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Sports Carnival Ecstasy - May 12, 2011

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Welcome to the May 12, 2011 edition of Sports Carnival Ecstasy.This time we have a 16 articles from some of the best sports related blogs on the Internet. We start out with Cisko who covers the Tour de France and explains why it is one the greatest endurance events in the World. Kelby Archer writes about why Roger Federer Will Never Win Another Major. We have a Cameron Heyward update from Steve as he prepares for Mini Camp and the Pittsburgh Steelers. That is of course if the players and coaches can come to a bargaining agreement. Finally, Gorilla Golf Blog takes a look at Celebrity Golfers and Michael Jordan. I hope you enjoy the articles, bookmark, share, tweet and come back next time.

Cisko presents Tour de France posted at CiskoPicks, saying, "One of the greatest endurance sports on earth!"

Omar Almasri presents De-mystifying Eden Hazard posted at O-Posts.

Omar Almasri presents Refs..... are they getting worse?! posted at O-Posts.

Kelby Archer presents Roger Federer Will Never Win Another Major posted at The Service Line, saying, "An article I wrote about why I think Roger Federer will never capture another major title. Despite being World No. 3, his decline has begun, but many tennis commentators are still considering him a threat to win Slams. I don't agree at all."


Mitch Hall presents THe ITch: A Day in the Life posted at THe ITch.

Mitch Hall presents THe ITch: MLB Stock Market Update posted at THe ITch.


JimmyP presents Chinese Wheels vs. The Rest posted at Rolling Riding Racing.

Steve presents All About Bouldering posted at FryingPan Sports, saying, "Bouldering is the sport of climbing large boulders."


Steve presents Cameron Heyward Ready For Mini Camp and the Pittsburgh Steelers posted at BrutusReport, saying, "The Pittsburgh Steelers picked Cam Heyward with their first pick in the 2011 NFL draft."

Steve presents Round 2 and 3 NFL Draft coverage tonight on posted at FryingPan Sports, saying, "Bill Smith covered the first two days of the NFL Draft live on his radio show on Moo Head Radio."

hyde esmy presents Lionel Messi: The Magician posted at HYDE ESMY.

Michael presents Taylor McNamara Highly Sought After 2012 Tight End Recruit posted at eScoutRoom, saying, "Taylor McNamara looks like one of the best tight ends nationally for the 2012 recruiting class."

A. Lee presents How to Weight Train without Weights posted at, saying, "For runners who have no access to a weight room, here is your weight training plan."


Gorilla Golf Blog presents Celebrity Golfers - Michael Jordan posted at Gorilla Golf Blog, saying, "Michael Jordan first learned to play golf as a college Junior before the glitz and fame that spotlighted his basketball career made him take up the 2nd sport."


Teri Jones presents 10 Ways to Find a Great Soccer Club for Kids posted at Moving Tips.

KateAddict presents Fight News: ?Fightville? Premiere posted at MMA, Wrestling, Comic and Gaming News.

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of sports carnival ecstasy using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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  1. Saying that Roger Federer Will Never Win Another Major is a stretch. I agree that getting the slam is near impossible, even for someone in the prime of their career. But another Major could easily happen within a year.

  2. I agree with Steve 100%. You just can't say Federer will never will another major. Just like in all sports, the young talent that's coming up will always over take the old talent.

  3. It's good to know that you have a new blog. I have saved this webpage and I truly intend on visiting the site in the upcoming days. Keep up the excellent work!

  4. Nice collection of different kinds of blogs. You have marshal arts blog too. Great!. You gave importance to all types of sports.

  5. That's a pretty good list of sports articles you got in here. I personally liked the "kateaddict" article on MMA. I'm more interested in boxing as a sport though. Thanks for the article links!

  6. Wonderful collections of blogs. You done a good job by collecting this blogs. Thanks for sharing.


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