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5 Essential Items of MMA Clothing

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While having a strong punch, lasting endurance and a killer kick are critical to succeeding in the world of Mixed Martial Arts, the following 5 essential items of mma clothing will help you excel in your training and performance. Having the right gloves, shirt, shorts, socks and shoes will ensure the best and most comfortable training experience.

The Right Gloves

An essential component for training, owning the right pair of gloves can make or break you in the cage. Gloves or hand wraps will provide a barrier that can prevent bruising or injuries such as broken hand bones. Shop for comfort and protection to ensure a proper level of safety. Leather gloves with a sheet of foam inside provide an effective barrier. Double stitching ensures a stronger, more durable product that can withstand punch after punch.

A Breathable Shirt

Wear a shirt that will wick away moisture as you break a sweat. Breathable shirts are available in a wide variety of styles and designs that will help keep you cool. Many also contain antimicrobial odor control to keep you fresh even after a tough workout or fight. Quick drying fabrics are also available that can give you long-lasting comfort. Look for a soft, durable fabric that won't cause chafing and a snug fit that still allows a full range of motion.

Shorts that Let you Move

Choosing the right pair of shorts will greatly improve your mobility both in training and in a fight. Your shorts are one of the most important pieces of mma clothing. Focus on fit and durability. Make sure you have a full range of motion and look for rip proof fabrics that can withstand multiple hits without splitting. Moisture-wicking fabrics will also keep you more comfortable when you are breaking a sweat.

Socks that Soak up the Sweat

Breathable socks are an essential piece of mma clothing that many fighters overlook. Make sure you train in a knit sock with moisture wicking properties for maximum comfort. Look for lightweight high performance athletic socks. Wearing socks in the gym will also help to prevent athlete's foot and other infections.

Supportive Shoes

Choose shoes that offer proper heel support, protect the ankle by holding it tight and have good breaking power. Proper air ventilation is essential for keeping your feet comfortable through a hard training session. It is worth investing in a well-constructed, durable pair of shoes that you can train in for years. Ultralight shoes will give you the most freedom of movement and mimic a barefoot feel.

Let your mma clothing be an asset to your training. By choosing pieces with durable, breathable construction that allow full freedom of movement, you will have a more comfortable and effective training session, leading to a more successful fight.

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