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Sports Carnival Ecstasy - January 24, 2012

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Welcome to the January 24, 2012 edition of Sports Carnival Ecstasy. In this edition we have Eric Gargiulo and his preview of The Ten Biggest UFC Fights of 2012. Kevin takes a look Fantasy Basketball Buy/Sells for Week 3 of the NBA season. The Jets Have Bigger Problems Than Quarterback according to Jim Bearor. And finally there's an article by Maxim Clark on The 11 Most Questionable Hockey Trades… Ever! Hope you enjoy the material, bookmark, share, tweet, like on Facebook and come back soon.

Eric Gargiulo presents The Ten Biggest UFC Fights of 2012 posted at CamelCluchBlog.Com, saying, "The UFC is gearing up for an explosive 2012. Several big fights are already in place along with some gigantic possibilities if certain chips should fall their way."

Charles Chua C K presents 5 blogging Lessons to Learn from the World No 1 Badminton Player posted at All About Living with Life.


Jason Arias presents A Personal Twist on the 2013 Hall of Fame Ballot posted at The Ringer Report, saying, "Taking a look at the 2013 Hall of Fame ballot and why it means more to me than any ballot thus far"


Kevin presents 2011-2012 Fantasy Basketball Buy/Sells Week 3 posted at Draftopia, saying, "Alright so we're in week 3 of Fantasy Basketball, and beginning to see which players are for real and which are destined to annoy us the rest of the season."

Richard Livsey presents BROOKLYN NETS, FUHGEDDABOUDIT! posted at MentalSwag.com, saying, "I'm leaving the Knicks for good."


Robert Hazlewood presents Plyometric Exercises For Speed and Agility posted at Agilty Drills For Speed and Explosiveness.

Tomislav Stajduhar presents Should WRC allow superally restarts? posted at World Rally Blog.


Steve presents 2012 High School All American Games This Week posted at BrutusReport, saying, "Soon marks the national highschool all-American bowl week featuring the best seniors and many college selections throughout the games."

Evan Hoon presents The Sports World Through a Teenager's Eyes posted at The Sports World Through a Teenager's Eyes, saying, "Tim Tebow's 1st playoff win."

Jim Bearor presents The Jets Have Bigger Problems Than Quarterback posted at The Bearor's Den, saying, "My thoughts on the Jets and their postseason woes. I would really appreciate the oppurtunity for some of my work to be featured in your carnival, thank you."

David Katz presents Sleeping With The Fishes: 2012 NFL Playoffs posted at Davy Jones' Locker Room, saying, "Hilarious Sports Blog With Quality Analysis and Writing"

Evan Hoon presents The Sports World Through a Teenager's Eyes posted at The Sports World Through a Teenager's Eyes.


Maxim Clark presents The 11 Most Questionable Hockey Trades… Ever! posted at IceHockeyLeagues.com.

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of sports carnival ecstasy using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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