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Tips to use when Training for Boxing Sports

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Generally sports are designed in ways to promote competition, entertainment, recreation to individuals taking part in them. However, these activities require a lot of commitment, strategies as well as fair play in order to get the winner chosen via objective means. If you have the interest of excelling in boxing, it is highly recommended for you to do intense preparation both physically and mentally by training well. The technique of trail and error makes you more effective when taking the sport into account. The following tips will help you when training for the boxing sports.

  • Blocking: When training for the boxing sports, you should know when to block your challenger by dropping your weight. This way you will offer yourself time to attack from the ground as well as enabling you to take harder blows via a fortified body structure. In addition, you will be able to block punches from stronger boxers who might shove you roughly while trying to block them. To achieve this, use a weighty punching bag by standing on the front side of the bag and sliding your chest lightly in order to touch it. You can add more thrust to it so as to make swaying motions away from your body. Doing this in the correct way will force the bag to move back to where you are. You can plunge your weight on seeing it swinging towards your face at the same time blocking it then exhaling outwards.
  • Breathing: When training for this sport, it is crucial for you to breathe always. You can achieve this training aspect by holding back your breath then exhale it using short and sharp breaths as you do the punching. Failing to breathe during the activity may lead to dire consequences of you becoming breathless causing a lot of vulnerability.
  • Skipping rope: A boxer training for the boxing sports should use a skipping rope as it helps in the coordination of a boxer’s body. A fighter is advised to skip around one hundred times on both feet, ten repeats of backward skipping as well as double jumps by alternating the right foot with the left one.
  • Proper stance: When training for the boxing sports, it is always wise to keep a close focus on your challenger. Doing this attests that a lot of attention is being paid which shows the challenger that you are not afraid at all. In addition, practice how to pop in the chin, how to make arrangement of your arms as a way of protecting the lower body. Learn how spacing of the feet is done by flexing your knees to make it easier for you to move against your challenger.
  • Staying Fit: Fitness at all times is the most important factor when it comes to boxing sports. A boxer should cut on high carbohydrates as well as sweets intake. In addition fluids e.g. soda or any other sugary products should be avoided. The food taken should be in smaller portions followed by an intense workout.

Author bio: Samantha is a health expert during the weekends but also has few websites on tattoo supplies and used trailers as a hobby. She hopes to do well from these websites and hopefully one day wants to own chains the Gym around the areas she lives in.


  1. Admiring the time and effort you put into your blog and detailed information you offer! I will bookmark your blog and have my children check up here often. Thumbs up!

  2. Very informative and fantastic structure of articles. I will be trying this one. Thanks!

  3. Seems like you've pretty much covered the basics. Good job!

    Would love to share this with my fellow Filipinos who are mostly into boxing because of Manny Pacquiao. Thanks for the tips!



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