against Ville Pasanen (former Finnish Champion). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
David Taylor snooker player, although considered to be one of the top-class snooker players in the game, never really rose to the level of excellence he was considered to be capable of reaching. Born in July of 1943, he was able to earn wins in the English Amateur Championships as well as the World Amateur Championships. While he was highly skilled and extremely adept at the game, David Taylor snooker player did not seem to be able to rise as high in the snooker pool ranks as was expected by either himself or his followers. Mr. Taylor was referred to by fans and friends as the "Silver Fox" for the fact that his hair turned very white at a very young age.

Mr. Taylor did manage to make it to three different major finals but was unable to succeed at any of them. He lost the United Kingdom Championship to Doug Mountjoy with a final score of 9-15; Steve Davis beat him in 1981 with a score of 6-9 for the Yamaha Organs Trophy, and finally he took a dive at the Jameson International against Tony Knowles with another score of 6-9 in 1982. Mr. Taylor made a surprise return in a match against Paul Wilkes at the age of 66; he lost the match with a final score of 5-1.  David Taylor snooker player retired for the final time shortly thereafter that final game against Mr. Wilkes. The tournament against Mr. Wilkes was considered the only "ranking event final" he took participation in; future ranking event finals did not apply to this particular event and would only apply to future opportunities to compete for final positions that would be afforded Mr. Taylor. He did subsequently beat the World Champion Steve Davis, with a score of 5-3. Because of the fact he had been defeated as a quarter-finalist on 3 individual occasions, his most skilled and renowned performance was that particular match in 1980. At that point he did lose to opponent Cliff Thorburn, with a painful score of 7-16. He also is able to claim wins against 6 time world champion Ray Reardon, with a quarter-final score of 13-11.

As far as the life of David Taylor Snooker player outside of the game, even less is known about that than about his snooker pool career. He did claim a small bit of fame by attending an exhibition match and making three consecutive clearances, as well as showing mind-blowing practices matches alone that could not be competed with in any manner, even by the best competitive snooker player active at that time.

By the time David Taylor allowed his snooker playing adventures and lifestyles to wind down, he took over all management and production in a hotel know for winning awards, and has played an active part in the British Broadcasting Company's "Big Break", a game show focusing on snooker.

At the current time, Mr. David Taylor Snooker Player resides in Cheshire near Dunham in England. He will be 71 years of age this year.


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