Thursday, September 29, 2011

Road tripping through SEC Country

The Southeastern Conference is potentially the hardest, most enjoyable athletic conference in university football. Spanning geographically from Kentucky in the north to Florida in the south, Arkansas in the west and South Carolina in the east, the conference plans to grow westward into Texas in 2012. With thousands of miles and masses of gridiron action, road tripping through SEC Country is a complete must for football fans. Begin by noting must see games. Often, these are long-standing contentions like the Alabama Auburn game, the Florida Georgia matchup, the LSU Auburn game and the Arkansas Ole Miss match-up. You'll want to begin straight away by making contact with the host town for a visitor’s guide for quick-to-sell-out events. It will help with massively with holiday info for games you are ardent on attending.

In addition, if you are attached to one team, streamline things by planning to follow their schedule alone. For instance, the Auburn Tigers face off in the Iron Bowl against Alabama, in the Deep South's Oldest Contention against Georgia and the Tiger Bowl against LSU in a stated year. Similarly, die-hard Arkansas Razorback fans will find the LSU Arkansas, Arkansas Ole Miss, Arkansas Texas AM Aggies and Arkansas Texas Longhorn match-ups too good to oppose. Hence download a schedule from your favorite team's official site, list the towns you will be visiting and the dates you will be there, and contact that city's official tourism bureau or Better Business Bureau for a visitor’s guide packed with holiday info. If you have decided to sketch out your own schedule, plan rigorously to be sure that no 2 dates overlap, that driving distance is satisfactory, and that some games happen on the same day annually for example the Iron Bowl on Thanksgiving. Many guides will tip you off as to ideal hotel accommodations, for example the on-campus School of Georgia hotel or accommodations close to the Razorback Stadium, Tiger Stadium or other locale.

Make sure you buy tickets first, hotel bookings 2nd, permitting time for exclusive pre-game revelry. These can vary significantly according to the customs of the high-school but are always exciting to observe or take part in. For instance, both Auburn and LSU perform a Tiger Walk, where the team walks from a point on campus to the stadium, thru 2 rows of clamoring, loving fans.

The Florida vs. Georgia game or the Planet's Biggest Outside Cocktail Party is assumed such due to its must-do tailgating celebrations while the Arkansas Razorbacks have a pre-game show that isn't to be missed.

Madison Hewerdine is an author who likes to write visitors guides and has a passion for painting.


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