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Getting a Sports Education in College

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It's easy to settle into a routine in college, whether it is a strict study regimen or a pattern of late nights and sleeping through class. In the midst of your college lifestyle, consider branching out a bit. They say that college is a time for experiencing new things. You might not realize it now, but college is the best opportunity for you to broaden your athletic horizons. Try taking advantage of this trifecta of resources to get a full sports education while in college.


When you get to college you immediately make many new friends with very diverse backgrounds. Everyone had different experiences growing up, and many of them involve sports. Since it is extremely unlikely that every single one of you played the exact same sports growing up, take advantage of each others knowledge of sports. For example, I have taught a lot of my friends the basics of water polo, which I doubt they would have ever learned elsewhere.


Almost every college campus has a program for students to compete in intramural sports. This is a great way for you and your friends to pick up new sports by jumping right into the action. While there are plenty of recreational basketball and softball leagues for adults after college, many other sports are rarely offered outside of intramural programs. Try a sport like badminton, and down the road you will be glad you took advantage of the opportunity to try something new while you had the chance.


If you aren't one of those people who learns by jumping straight into the action like intramurals, you can take a more gradual approach. Register for a class on campus that teaches the rules and strategies of a sport in a more theoretical setting. These classes usually split time between the classroom and actually playing the sport. Try joining a tennis class, where you will learn what all the lines on the court mean and how to make different types of shots. You never know which sport might become your next favorite pastime.

With these three resources at your fingertips, you can learn how to play more sports while staying in shape, meeting new people, and developing new hobbies. These opportunities are much harder to find once you leave college, so make sure you make time in your schedule to get a full sports education.

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  1. I played intramural and pick-up basketball a lot during college and it help to keep my energy level high for all the studying.

  2. Involving in a sport during college or school time is better for a student. It improves both mental and physical conditions of a person. Sports education must be a part of education.


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