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5 Cool Gifts for the Young Martial Artist

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Finding the perfect gift for a young martial artist doesn't have to be a chore. Whether you are shopping for your own child or someone else's child, there are plenty of cool gifts you can buy that will make him or her smile with joy. Here are some top five suggestions with extra grin factor included.

Century Kid Kick Wavemaster Punching Bag

There is no better way to encourage a child's martial arts interest than by giving them something they can practice with at home. The Century Kid Kick Wavemaster Punching Bag is less than $100 and will provide the young martial artist with hours and hours of exercise and entertainment as well as practice. The bag comes in three adjustable sizes so that as the child grows, he or she can still continue to use the bag.

The Martial Arts Training Diary for Kids

This book is a must have for every young martial artist. The book includes martial arts games, stories and activities as well as pages to log their accomplishments, favorite styles, personal best moves and more. The book is intended for children ages 7 and up. For around $10, you can give a young martial artist a gift he or she will love for years.

Foam Nunchakus

What young martial artist doesn't secretly dream of deftly twirling nunchakus around like an action movie star? You can find a nice pair online for $5 to $10 and the foam covering helps ensure that he or she won't get hurt while learning how to use them. For extra fun, add a beginners' level or kid-oriented training DVD to your gift so he or she can learn from the pros.

A Gift Certificate

Many martial arts schools have pro shops with training items, t-shirts and other school specific merchandise. Contact the young martial artist's school and see if they offer gift certificates. School gift certificates are great because the student can pick out exactly what he or she wants without having to ask Mom or Dad to pay for it.

Training DVDs

Turn tube time into activity time. There is a wide selection of training DVDs for kids that cover all the various forms of martial arts. Most martial arts DVDs are relatively inexpensive and you can buy them through large retailers like Amazon.com or specific martial arts websites. Another plus is that the videos often reinforce the same values students learn at the dojo, so the videos are educational as well as fun.

Martial Artists, especially young ones, thrive on encouragement and accomplishment. Any gift you can give them that helps support their interest will be greatly appreciated. The most important thing to consider is where the student is on his or her martial arts journey and pick gifts that you know he or she will personally enjoy.

About the Author: Buford Wadell loves studying the martial arts and works to foster that same love in his children. He recommends self defense classes to anyone who is worried about their personal safety.


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