Tuesday, October 5, 2021

Ohio State Tight End Mitch Rossi


Mitch Rossi's Touchdown Reception Is The Fruition Of Years Of Effort

Mitch Rossi, a fifth-year senior tight end for Ohio State, grabbed his first career touchdown pass in Saturday's 52-13 victory over Rutgers.

And, while it was only one of many Buckeyes goals on the day, it meant a lot to Rossi and his family.

From Walk-on to End Zone Pass Catch

Rossi walked on to the program in 2017 and spent years in a limited role on offense and special teams. He was offered a scholarship before the 2021 season began, and he was given even more after the play in the end zone was called for him.

In four years with Ohio State, he has recorded 12 receptions for 146 yards and has scored one touchdown.

Mitch Rossi: The Undying Record Of Big Ten Pass Catchers

It was a moment that was coming. And one that, for Rossi, meant a lot.“I’ve been dreaming of this since I was five years old,” he said. “I had no clue that it was going to happen today, but I’ve been working for this moment for a long time. My family has been working for this moment for a long time.

When he was a kid, Mitch Rossi’s father, Tom, began taking him to football practice. There, he would catch tennis balls tossed by his father. His parents are from the Tiffin Ohio area and he grew up a fan of the football program. When his teammate Max Wray received a scholarship to the school, he tagged along.

“When I get emotional, I get to get emotional. I get emotional when I get emotional. That’s me.


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